Movies for Your Monday - In Memory of Jordie Lunn

Oct 14, 2019
by Mike Kazimer  
Rough AF 3

Rough AF 2

Rough AF

Beyond The Bike

GoPro Contest Finalist

Shredding Sun Peaks

Riding the YT Decoy

Building Things

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3 Days in Golden

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The Collective


Ride To The Hills
Jordie's segment starts at 9:20

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Cam McCaul's Slope-Duro-Cross Challenge

Thanks for all the memories, Jordie - you will be missed.

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 Jordie was just so watchable. He had this kind of presence on the screen you couldn't take your eyes of him even when he wasn't riding. Enigmatic and tough as nails but by all accounts one of the nicest guys ever. Those who were lucky enough to have met him and spent time with him must feel super priveleged.
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 man, you're so correct. After meeting him in passing a few times I was already blown away by his outlook on life and his attitude. Humble, strong, kind. And then after working with him on his Decoy build I was even more fortunate to get to chat with him often and in detail about riding, how he thinks about building, life, pushing boundaries. He taught me a ton in a very quick span. Feel very very lucky to have had that time to get to know him a bit outside of the craziness of parties/events etc.
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 Does anyone else get sentimental watching these movies from the early days of Freeriding? It really makes you appreciate how far we have come, and to appreciate the pioneers like Jordie. There certainly is a bit of a void in the Freeride world without him.
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 Dude it brings tears to my eyes. The stoke they brought me as a boy will live forever. He and a few others are the reason I love this sport.
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 Yessir, those early films are what really got me hooked. The vibe of the sport back then to me was intimidating as hell, not family friendly warm and fuzzy, and when I started building and riding crazy stuff like I saw in the videos I really learned who I was and what I wanted to do with my life. I could stand tall and feel good about my accomplishments. I owe a debt of gratitude to Jordie and all the other early freeride dudes.
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 starting the collective scenes made me more emotional than i expected...
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 I just hope I'm not the only one that still has these iconic bike dvds. New world Disorder, ROAM, Seasons, Where the trail ends. The list goes on.
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 @littleman22: you aren't. I bought the digital copies so I didn't west them out
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 @littleman22: dirty dreams on vhs!
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 I always liked that segment in Roam, where Jordie is cruising across Moab slickrock (and comments about the snake, LOL). RIP. Rough AF forever.
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 Can anyone shed more light on what happened? I’m having such a hard time wrapping my head around how this happened on a trail ride to the guy who rides the gnarliest stuff out thereFrown
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 From Gregg Watts who was there:

“simple crash. There was like a 15 foot jump over a ditch and he thought he could roll it. Hit his head. He ha a history of head injuries so I think he couldn’t take another.”
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 good reminder for us's the BS that'll get you more often than not. I know personally my most annoying injuries have been from stupid shit. Big spills aren't smart either, but don't let your guard down when you're cruising on your home trails. Mostly typing this with hopes it'll sink in for myself...
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 @nvranka: Hit my head skiing, leaned back in the air, bounced off the soft stuff right back to my feet...three hrs later oxy mask coming away from my face, walking concussion. So worried about how that coulda been it, just off something I thought was an easy hit. My buddy got splayed out all over the landing, I thought it was sick how I bounced and kept going. Def toned it down a bit after that, but then the confidence builds again. This put me in check kinda for good at 47 yrs young, Ill be trading the half lid for a full face even in the summer, and I'll just have to settle for the speedy stuff in my car or online.
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 Rough AF3 is definitely one of the gnarliest web edits in mountain biking. Loved watching all these though, RIP
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 right when the sport was about to go full enduro he dropped those edits and showed everyone that freeride ain't going anywhere. Perfect videos, perfect timing.
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 @mrgonzo: f*ck yeah man
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 After watching Rough AF 1 again, Gee and Dan should have had Jordie at Hardline. Some of the sections really mirror what they've built in Wales.

I hope Stevie has caught up with him already, it's a little ironic that Jordie's bars had #LongLiveChainsaw on them.
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 Right in the feels. Never met Lunn and it still feels like a loss. That says something about him.
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 Same here very deeply. I was explaining the loss to my wife and she asked me if we were very close. All I could do was laugh and say- “No, we never even met!”
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 One day, our kids will watch these videos and talk about the legend. What a legacy..
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 I feel just like I did when Nicky Hayden (Chainsaw, Magazza, Carlin Dunne) passed, that life has just ripped me off!!!...Again!!! Way TOO MANY "Good Dudes" getting taken from us lately. Everyone go and "Ride Like Jordie"!!!!
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 Would love too but nursing my 2nd broken hand in a cast in 10 months time.
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 @scotttherider: Bummer! Hopefully learning somethin' Jordie like to brag about. I don't know what would be better/worse, same one twice or left "and" right ones? I'm thinking tell the Dr you have a lawn mowing biz, sculpt the cast(s) accordingly, let it rip.(True story, broken wrist, Thnx Dr Harris, i wasn't about to miss racing my first BMX Nat./ 4th place mains, almost forgot about that one until your busted up hand re-fired it, so thank you!) ...Damn brutha! , just peeped your profile, pins are only cool when you can pull them out from a drawer and tell their tale. Heal up quickly man, because tomorrow is not waiting on anyone...
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 @lancifer: well if I’m 4 weeks they put me back in a cast I’ll have to do that. I did keep the pins from the surgery though! Thanks for the heeling vibes and that’s awesome you were able to take 4th in a cast!
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 "the snake just went into a snake hole!"
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 Ride that snake to the heaven and the stars, Jordie.
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 I feel like that contest at Cam's house was Jordie's unofficial going away party. Looked like so much fun.
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 I didn't know until recently that he was in "Ride to the Hills" even though I watched it literally thousands of times. I had to watch it again to know which part he was in. Makes that portion even more interesting knowing how young he was at that time. RIP
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 Thanks for this, Pinkbike.
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 Big smile and watching in awe as he rides in all his vids. He is the genuine goods in bike, spirit and person. Looking up and seeing Jordie still riding ...
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 I love that "Beyond the Bike" segment. I watched it this weekend and I just love watching people do what they love and building up the sport as well as those around them along the way. You'll be greatly missed, Mr. Lunn. Thanks for sharing these vids PB! #LongLiveJordie
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 For those old enough to remember the Drop In series, here's a little nugget. Jordie segment starts at 12:57 minute marker and the second clip starts at 11:33
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 Jordie was a standout and super talented rider I was exposed to on the Collective Series. A heart like a lion and super fearless with a love for riding on the edge. The type of guy that just inspires riding beyond your limits and living that same dream. A huge loss for all of MTB. Remembering Jordie!
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 RIP Jordie. Too many legends of the sport taken way too soon in the last few years.
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 On a nostalgic note. Who knew Ride to the Hills was on YouTube! The quality is probably up there with the VHS copy I have. I think I got DVDs after that.
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 He had serious balls and talent on a bike! What a tragedy, so young.
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 fuck yeah, Jordie!
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 Still can't believe his gone
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 I love the chainsaw one, textbook Lunn right there!!
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 Made my Monday...thanks PB...R.I.P. Jordie
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 Jordie was the cowboy of MTB Freeride. Totally RAF!
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 That Roam sequence. #LongLiveJordie
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 You fuckin' nailed it Jordie.
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 Still shocked. RIP.
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 Rough AF 1 is awesome. steep and raw terrain.
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 The collective was a great series... Jordie will be missed
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 Long Live Jordie
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 Goodnight sweet prince.....

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