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Jun 18, 2012
by JumpShip  
We know you've been biting your nails waiting to see what Jordie Lunn has come up with for the new Union JumpShip course. Believe us, we wanted to release it a long time ago, but Jordie wanted to wait until it was just right. Well, with building already commenced, the wait is over.

Introducing the Union JumpShip 2012 course:

JumpShip Course

It starts at street level, with a 25 foot drop into the parking lot below. Riders will then make their way up to an 80 foot bridge, ending up on three shipping containers (~24 feet) high before starting the barge portion of the course. The wait was worth it, wasn't it?

The building has already started, and the jumps are coming along well!

Jordie making sure everything is fitting

Event Director, Eban Tomlinson, lending a hand

Some of the finished jumps

Of course, Jordie just had to test one

Union JumpShip is a mountain biking and outdoor lifestyle festival presented by The Condo Group. This free event will take over Victoria’s Inner Harbour on June 22-24, 2012. Over 30 of the world's top free riders will be competing for cash and glory in this Freerider Mountain Bike World Tour silver event.


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 i still can't get over the efforts (hard work and creativity) of so many riders to make this wild stuff happen. i grew up riding XC and just the past decade or so has brought on this massively progressive era in mountain biking. if it wasn't for all these young dudes pushing the envelope, i'd still be riding my moab hard tail with 100 mm manitous on the front. even jordie is a young-guy in my mind. all you youngsters keep it up... i am stoked to see where our beloved sport continues to go.
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 I hope Reece Wallace wins, he's my favourite bike rider because he's so cool handsome and strong Smile
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 No homo Wink
  • 8 1
 fishy, hes hitting on men and his profile has the number 69.....
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 It should be an 80 foot skinny.
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 Wow, this is gonna be next level shit!
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 I would kill to be involved in the course construction side of things. I would be mega stoked to see the best in the world come along and shred something I had a part in creating. This course looks simply awesome in everyway!
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 Mental! Looks amazing, great job on the design.
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 Ya. Jordie really stepped it up this year. It is so gnarly.
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 I couldnt bear jumping a good expensive bike into a lake
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 why not? do you ride in the rain?
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 Because water -> bearings, bad fork seals... Ball-ache, basically.
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 its really not as bad as people think unless the bike is going deep enough that the pressure is enough to get in seals etc, its far worse in my opinion washing with a pressure washer. that being said i still hate getting my bike wet =P
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 Really? Even on a jump bike with a spanish bb, integrated headset, and hubs which aren't at all designed to be ridden in wet/muddy conditions?
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 wet muddy conditions isnt a lake. grease isnt very water soluble so if everything is greased well the water wont get in the bearings. the big bearing killer is the grit in mud and dirty water that can get into bearings.
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 Haha, thanks for sharing a little knowledge Smile
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 no prob =P
  • 1 0's not great for your bike. Nor is riding in the rain.......service your bike frequently if you partake in these activities Smile
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 WOW this is great what a wonderful place to do it victoria inner harbour SICK!
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 And 80 foot ladder bridge holy shit!!!!
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 ya!, I think they should have two barges and have the event at sea. -maybe Atlantis
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 Haha, we talked about two barges, but man, the logistics of that...
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 Here are some pics from Jon Lake Photography of day one of the barge build,
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 25 foot drop in YES PLEASE!
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 Hahah "Zombrio"
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 Totally worth the wait.
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 so stoked to be going this year cant fuckin wait XD
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 Holy ... ssoo sick

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