Jordan Williams Joins Specialized Gravity Racing

Jan 17, 2023
by Mike Kazimer  

After parting ways with Madison Saracen at the end of last season, the rumors have been confirmed - Jordan Williams will be racing for the Specialized Gravity team as he moves into the elite ranks.

The British racer is the current DH Junior World Champion, and has five Junior World Cup DH victories to his name. Williams joins Loic Bruni and Finn Iles on Specialized Gravity to create a formidable trio - expect all three riders to be podium threats when racing kicks off on June 9th in Lenzerheide.

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 The Specialized team is looking like one to watch. Thats quite the roster.
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 Looking like? All three have the resume. Killer team. Jordan and Jackson are equals
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flag rambotion2 (Jan 17, 2023 at 19:01) (Below Threshold)
 @idecic: roster is correct 'a roll or list of personnel. : such a list giving the order in which a duty is to be performed. a duty roster'
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 @rambotion2: "rooster" is correct in the form of a joke, as in "damn that guy roosted that corner"
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 @ruckuswithani: A riding rooster roosted a roundabout while roasting a rack of red ribs.

That rooster is Jordan Williams. It's a metaphor.
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 @ace9: As a bigger fan of Jackson, I think Jordan may have the upper hand in Elites. I'd be stoked to see Jordan, Jackson, and Luke MS (potentially above both this year at least) shaking up the top 10 this year. It may take a few years before they hit their full potential (ex. Bruni, Pierron, Kolb). Already shaking with anticipation.
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 Maybe this is why they fired their bike packing influencers. Probably a solid move.
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 Jordan vs Jackson, Laurie vs. Finn, Greg vs. Loic. Nina vs.... Anywho, gonna be a fun team rivalry.
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 having a female elite on their Factory team will always make the Syndicate cooler than Specialized. (or Trek, or Canyon.....)
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Yes, yes and yes again! Every major brand should have at least one female elite rider on the team or fully supported. Maybe they'll get Izabela Yankova to join the first team, she is done with junior, I think and she would be a very worthy addition.
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 @peebeejay: Does Tawny Seagraves not count for Canyon?
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To wit to who?
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flag onawalk (Jan 17, 2023 at 18:51) (Below Threshold)
 @NedaSay: You know what, I’ve been thinking that for a while now.
It should be mandatory for all teams to support a racer in Elite Men, Elite Women, junior men, junior women.
I don’t think I can think of any downsides to that being a requirement.
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 @onawalk: there are barely 5 jnr women racers but you want each team to have one, so basically a diversity hire to fill the quota?
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 @onetrykid: Yeah,
Yeah, I’d like that a lot actually.
I think representation matters, I think it matters a lot.

I think providing opportunities, and pathways for underrepresented people is important. I think that once those opportunities are more widely available, the union women, and elite women’s field will fill right up.

Some of the most determined, focused, and hard working athletes I work with are young women. I think they would flourish, and become incredible ambassadors for the sport, their team, and their teammates.

I think it would be amazing!
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 @onawalk: We love racing because it's cool, but WCDH mostly exists to sell bikes. I think the issue is that junior racing don't really sell bikes. One possible downside is teams simply shutting down if it's not lucrative to sponsor 4 riders when only one or two get seen. More junior broadcast time to encourage teams to compete on salary along with reduced fees in junior categories would likely go a long way to improve the return on investment and bring in more talent. As the fields gets deeper and the racing gets tighter I suspect we would get the needed cascading effect of viewers, dollars, and talent.
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 More like Jackson vs Jordan and everyone else watching helplessly as they run away with the points lead.
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 @onetrykid: There is only an handfull of junior women because they don't get the same level of funding and support as the boys to get there.

The sport is growing in some places but if you look at North America and Europe, growth comes from selling bikes to more and more women and girls. So It is not promoting diversity, it is promoting a form of equality between gender and at a ratio of one woman for three men we are very far from it. Let's call it a first step in representation. Besides Junior women are absolut badasses

Speaking of diversity I would love for more people from different backgrounds to get a chance to contest at world cup level events, riders from South America deserve more than a shot at urban downhill events... Riders from other places need to get a shot so that the sports gets bigger.

Also I really hope this is the last year that a so called WC calendar is that old-world-centric... Without Australia involved it would not even qualify as WC series with most other sport federations.
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 @kevinjordans: @kevinjordans: Well that's not strictly true, because where do all the Superstar Juniors end up.... In the pro-ranks. So they may not sell bikes that week, that month, or that year, but they will in 2 years time. Think of the bigger picture. You've got to think who the coolest riders are for this season that all the kids at home watching on TV are looking to win, Jordan and Jackson... Sure your Finn, Loic, Loris etc are on the list, but the kids are watching the fast juniors who've now moved up to the Pros. The only downside of course is as you imply, currently they don't get TV coverage, but they get plenty of media coverage, otherwise none of us would know who they are and it would be "Jordan who, why have Specialized signed him..." but we're not, we all know him and Goldstone before they make it to seniors.
So yeah, a junior for each of the Factory teams, i approve of that lots Smile
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 @onawalk: You want it so a governing body forces forces companies to invent positions for riders on the basis of their gender.
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 @sonuvagun: I'm not convinced that's exactly what he means... Forcing is different from encouraging... There are riders, plenty of riders in both juniors and female classes... Sure, they're not the same level as the top top females, but think of riders like Ami Kenyon of Pinkbike, she went from a relative unknown, to pushing for podiums in a very short space of time with Pinkbike. Why/How, well, because the team supported her in terms of hardware, coaching, training, knowledge etc... So it's not insurrmountable that if other Pro teams take females on board, give them the coaching, the kit, the bikes, they too will go from where they are now, to pushing higher and taking places off the elite females.
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 @weeksy59: He wrote "It should be mandatory for all teams to support a racer in Elite Men, Elite Women, junior men, junior women.
So he means forced to, not encouraged to.
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 @peebeejay: oh here we go, let me get my popcorn
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 @peebeejay: I feel people forget that trek sponsors Vali Höll and takes care of her very well. They also sponsor some of the best female XC racers and have one the best female Enduro racers on the circuit right now riding for them.
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 @kevinjordans: I’m not saying that it’s an easy to implement strategy in the current situation, and that there wouldn’t need to be change to accommodate it.
None of that takes away from it being an idea that I would fully support.
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 @sonuvagun: short answer, yes
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 @sonuvagun: short answer, cause you’re looking for some sort of argument,
Yes, that’s what I’d like to see
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 @weeksy59:well said
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 @TheBearDen: No doubt, TREK does take care of Vali. So does SRAM. That's why she stayed with them. But TREK Factory =/= Rockshox TREK. IMO it seems like factory teams should have an Elite Female on the team.
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 @onawalk: I wanted to see if I could summarize what you're saying without misrepresenting your words. But, argue with you- what for?
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 Greg vs. injury recovery combined with the inexorable passage of time, you mean. It'll be tough for him to make top 10. I'd love the GOAT to prove me wrong.
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 @onawalk: I don't like organizations telling groups what to do. I'm happy with the status quo. That's what I like to see.
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 @TheBearDen: I didn't forget, they don't. Vail is sponsored by SRAM/Rockshox and Trek is a sponsor of that team. There is a big difference between that and the factory team. They also support a lot of riders outside of Dh, but that's not the point. The top factory teams don't support the other classes enough, and I'll root for the ones that do.

But I don't think that forcing teams to have juniors or women on their team is the way to go, I would like to see more incentives for them to do so. I think the easiest way is to make the Team Competition more worthwhile for those teams who want to pursue it. It was actually a pretty good battle between Muc Off and the Syndicate last year, with Dorval close behind, and all those teams had a mix of riders. The points for the team competition are stacked against juniors and women and don't reflect the competitiveness of those classes now. What if you awarded bonus points to the juniors based on their scratch placing?

In F1 the Constructor's trophy is highly valued (due to the big paycheque that comes with it) and I'd like to see that more in DH. That way teams would realize the value of having more classes represented and support more riders, but wouldn't be forced to if they couldn't.
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 @onawalk: Force or encourage or neither...I'm just surprised more companies aren't voluntarily looking to do it. More eyeballs on more types of riders means you're potentially earning new customers. The mountain bike industry can't survive as it is on selling to the same customers every 5 years, they need new ones (lockdown bubble aside). Junior athletes seem like a relatively inexpensive way to get those.
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 @jaydawg69: organizations currently tell groups what to do, your current status quo is based on what it is you say you don’t like.
That is the whole point of an organization….

Pushing for change in an organization can feel uncomfortable, but that shouldn’t mean that we dont
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 @rockandride6: I don’t disagree,
Remember, a race team isn’t necessarily part of the sponsors organization, and they have different interests.
Norco dirt series for instance isn’t an organization run by Norco, Norco is simply the title sponsor.

I believe, and I could be wrong, but I think Canyon Collective is a race team owned by the Seagrave family, Canyon being their title sponsor. The team, and the company do not necessarily have the same interests, so won’t always choose the same path for the way they do things. It’s a symbiotic relationship, as they both help one another in different ways.
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 @sonuvagun: fair enough,
Not sure I left a lot of room for misunderstanding, but glad you were able to clear it up
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 @onawalk: I think it's up to the company/organization to determine who rides on their team. There's enough silly rules already.
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 @jaydawg69: that’s not what your comment stated, and that’s what my reply was directed towards.

There are still rules, and considerations, whether by the organization, or the sponsor on whom they choose to put on a team.
While there might be enough silly rules, I don’t think this would be silly at all.

There’s rules in place for everything we do, not sure why this idea is scary to some.

Currently not a rule, but something that I think would be great.
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 @onawalk: it's like your opinion man.... I happen to disagree.
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 @jaydawg69: disagree with what?
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 @peebeejay: Canyon kinda has Tahnee
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 @MarcusBrody: Given that tawny is an orange-brown or yellowish-brown color, it does not count in this case.
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 @peebeejay: "always" cooler? The Syndicate didn't actually have woman for over a decade (and they were one heck of a cool team all those years)
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 @onawalk: that teams be mandated to have females on it....
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 @jaydawg69: that’s a fair opinion.
Why do you disagree with that?
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 @peebeejay: insert spider man meme
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 @onawalk: I think it’s best for the team manager to decide who’s on the team. If a team wants to have a women, fine. If they don’t, fine. Some teams don’t have budget or figure there’s not enough ROI. I also don’t think the depth of the field is there to justify a mandate like that.
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 @jaydawg69: do you believe increased representation would increase interest from the under represented?
If there were more supported female juniors and elites, do you think that would increase interest in the sport among those groups?

I’m willing to bet, athletes like Tahnee, Vali, Camille, ALN, etc are an excellent ROI, but it does depend on who that ROI is for. A longer term approach would lead you to believe that the growth isn’t going to come from 20 bike companies trying desperately to sell to the 50%, the growth, is likely in the markets that aren’t tapped yet.

I wonder if the race teams that have a more inclusive roster, are teams where the manufacture has more input into who is on the team, and they are willing to ensure they are supporting juniors, and female athletes. That might be a good indicator as to where the actual ROI is.

Another question,
Do you think roofing companies would implement strict safety standards amongst their employees if it wasn’t heavily regulated by government agencies?
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 @WillW123: what’s got you loling my man?
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 @onawalk: I see you have kept this topic going...almost like somebody wanted to argue from the get-go.
But seriously, why is it so important to you that more women get into mountain biking?
That isn't to say they shouldn't, but if women are generally less into DH MTB than men, well, so what? Maybe they're into other things they find worthwhile?
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 @sonuvagun: i don’t think I’ve done any arguing on this topic, but some questions as to why some people oppose the idea.
I think if you ask most women who do mountain bike, they find it incredibly intimidating. Part of that intimidation comes from a lack of representation. When people don’t see people similar to them selves doing thi GX, they have a belief that maybe it’s not for them, they feel excluded, they feel things, that me as a white male has prolly never really experienced.
I have a daughter, a wife, female friends, and athletes that I coach, and I wouldn’t want for them to feel that way.

If I said it was an idea for DH, I might have misspoke, I think it’s a good idea across all disciplines of competing cycling that is governed by the UCI, I’d like to seeXC teams ensure they’re supporting all 4 of those classes.

That’d be pretty friggin cool.
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 @onawalk: too many people mtb'ing already.... no need to grow the sport anymore.
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 @onawalk: Intimidating? It's the same thing for everyone: you+bike/mountain=good luck.

You wrote you think you know how most women would answer a hypothetical question and are advocating rules based on that, well, that sounds like sketchy thinking. But, feel free to carry on; I'll leave you to it.
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 @sonuvagun: you’re digging deep on that one hey
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 @sonuvagun: and to be clear,
Not just for women, I think that all the teams should support juniors as well.

Not sure why any of that bothers you
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 Hold on, a story about Jordan, without mention of Jackson in the 1st sentence?!

Standards are slipping, Pinkbike...
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 heck of a move for him. I think we are going to see a lot of him on the box.
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 Second that, Boxlord 2023
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 Daaaaaamn! Big move for the lad. There are big things coming to DH with Jackson and Jordan moving up. Pumped!
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 Any one think Spesh will get all 3 on the podium in any of the races this year? Doesn’t seem too improbable.
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 Its possible though unlikely in my view simply given the incredible degree of competition right now. Any one of 7-8 guys can win, and any one of 25 guys can podium. So if all three remain healthy I'd put a 30-40% chance of it happening once during the year.
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 @jtorrento: Agreed, it's super competitive therefore unlikely but not impossible. 

At Andorra, Jordan's time was good enough for 2nd in Elite's, he actually bumped Loic and Finn down.  Based only on times Spesh would have had three guys on the podium.  

At MSA Jordan would have been on the box with Finn, and in Lourdes Finn and Loic both podiumed.  From memory Loic and Finn both missed races in 2022.  I think you're right the biggest obstacle to getting three on the podium may not be their speed but the ability to have them all start.
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 congratulations to Jordan, but it seems odd that Madison would support him for so long and then lose him when he gets to Elite.
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 They don’t have the bank account to match offers of the likes of Specialized, Trek, etc.
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 @Bleeder: Bet they would have loved to keep Jordan and Matt Walker, but considering how small a bike brand they are - there was no chance of that.
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 Jordan was contracted with Madison Saracen through his first year in elite but he chose to not honour that contract. It was his decision to leave and certainly not ours as Jordan had come up through our development team. It's a shame but that's life!
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 @chakaping: Matt Walker still rides for Madison Saracen.
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 @Dominiclangan: That's a shame fella... Hopefully the next contracts for young superstars will be a little more robust now.
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 @weeksy59: the contract is robust.
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 @Dominiclangan: Sorry I meant it'd be a tall order to keep both at the same time, but I also assumed Jordan was a free agent this year. Can we assume Specialized paid him out of his contract?
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 @Dominiclangan: good on you guys for continuing to support your junior development team though. I'm sure after you got shafted, it would have been tempting to pull that program and poach riders from another team instead. Hopefully, it will pay off, George looks pretty fast!
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 @Dominiclangan: Sorry to hear things were not done in good faith. Wishing the team much success.
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 @Dominiclangan: wow, breach of contract? That’s a shame. Keep doing what you’re doing though.
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 Kicks off in JUNE!!??? good lord. Nice work scottish boss guy.
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 FINALLY, SOME NEWS!!! Please, let the soup out! don´t want to wait till summer when races start to know who´s riding for who. It´s already the 9th and NO REAL RIDING NEWS?!
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 it's the 17th
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 Someone had one hell of a New Years Eve party.
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 @snomaster: Times diff in Mexico I guess.
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 10 grams for me please
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 @snomaster: “The 9th” is coded language for the Specialized Cartel — February 9th is the day they ride across the border to the US from Mexico on their DH bikes with lots of performance enhancing substances.
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 @AnibalR, has a bunch more information if you're still trying to figure out who went where.
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 @mikekazimer: while your posting links, a few of us are curious who the winners from the holiday advert giveaway were. Would you mind kindly sharing?
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 @speed10, that's not my thing. Apparently there are new rules about posting winners' user names - it's different than it used to be. I do know that it's being worked on.
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 @mikekazimer: thanks for the kind and prompt reply. May we all one day find the answers we are seeking.
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 @mikekazimer: Thanks a lot Mike, has that been updated? because it only tells where they left from, but not where they´re going. Sorry about the time traveling. Smile
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 @speed10: I’m willing to bet, that if you haven’t already been contacted, you’re not the winner
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 @AnibalR: Agreed. Worst article on PinkBike is the timeline.
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 @onawalk: this! x100 - Jesus name one other website that publishes a list of winners
  • 5 0
 @tomo12377: has a similar thing and announces the winners name each day Smile
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 @mikekazimer: the thing I'm finding really odd is the silence on Pinkbike Racing, the fact there's all this news about who's left which team, who's joined which team and no mention of Jackson - while subsequent moves have been reported. Big fan of the team and the project as a whole but starting to wonder why it's being kept off of the website.
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 @PawnSacrifice: until the PB team has everything contractually sorted, they’re not likely to put out any sort press release.
PB is also not likely to post rumours of their own team, I’m not sure that benefit anyone.

PB is not an wholly independent news source, they have their own interests.
It’s all marketing, nothing more
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 @onawalk: It's not a rumour, that's the point.
  • 2 1
 @PawnSacrifice: Because it clearly hasn’t all been quite sorted yet.
Or potentially paints PB in a poor way.

Again PB is not a news site, but an entity that exists to entertain, and make money
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 What happened to Crispy Grice?
Stoked for Jordan, congrats mate! YEEHAAWWW!!!! \m/
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 Gone to Generation S with the younger racers. Still with Specialised, even though Specialised doesn't actually have a factory team in DH.
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 @handynzl: Specialized*
  • 5 1
 @jaycubzz: Both I and Jordan speak the Queens, er, Kings English, and there are no z's in Specialised. It is not my fault that Mike Sinyard wasn't taught to spell correctly.
  • 5 0
 @handynzl: Yeah but the brand is Specialized. It would be rather tragic if I decided to spell Her Majesty's name as Elisabeth, wouldn't it?
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 Just in case there was any question as to who the dominant team will be best year.
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 What I incredibly love in DH is that you can never know for sure who will be how dominant. Such as me myself, and all my dudes around me believed that Bruni's season is 100% f...ed after injury, and guess what? We could never have been more wrong. One slip and your season is over, or one good day and someone without zero podium can win.
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 Its a little unfortunate to hear Jordan left his current contract which was still active for another year. I'm not sure how common that is, but ideally he would have stayed with Saracen for his first elite year given their support of him as a junior.
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 @jtorrento: something doesn’t seem right about that…
  • 1 0
 I imagine it went something like Spesh saying "hey, we will add some zeros to the back end of that contract if you come to us." And he didn't hesitate. Pretty messed up, but also pretty simple. Especially if Jordan believes Spesh is going to heighten his chances to win in the elites.
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 Wishing him good luck this season. Two great mentors to learn from. Shame Cwmcarn uplift where this was filmed is closing down. Thanks for all the good times Darrel
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 So this is why Specialized laid off 8% of their employees last week, Those juniors jumping to elite are getting expensive. Smile
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 A Frenchie, Brit and a Canuck, the holy trinity. Just need a Kiwi in the mix
  • 2 0
 Wow, big move. GONNA BE A MOVIE!
  • 3 2
 Grice will probably get the boot from S now is my guess, especially all that going down with their business dealings lately.
  • 1 0
 He's riding for the D level team.
  • 3 2
 Will be awesome to see him on a big team like this - excited to see what he can do this year!
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 Congrats Jordan...But where Blenki going tho???
  • 2 0
  • 2 0
 @dkendy1: Yeah I reckon he's on Yeti and going to race EWS. Well I hope so.
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 Great rider. Great signing. Terrible video. Very cliche. Literally can’t focus on anything long enough before the next cut happens. I feel dizzy.
  • 2 1
 Super stout team. Congrats Jordan!
  • 2 1
 Congrats. Gonna be some wild racing in 2023.
  • 2 1
 Congrats buddy! Looking forward to watching 2023 races.
  • 1 0
 There wasn't Velentieva on the team too?
  • 1 0
 Its the Stigs two wheeled cousin...
  • 1 0
 The combintion of a williams with DH = F1AST
  • 4 5
 why is he riding the old bike? Bruni and Finn are riding the new prototype, he should as well...
  • 5 1
 Likely will come race day, but riding the old for promotional material.
  • 1 0
 Which one do you reckon they are trying to sell at the moment?
  • 2 0
 @chakaping: None of them as you can't actually find any Specialized DH bikes at all to buy.
  • 1 0
  • 1 0
  • 2 5
 Is this Jordan boostmaster?
  • 7 0
 Jordan fastermaster
  • 1 0
 @likeittacky: thank you for the clarification
  • 3 2
 how dare we even compare jordan williams to that BOZO
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