Josh Bryceland and Josh Lewis Sign With Royal Racing

Jan 1, 2018
by Pinkbike Staff  
Royal Racing

Circles, synonymous with bike riding, not just gears, wheels and the pattern of our natural engines but many things in life begin and return at their roots. Most of us started out with brick and board ramps, shovelling jumps in the woods and blasting around with our mates, it’s the basics that are the most fun.

Loosedog and Ratboy have come full circle, kicking off with, and coming back to those sessions with their mates in the woods. They need no introduction to anyone that follows this biking world and here at Royal we’re stoked to have them back in the family.

Royal Racing

bigquotesWhen the opportunity arose to bring the boys back on board, it was a no brainer, a great fit with our direction for Royal. Dave Jaquin - Global Marketing Manager | Royal Racing

As well as representing Royal the boys will take on product development roles with our designer Nick Bayliss who's been ever present at Royal since starting the brand with Steve Peat. Part of this process will be some limited edition runs of Royal X 50:01 collab jerseys, expect the first designs to drop in the spring.

Royal Racing

Part of their role with Royal will be product development across the range along with some limited edition collaborations with 50:01. These jerseys will be designed and manufactured in the UK using environmentally friendly materials wherever possible and produced in limited runs.

Royal Racing
Royal Racing

Royal Racing

Founded in 1999 by Steve Peat and Nick Bayliss Royal Racing has been part of the national and global mountain bike scene for almost 20 years. With this anniversary just round the corner Royal is developing with the current direction of our sport. Royal is an independently owned brand based in the UK with a US office in Valencia, California.

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 I take it all 50:01 branded jerseys will come in two fittings, loose cut and half cut.
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 Straight in with a best comment of 2018 contender, bravo! lol
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 Is Bryceland now on SRAM? He is on what looks like a new Lyrik and has Guide or Code brakes?
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 I asked myself the same thing...
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 Well I don’t think he’s on syndicate anymore since he isn’t racing (which was fox and still is fox sponsored) so I guess he can use whatever now?
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 Loosedog has been riding SRAM and Rockshox for a while now so I am guessing he might be joining up with whoever is his sponsor.
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 No he’s still on fox. He rides a sram drivetrain but he’s not sponsored by them. What looked like a lyric was actually a blacked out fox 36, if you look closely you can see the decals.
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 Nvm I’m wrong he’s just riding sram stuff cause that’s what Santa Cruz stocked on the bike
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 Yeah he’s on SRAM/Rock Shox. Taken from a very good source (one of his local bike shops)!
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 How hard is it to make a helmet that doesn't look like a shovel fukked a bed pan?
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 Appropriate for a Peaty owned company to have Ratty wearing the gear.

Royal, please make a jersey with three back pockets again. I’ve got one of the early ones with the zip pocket on the outside of the middle rear pocket. It’s a classic and very functional. Thanks!
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 Steve peat does not own Royal anymore.
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 @speeder01 ..It's like a fanny pack jersey
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 @RedRedRe: Hi RedRedRe ,sorry but you are incorrect - Steve is actually a significant investor and actively involved in all aspects of the business.
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 Something a bit less corporate for the less than corporate lads. Seems Fitting.

Next they’ll be off Santa Cruz and on 24Seven, Slack, it’s corporate policy.
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 Yeah cool story, but those 7 IDP helmets look ugly AF... Sorry, but wish you all the best boys!!! #DRINKWATER #DRINKBEER #IDK #DRINKWHATEVERYOUWANT
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 do you know what drink water is about? it has nothing to do with beer or alcohol. might wanna look into that one more, cool group of riders (aka snowboarders) trying to do something really awesome!
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 @jtayabji: It was reaction to energy and sweet drinks invading snowboarding scene, such as monster, red bull, mountain dew..
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flag cipisek (Jan 1, 2018 at 15:31) (Below Threshold)
 @jtayabji: DRINK WHATEVER YOU WANT, is that enough for You??? ;-)
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 Impossible for it to look as awful as that Fox Metah duck bill helmet that they were on last year (yes I know Rat usually still wore the flux).
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 Yeah but Loose's says Cock Sux on it so it's cool mkay
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flag dirtmiester (Jan 1, 2018 at 23:57) (Below Threshold)
 pretty sure ratboy was wearing a fox lid..
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 I didn’t! Never seen the # before, but that’s awesome and well worth supporting!! @jtayabji:
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 > "The dynamic duo will be representing Royal Racing for 2017, as well as working on a limited run of 50to01 collaboration jerseys."

2017? I think it might be a little late for that.
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 If anyone can time travel, or at least imagine they are, it's going to be Ratboy.
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 They may have changed the article. Either way, if it is made in the UK out of environmental friendly materials, that's one thing I'd like over most sports garment. Wish them all the best.
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 Yep good point we goofed up there... Ratboy for the new Dr Who?
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 Roy-yooooo racing
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 Wonder whats in that liquid container...they don't Drink Water in Staffordshire unless its boiled, hopped and fermented in unions!
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 Aaaaaaaand you can't even find a jersey in stock in the UK
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 An article based on clothing in all black and white....interesting
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 Royal....Racing. The one thing they all stand against. Weird. Should rename, Royal Mess about in the woods with mates.
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 AAAGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! now i know why i was able to buy loosedogs sighned santa cruz jersey on ebay lol.
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 Ratty moves forward
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 And more side sideways than ever while doing it!
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 That’s good, all they need to do now is sign up with Orange and ditch Santa Cruz
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 Yeah and ride a chrome 222 with 26 inch wheels..?
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 @bonkywonky: That’s funny, was thinking more new, but now you mention it.

Orange are probably more in the same vein as Royal in a lot of ways.
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 @nrpuk: Still associate Peaty with that old 222, even though he has way more years on the V10 by now. Same goes for RR gear, I remember that blue red and white kit they raced in, early 00s.

This probably means I'm getting old though..
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 This is real mtb news. Unlike that fake emtb news!
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 Sam dale
  • 16 0
 Legend has it, that if you say his name 3 times in front of a mirror he'll suddenly appear and punch you!
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 @Zen-Potatoes: you’re close. Its Brian Lopes though.
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 @pargolf8: pretty sure Gee got a thumping from Dale.
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 @fatduke: i would take those odds any day
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 Anyone else noticed Rat's signed for Royal RACING?!!!!
Will we see him back on the race scene in some form this year?
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 funk EWS and WC DH 50:01 is where its at
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