8-Minutes of Ratcam From The Andes Pacifico Enduro - Video

Feb 20, 2018
by Pinkbike Staff  

Video Credit: 50to01.
Title Image: Dave Trumpore.


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 Imagine Ratboy riding behind you and cheering you on like that. I hope this will happen in my dreams one night.
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 Ratboy: Accomplished MTB athlete *and* Soundclash MC at once.
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 @Mojo348: With Raboy on your tail you'll ride like you never thought possible! dude this is f*ckin awesome - Ratboy is the shit
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 Download as audio file, put on headphones, play on repeat while riding.

Results in either A. fastest times ever, B. destroyed ankle (because that seems to be the way of Rat and friends), C. Both...probably both.
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 Also, how Santa Cruz has not created a bobble head of Rat that says "ye boooiii!" is beyond me.

Missing some marketing gold there.
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 best thing is you couldn't understand him but you don't need to understand what he's saying but only be excited that someone is yelling something
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 Yeah, if Ratboy was riding behind me the first thing I'd hear from him is "Gunna pass you on your left!" haha

But If he was following behind me just to cheer me on his comments would be more like "Hurry up!, Pedal harder!, "C'mon slow poke!"
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 "you mashroom eating madman!!" ahahahahahha
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 The harder the Rat breathes, the easier I can understand what he's actually saying! lol
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 I love that it seems like Josh is using way less energy than Krunkshox, and he gets a 3rd place while clearly getting slowed down at several points, unreal skills.
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 Yeah, but he also gains time by Krunk going all out on the flatter parts; Rat has no choice but to hang in there and mash the pedals!
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 Don't be fooled, Krunk is pinned!
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 @mi-bike: I was cool to hear these guys chat about their different styles while watching this after the race. Josh said Krunk was always smashing the pedals and pulling away, but then Josh would more or less coast and catch back up. Carrying more speed with less energy even though slower in the transitional bits. More corner speed v. more horsepower and you come out very similar at the end. It's also far easier in a blind race to be the guy in the back as you can react to what the guy in front is doing, and if riders are of similar ability the guy in the back is always faster. Especially on a trial like the one here where you had enough speed to draft a bit.
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 @davetrumpore: well said dave! the following rider can see a mistake happening and prepare to not make that mistake
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 Dont want to take anything away from Josh but its just way easier to follow someone than it is to drop someone.
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 @mirskeinereingefalln: Josh was however sitting 3rd in the whole event after almost three days until a huge mechanical took him out of the running... Safe to say he's trying harder at having fun here than trying to be the fastest.
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 And it’s that simple fact alone that I love Josh......That he tries to have more fun than trying to be the fastest.
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 Keeping in mind they're racing blind, this is insane!
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 Imagine how fast the guy filming could go if he wasnt holding a camerain one hand!
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 Yah Krunkeeee! That's what riding is all about. Hauling with your homies and stoking each other out. I love that vid.
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 I'd quit downhill for this any day.......sick!
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 Let's get Ratboy to do the DH worldcup commentary with Claudio! "Ooouh oouh oouh" "Yeah maan"
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 Did anyone else duck their head at the low tree branch with the red tape on it around the 4 min mark? Haha.
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 So is Yeah Brother the boost version of Yea Boi?
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 Fuck, i wanna ride now.
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 Me too!
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 Who has more fun on a bike than Ratboy? Guy just seems to always be stoked, understanding him is another thing all together. Krunx absolutely destroys in every video part he gets. Seeing him ride some follow cam stuff with Nate Hills here in Colorado is unbelievable. Krunx and Ratboy are certainly not human when it comes to talent on a bike. Do you even drift bro?
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 perfectly put. wicked talent
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 That trails is the stuff wet dreams are made of
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 I want to be as excited about anything the way Rat is excited for riding in this video. Haha. Awesome. Cannot believe how fast they are whipping through that course....and on their first run blind.
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 The fact that they took 3rd and 4th on the stage with those shenanigans is amazing
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 Stage 18?! How many fckn stages were there?
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 That ratcam thing made my day Big Grin
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 Krunk was LIT!!
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 Why they are running together if they should leave every one minute? Btw amazing place to run blind. Not espectacular for the espectators but for the pilots.
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 I think Rat had a mechanical in an earlier stage and was out of the overall reckoning so he was just riding for fun
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 Once he was out if the running by a few minutes due to mechanical troubles the focus was in fun. Actually the focus is always fun, so I guess it changed to more fun, or sharing that fun with all of us through videos like this
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 Because chip timing. Definitely the funnest way to race.
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 Just three "F" words for that: freaking fast fun!!
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 Ratboy... the Flavor Flav of enduro! Yeeeeaaaaaahhhh boooooiiiieeee!
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 pure joy and happiness along the trail fuck... awsome.
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 So much flow on this trail.
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 Insane shredd'n skills at it's best!!...Wow!!!
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 so good
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 Ratboy new Claudio??lol.
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 Yup, video just made my day.
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 One RatCam a day keeps depression away Wink
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 We need subtitles !!!
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 Looks like the perfect trail for my rigid 29er :/
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 Who was he following?
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 Duh.. It was on the title... Awesome riding!
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 Alex "Krunkshox" McGuinnis, one of the 50to01 gang
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