Jose Borges Joins the Canyon Collective

Mar 11, 2021
by Ed Spratt  

Jose Borges has officially confirmed that he will be the latest rider who joins the Canyon Collective in 2021.

With an already stacked team of riders, Jose Borges will be joined by Ines Thoma, Jack Moir, Dimitri Tordo, Fabien Barel and Loris Revelli as they take on the EWS and EWS-E. Jose Borges comes from the Miranda Factory Team, where he secured his best results with 2nd place at EWS Madeira in 2019 and some top finishes in the EWS-E events last year. For 2021 it looks like he will be keeping his focus on both the EWS and EWS-E events for the Canyon team.

bigquotesIn 2021 I will represent the Canyon CLLCTV team, very happy to be part of this project, the objective will be to racing in E-EWS and EWS. On board, my mechanic Gravity Bike Performance follows me, and I thank you for accepting this project with me.

Thank you Fabien Barel for the opportunity to race in the best gravity team in the world.
Jose Borges


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 @ullsen: MCH BTTR!
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 wrld wtht vwls s vry fckd p plce ndd nswrs n pstcrd
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 Thnks y rlly md my dy Smile
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 "Thank you Fabien Barel for the opportunity to race in the best gravity team in the world."

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 At least the best ews e team... possibly?
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 @DoubleCrownAddict: nah lapierre by a country mile EWS-e

That said, if you take Brosnan, tahnee, Dimitri and jack's results combined, there are not many brands getting as many podiums across both DH and Enduro. Trek would be the only contender last year. Commencal maybe although no strong male enduro results for a while.
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 @DoubleCrownAddict: but your Mom told me I'm the best!
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 The covid crisis must have struck them so hard, that they cannot afford vowels anymore Wink
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 they can obviously afford riders
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 @rodponton: maybe they pay them with vowels...
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 @lkubica: that would explain things. lol
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 They need to move the vowels back into the words.... you might say they need a 'vowel movement'. hehe. Congrads to Jose.
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 His Meg win in 2019 was epic.
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 This is a stacked enduro team!
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 Canyon just needs to make an enduro bike with good geo now. Then this team will be overpowered
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 Bora lá Zé ,força
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 The article photo from the main page reminds me so much of Steve. Man I miss him
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 More Jesse Melamed content, please and thanks Razz
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 Never forget Madeira EWS
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 So I’m confused... he’s not riding a Commencal?

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