Julbo Eyewear Announces 2018 MTB Roster

Mar 12, 2018
by Julbo Eyewear  

PRESS RELEASE: Julbo Eyewear

For over 130 years, Julbo has designed and manufactured eyewear in the small farming town of Longchaumois, with deep roots spanning from the Chamonix Valley. Over the last decade, we've worked closely with the likes of Fabien Barel and Jerome Clementz in order to continue developing technical eyewear that meets the demands of athletes around the world. Our REACTIV Photochromic lens technology is like none other, featuring the widest and most rapid transition ranges on the market, making our eyewear the perfect choice for riders. As a small family run company we're proud to be working with such talented world-class athletes, and this year we're excited to expand our team of international and national riders who will be competing on the world stage this season.


Jerome Clementz
Jerome Clementz racing day one Trans New Zealand Photo Dane Cronin
bigquotesI joined the Julbo family in 2013 and right away I knew we were going to have some great times together. We share the same vision of the sport and it's pleasures, and we are both full of fresh ideas!Jerome Clementz

Antoine Caron
bigquotesThere are a lot of things that I really like about Julbo, but the biggest thing is that this company has good, honest values, which I find extremely refreshing in the corporate world that we live in these days. They are dedicated to making damn good glasses for everyone to go out there and play, period. And I love that. For this year, I’m super excited about the new Aerospeed; this new model sort of takes some of the key features that I love from a few different models and puts them all in one, awesome-looking package.Antoine Caron

Rachel Pageau
bigquotesI wasn't a fan of glasses and goggles before, but with the REACTIV lenses it makes it so much easier. You don't have to worry about the lighting, the lens takes care of that itself!Rachel Pageau

Jimmy Smith
bigquotesThe REACTIV lenses have been so awesome. There are so many instances where I end up starting a ride right before sunset when it's super bright and ending when it's practically dark out. With the REACTIV lenses I hardly even notice the change in light and don't even have to take them off once it's totally dark.Jimmy Smith

Laura Slavin
bigquotesWorking with Julbo has been awesome, they’ve been hugely supportive of all my riding endeavors. The REACTIV lenses are clutch when mountain biking because the terrain is so variable, you can be in deep woods one minute and the next out in an open field. I especially love them for downhilling, when the speeds and consequences are high the REACTIV lenses make sure I’m always able to see what’s going on. I think it’s exciting that Julbo is always on the forefront of technology, I know I’m wearing the best!Laura Slavin

Duncan Nason
bigquotesWorking with Julbo this season has been nothing less than perfect. Being part of a family company is awesome! Having a great team by my side helps so much getting through the season and progressing. Can't thank Julbo enough, looking forward to many more years rocking Julbo!
Also, the REACTIV lenses have been a total game changer, they are very quick and sensitive to any change of light which is extremely important when racing through any type of terrain.
Duncan Nason

Emmett Avery
bigquotesI'm super excited to ride for Julbo this season. I didn't even notice the REACTIV lenses all summer, which in my view is exactly how eyewear should be. I'm also looking forward to traveling the world this year in search of good riding and good people. I am particularly excited for the chance to do battle with the best in the sport this EWS season.Emmett Avery

Noah Catopaa
bigquotesI couldn't be more stoked to be working with Julbo this year. It's so cool to be with a company like Julbo because they really care about the product, and put so much time and effort into making the best possible eyewear.Noah Catopaa

Francois Bailly-Maitre
bigquotesTo be the first to the finishing line, we need to see obstacles, that is why I pick Julbo. Their optics are the best!Francois Bailly-Maitre


Max Morgan
bigquotesMy favorite thing about Julbo is the REACTIV lens technology. It's been great to be able to grab my glasses and goggles and go hit the trails without worrying about having the right lens for the conditions that day. These lenses can cover it all and I love that!Max Morgan

Fabien Barel
Cafe du Cycliste. Sospel France. July 2017. Photo by Matt Wragg
bigquotesThe link with Julbo is our shared passion for riding. Julbo is a brand of outdoor people and committed enthusiasts where I feel completely at home and they are consistently striving to make the best eyewear.Antoine Caron

Cross Country

Stephen Hyde
bigquotesYou forget how much of an advantage you have when wearing proper optics until you don’t have them on anymore. My advice to anyone out there putting all of there precious time and effort into training and racing is to get your self all the tools necessary to finish the job. Eyewear may be one of the most important tools in your belt. Get a set of JULBO REACTIV lenses.Stephen Hyde

Todd Wells
bigquotesI’m super excited to be partnered with Julbo, a brand born and developed in the mountains. The optics are incredible, the REACTIV lens clarity is amazing and I'm looking forward to another year cruising trail in them.Todd Wells

Kim Quinlan
bigquotesJulbo's REACTIV lens is a key tool for me when racing and riding mountain bikes. The smooth transition of the REACTIV lens allows me to concentrate on riding instead of trying to see, especially with variable light in the woods. I use them for night riding with no worries! My current go-to setup is the new Aerospeed frame - light, comfortable, and extra coverage!Kim Quinlan

Amy Beisel
bigquotesWorking with Julbo has been nothing but amazing. On any ride, short or long - light conditions can change drastically in that time frame. The REACTIV lens changes with light condition, so we have optimum visibility whether it be sunny or cloudy. No need to worry about what lenses pick or bring with you. Just put em’ on and go!!! Julbo gives us the opportunity to perform at our best.Amy Beisel

Bicycle Express Racing
bigquotesWe're super happy to be apart of the Julbo Team. They are pushing the edge with the best product in eyewear industry. Also, I feel the values and product work with our lifestyle. It's been a treat to be apart of such a great Eyewear brand. The REACTIV lens is also a game changer in the sport of cycling especially Mountain Biking. There is no other choice on the market with better lenses. The REACTIV lens allows you to have the perfect clarity for any condition.Noah Tautfest Team Rider

The Kona Endurance & Adventure Team
bigquotesWorking with Julbo has been an excellent experience. Throughout my career I've worn pretty much all the different eyewear brands on the market. What I really like about the Julbo stuff is the REACTIV lens tech. Instead of having to carry a billion different lenses around and then stress about which ones to use and then loosing half of them, I just slap my Julbos on and send it, knowing that whatever conditions I find they will be the right choice. I've worn my same pair of Julbos on the water paddling, on the snow backcountry skiing, mountain biking and even just hanging out at the beach, they have been awesome always.Barry Wicks Kona Team Manager

We'd also like to thank our ambassadors out on the trails as well. We wouldn't be here without you. In particular: Brice Shirbach, Mason Bond, Chris Mehlman, Noah Tautfest, Billy Melone, Adam Snyder, Neal Burton, Devon Balet, Jena Greaser and so many others.

To learn more about Julbo, visit us at Julbo.com and give us a follow on Instagram.


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 Definitely thought that was Peaty, at first.
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 Steve Peat is the Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde.
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 Julbo eyewear is by far the best performance eye glasses I've had. I have had Oakley, Smith and Rudy, none of these compare to the Julbo's lens. I love that fact that I can wear the same glasses in the early morning or dusk and they adjust to the light. I ride the Zebra light lens and find it perfect for the New England area. Great to see so many awesome athletes using their product.
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 I refused to wear anything but clear lenses on my MTB until I learned about Julbo... their photochromic REACTIV lenses rock!!!!
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 Kerry Werner, last photo Kona jersey, is the fucking shit.
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 This is the truth.
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 Super nice guy who also happens to be insanely fast no matter what bike he's riding... it's not fair!
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 Great to see MAXXIS ESC and CLIF Enduro East racers in the mix. We use Julbo Goggles and like many of the racers said, the REACTIV lens is fantastic !
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 I use their areospace goggles winter fatbiking. Only goggles ive found that dont fog up.
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 ...plus they support Kim and Rachel. Smile
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 So Fabien is in the DH category eh? #wcrumors
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 ready to cross some glaciers
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