Just The Tip: Day 3 Finals - Red Bull Rampage 2015

Oct 17, 2015
by Pinkbike Staff  



Just The Tip: Day 3 - Finals

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 I must say that Cam McCaul did a great job commenting, he has a talent. I would love to hear more from him on other events. #bittiredofwarner
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 " We're gonna go get bagels" Cam... always a legend
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 I agree - thanks Cam!
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 Cam did a great job, best possible commentator for this event. Can't say I'm sick of Warner though, he's still killing it and seems especially focused on bringing professional, high level commentary to the world cup these days, which is awesome. Would be cool to hear the both of them together; nothing against Claudio, but he's not great in the booth. Whoever was with Cam at rampage didn't add much either.
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 Cam is much better than the regular dorks that commentate on the fmb events.
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 Where's Cam's comment? Razz
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 He was really really good , talent for sure
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 I recently raced a small local event Clif Bar put on called the Cykel Scramble. After practice I found out Cam McCaul and Brad J were announcing our small hell-track race and was half as stoked about that as riding the course! They did a killer job and got the crowd and riders stoked, still can't believe those legends cheered on our team riding a 16" pixie bike. Hope Cam continues to do this in the future! Rock on!
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 Cam made Rampage this year. That was a shear joy to watch both with his commentating, the direction he gave to the other commentator and his interviews with the other riders. Like everyone else I called it last year, but he surpassed even my expectations. I hope they keep him on for the TV broadcast and he can make a living representing this sport to the public.
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 Semenuks run was definitely underrated
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 So was Zink's.
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 Yes and yes.
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 I'm glad Semenuk won the people's award
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 And still so humble/modest in the interview.
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 Sorge's run was really good, he won it, all the judging negativity takes the gloss off of it, congratulations Kurt.
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 Zink was the gnar.
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 you can see cam zink was disappointed was expecting cam's run would have a better finish at the podium
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 The more I think about it , Zink should of won
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 Man, I saw his face and I talked to him later - Zink was so pissed!! I think a 95 at least would do justice to his run! Same for Semenuk.
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 Zink' s comment that he didn't do a second run as the judges weren't scoring him sums it up
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 I always take the results with a pinch of salt. It's very easy to sit at home saying how sorges run didn't deserve the high mark yet I wasn't there to see the line in person and the camera angles can do a lot to make a line seem tame. I do agree that zink deserved higher though.
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 semenuk is now gonna invent some RZR slopestyle course in his backyard Big Grin can't wait to see videos of him playing with his new toy
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 They both seem a little pissed. Zink with his #f*ckrampage hashtag in Paul Bas' injury post.
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 Kurt Sorge looks drunk as shit.
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 Give him a break.
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 If I won the first thing I would do is get wasted and do every irresponsible thing I could
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 Oh, don't get me wrong--I'm all for partying. Wish I could shotgun beers with that man.
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 yeah i noticed that too LOL. He was drinking as soon as he hit the hot seat.
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 Seeing as elections are coming up, we need to find a legitimate loophole to make Tippie a candidate
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 Well, he is Canadian, so I guess he has two days until the election to figure something out.
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 Thoughts are with Logan Peat who left Rampage to be with his mother who passed away. Also thoughts are with Paul Bas who is in ICU and is awake.
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 Zink got robbed!
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 i love you antoine
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 to me he was the winner, I don't care and to be true paul bas, also had an awesome run they were going over their limits and they were all or nothing, all the rest were taking the "safe" run (not safe at all but with what they were confi about) also breandan F. line was a cool one.
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 Angus I'd say I probably love him more mate
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 All my respect went out to Bizet for trying the double back flip that I don't really mind what the others riders did lol. Jk. Yea besides the judging it was a rad rampage!
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 So gutted he didn't stick the double-flip...that place would have shut down on the spot.
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 I think Bas was flying a bit out of control.
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 Amazing level of Rampage coverage this year.
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 Yea if you ask me the best rampage so far... this double backflip try... insane.
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 I just meant to say something about that girl.
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 She's hot and she's bike-smart...keeper!!!
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 "we're gonna go get bagels!"
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 For all the controversy-mongers out there, the GoPro of Sorge's run was posted on GoPro's facebook page. Just another perspective, as I don't think any angle, GoPro, live feed, etc really shows what it is like to see happen in person: www.facebook.com/gopro/videos/10153382505261919
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 IFO think Sorge won, although Lacondeguy would have won if he didn't case that hip up top.
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 The compression on the drop is insane.
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 +100 Gnar Points to whoever put on The Highwaymen in what looks like the beer garden.
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 Couldn't be more stocked on Carson Storch joining Red Bull. He rode so good this year, but had some back luck
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 has anybody heard how paul bas is doing?
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 Last I heard he was conscious and possibly had a broken leg. Wish him the best!
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 It's worse, he probably needs back surgery.
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 Yeah man just found out he crushed a vertebrae and went under surgery. He doesn't have feeling in his legs, needs everyone's prayers right now!
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 i heard he had 9 hour operation with bone grafts. starting to get feeling back, no nerve damage so he should recover in time. all he said/she said at this point though. sending healing vibes his way
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 Soo glad to hear he is regaining feeling! Healing vibes for sure!!
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 Haha, Semenuk can't drive the polaris he won cause it has Fox suspension
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 I vote Norbs proposal as best moment of Rampage
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 Have to agree. Really sweet moment- and she looked well shocked. Next year in the spirit of one-up-manship, I suspect someone might deliver a child on the middle ridge and then send the canyon. I'm calling it.
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 I am taking my hat off to all the cats who get NO attention after putting it all on the line as most only view the top 15. All those incredible riders who showed up and tested the waters with a quail run. Also a big....well the biggest shout outs to Bizet Vink andRogatkin and all the other cats who left DNA on the hill. Massive Respect.
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 So gutted for Zink. Everyone's pushing at Rampage, deep respect, but to toss a 3 down that insane drop? It's so easy to mess up on that, which Zink showed the world how to man handle that shit and proceeded to finish his run. My only fear is that he might get so damn pissed off and say "screw rampage, not worth competing in it anymore".
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 Anyone knows the music at the begining ?
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 Nasty Letter - Otis Taylor
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 Zink shoulda won. Those natural chutes looked insane.
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 Never seen a man more bummed then Zink
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 Tippie is like the Graham Norton of MTB... hilarious and always fun. They even look alike.

Great event this year... Cheers.
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 Redbull rampage and the winner holds a can of coke Big Grin
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 Purely ..absolutely mind blowing.....AMAZING! Gaddam.....I love mountain bikes!
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 What a great fucking show!!! Right On and congratulations to everyone that took part in it and made it possible for us to see and appreciate.
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 Ha, started watching with just R earphone in and was wondering why I couldn't hear any of Tippies interviews just music - D'Oh! Try L earphone and all is well Big Grin
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 great commentary w cam + tippie. that was a fun red bull to watch.
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 upload the rampage now so we can download it.............
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 I can't watch knowing what occured to bas.
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