Video: Juliet Elliott's Day Out to South Wales

Aug 28, 2015
by Liam Murphy  

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 Dear Pinkbike,

I've been on here since 2006. There's been an unspoken agreement for years that your readership would tolerate the occasional not-exactly-subtle promotion or advert in the guise of a review or article, all in exchange for your (largely) entertaining style of journalism and a steady stream of achingly beautiful visuals.

This car advert just milked that cash cow on a whole new level. Some would call this 'corporate whoring of the highest order'. I'll just say I'm disappointed. Keep it about bikes, please (not including using bicycles as set props).

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blatant peugot 208 advert camoflaged as a bike riding video. and not a very good bike riding video?
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 Well I rode the new blue trail today, it's called "Terry's Belly" and it's probably the longest trail there. Didn't see one single car on the way down though, just the motorway sign that says "tiredness kills... Take a break" which did make me giggle a bit. It's okay but still being worked on.
Maybe I should have filmed it. At least you may have seen some of the trail!
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 I didn't even watch past the horrific French piece of shit that came on the screen. I'd rather have full blown aids than a fucking French car.
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 I think the problem here, PB staff, is the way this is titled. The same vid was posted on another website's news feed but with the title 'Juliet Eliott and Bike Park Wales feature in new car advert'. Fair enough. I still watched it, just aware what it was.

We all cycle around with mtb brands emblazoned across our helmets, jerseys, bikes, we sticker our vans, we read mags and watch vids etc. Almost everything on mtb sites (same applies to other sports) is advertising. It has to be, that's how everything is funded, that's how capitalism works. We, as customers/readers/riders, just have to accept that unfortunately and not get too caught up in it.

I've seen Juliet's writing and videos covering many disciplines in cycling for a number of years and I've always thought she is a great ambassador for our sport, for getting more women into cycling especially, and she just seems really chill and cool.

Just my 2 cents - Happy riding everyone Smile
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 shit car! i would rather have herpes!
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 CAn't believe PB tricked me into watching a Poo-go advert Frown
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 I would rather ride BPW than go near that shit car.
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 Didn't make it more that about 30 seconds into that car ad
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 makes me want a pug even less now
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 Fuck Peugeot,shit cars
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 I love my Peugeot,it is shit though!
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 That car just looks like a session
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 Was that it? Shit vid for Mtb. Last time I checked this was a Mtb site. Why the f*ck did that get in the front page? every user on here that's uploaded a vid has something greater to share than that dross.
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 I'm surprised they got that car to run for long enough to film it!
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 Hahahahahahaha! The Poo-go hate runs deep, so pleased everyone else hates them too :-)
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 nothin on the front page or in the desc to say its a car ad, PB I feel used. At least advertise a car you could conceivably fit a bike inside or has a factory mount.
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 And that isn't gash!
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 What was that monstrosity? It worked as neither a car advert or bike video. Riding was lame, and as a car advert I know nothing more about the damn car than I did before...
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 enough of the crappy car already
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 you do realise this is an advert for the car? it would be a pretty shit car advert if it didn't have the car in it
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 WOW! WANT A PEUGEOT SO BADLY NOW, but spent all my money on extravagent bike bits. £10,000 bike on a £1,000 car fo' lyf.
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 Someone just lost any credibility, if it was ever there to start with
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 I will never get that 2.30min back thanks PB.
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 Who the f*ck is Juliet Elliott and what bike rack was that?
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 saris gran fondo, an expensive piece of plastic....

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