Just the Tip, Finals - Red Bull Rampage 2016

Oct 16, 2016
by Pinkbike Staff  
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Filmed and edited by @andrewyoung
Presented by @bretttippie

MENTIONS: @redbullbike


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 Haha Brandon's reaction to winning the razor
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 Really? Did i ? Quite epic
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flag RollinFoSho (Oct 16, 2016 at 16:38) (Below Threshold)
 He won the "Win a Razor contest" picking himself for the win. What are the odds!
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flag RollinFoSho (Oct 16, 2016 at 16:59) (Below Threshold)
 ....messing around. Semanuk won the People's Choice Award (Razor)
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flag larr (Oct 16, 2016 at 19:02) (Below Threshold)
 @RollinFoSho: boi, semanuk
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 this vid confirmed what i suspected in the other post, he totally crank flipped at the finish line. \m/
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 @anchoricex: he wasn't the only one doing that.
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 I heard he already owns 3 of them
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 That friggin shot of Zink's crash is crazy, and then straight to his wife and kid - such a hero
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 Who's got a link to Aggys crash?
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 @maxlombardy: You can see a "short take" there...


Hard crash, bigs rocks !!!
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 @krisstoff: looks hard for sure, he was struggling a bit through Tippie's interview and picks up his daughter like he's not feeling that wrist yet either, still in shock probably, heal fast Cam Zink
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 @krisstoff: Thanks. Man, I have seen some shit (EMT for the last 10 years) and watching that just made me cringe. Aggy has always been my favorite freerider and such a cool dude, I was pulling for him to win this one. Best of luck man!
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 Tippie is getting better and better. Great questions combined with the Tippie positive attitude makes for great content.

Semenuk on winning the RZR, "well it won't go unused!"
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 I'm just glad he's getting pretty good at using the mic, way easier to hear than his roturua videos
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 @j12j: there was an issue with the sound editing at Rotorua. Definitely not his fault. The guy is awesome!
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 Brandon smashes his run and gets first place, 'Ahhh, I was just riding at like 90% bro'. The dude is gnarly...
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flag bankz (Oct 16, 2016 at 16:11) (Below Threshold)
 hes not even celebrating
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 I'm sure he'll just throw that trophy in a pile with the others and have some scrambled eggs and toast..
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 I guess that confirms he's not sponsored by 100% then.
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 I think he's really honest there. If you're riding these exposed lines, you can't be doing tricks that are at the very limit of your abilities. He goes at a level he's confident with which enables him to ride that clean. I recall Danny Macaskil also mentioned about that Cascadia edit (which also features some exposed lines) that he was riding at 80% of what he'd do on ground level. He couldn't afford to crash there whereas much of the stuff you see in his recent Wee Ride edit consequences are much lower. So that's where he could pull off some new stuff at the limit (100%) of what he could do.
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 How can Brad Jay still be finding work as an announcer?
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flag ldhbaker (Oct 16, 2016 at 17:40) (Below Threshold)
 To his credit, he has improved quite a lot over the years.
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 agree. the pinkbike content (tippie, mcduff...) of the last couple crankworx for example was lightyears ahead of the bullshit they tried to sell in the broadcasts...
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 "Who are you cheering for Mr. Strait?"
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 The Rampage finals on Just The Tip is the pinnacle of my year, Pinkbike wise. Never disappoints.
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 tippie nailed it. just the right amount in every interview and a great set of new video views (props to the film crew)
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 @ajjrsons: cheers dude!!
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 Tippie, you are really good at this, hope you continue to do them for years to come.
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 damn.. Cam Zink. Class act. What a champ!
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 And he barely missed a beat during his interview - just picked up his daughter and kept the answers rolling. Seems like a great dude.
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 Just a quick thought... all three podium bikes have similar suspension designs
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flag Shimanosaint0097 (Oct 16, 2016 at 15:27) (Below Threshold)
 FSR all the way bro
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 They all look similar, but they're actually all very different. The kona is single pivot, the rocky is a horst link, and the session uses the split link or whatever they call it.
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 Trek calls it their Active Braking Pivot thought it's functionally similar to what you'd find on a Devinci Wilson with the split pivot. I'd be interested to see how these suspensions ramp up with such big hits. Seems like I did see quite a bit of Rock Shox suspension though. Wonder if they've offered more support to these guys.
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 Wasn't sure if I liked the announcer alongside cam on the redbull tv live feed, then I just heard Brad jay voice on this..
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 Tippie is the man!
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 Semenuk seems to have the personality of a potato, but a potato that can ride a bike like no other.
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 The dude's just an introvert. He's not comfortable with too much of the spotlight. Give him a break.
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 He's actually really cool in person, last year i walked up to him after his run, gave him a high five, and chatted with him intern and the other cat for a bit. You can also watch his red bull series on youtube... He lives the life.
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 Pretty sick to check out if your in Moab, Poison Spider Bicycles has Brandon Semenuk's Rampage winning Session hanging up in their shop. www.facebook.com/357579939454/photos/pcb.10154707642299455/10154707642169455/?type=3&theater
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 OMG.. He was on 26" wheels and Pinkbike hasn't blown up yet!
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 No word on Aggy's condition... quite worrying given last year's tragic injury...
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 He broke his pelvis. 8-10 weeks out of commission, no surgery. Heal up Aggy!
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 Yup, he'll be back
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 Haha the Intern Big Grin Was hoping to see Paul Bas in this video
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 yeah I would love to read an article about how he is doing here on pinkbike. I feel like this would belong to rampage coverage too!
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 @tabletop84: watch the replay, there was a long segment with Paul Bas and Cam McCaul around the midpoint.
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 Was it a wrap or a braaap?
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 Such a mind-blowing event! The top 3 runs were so sick. Semunuk is such a gifted rider, so fun to watch. I will say, I really enjoyed Doerflng's line. That hairpin turn before the big drop-in at the top had me sweating.
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 Brandon Semenuk is slowly becoming Jeff Daniels's doppelganger.
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 Healing vibes Aggy! Good job everyone, you killed it!
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 man, all those features look sooo much bigger in this video. The jump where Bizet double flipped looked much much bigger here than in the broadcast.
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 OMG... He was on 26" wheels and Pinkbike hasn't blown up yet.
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 Amazing isn't it?
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 Great video Tippie , Brandon its god !
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 Long live Aaron chase !
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 Brandon. Oh, nice, "icing on the cake".
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 Nicholi Rogatkin got robbed...!
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 Where everyone looks shit faced and shipwrecked.
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 where's the video of the event??
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 Till the next time !
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 Zink looked startled and confused, not the best call approaching him, but I'm sure Tippie didn't mean it.
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