Just the Tip: Practice, Day One - Red Bull Rampage 2016

Oct 13, 2016
by Pinkbike Staff  
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Presented by - @bretttippie
Filmed and edited by - @andrewyoung

MENTIONS: @redbullbike


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 The difference in personality between Tip and Semenuk is like the difference between cocaine and cocoa.
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 lol of the day bro!
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 Semenuk is soo focused and humble love the way he works great rider too
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 Yep. I'm pretty sure this goes in my top 10 right here. Well done sir.
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 Between Coco and cocoa?
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 Who need a bike when you can surf a rock to the bottom.
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 Showed this to my girlfriend.
" Why would you huck yourself off a cliff".
"Cause it's Rampage!"
"I don't get it??"
"Get out of my apartment"
"See if your bike will lay you tonight"
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 she'll get over it in a day or two, rampage won't be for another year!
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 I think that's why guys should get together and watch the Rampage without girls around. Only dudes get what dudes like. You can talk whatever sht you like and get stoked, drink beer, smoke weed, talk bike parts, tricks, scary crashes you had or managed to save, buddies who ate sht, guys you don't like, girls on TV you like. Guys rock. Then when it's done just suck each others dicks and go home. FUN
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 I don't know why, but I read that in Lego Batman's voice. RAMPAGE!!!
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 @WAKIdesigns: Ummm.... My 12 year old daughter and her friends are begging to skip school tomorrow to watch Rampage. Girls ride too.
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 @WAKIdesigns: I was all like, Yup...uhuh...totally! bro, brah... until WHAT!?! later.
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 : ...and I'm off to WAKI's house to watch Rampage
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 Gotta show this to a guy who works for me.
He's always saying "going biking tonight? I mean blowin dudes in the woods?"
Funny shit.
So funny I'd still vote for you for president Waki.
Unless you have a man bun.
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 @WAKIdesigns: suck one cock and you're labeled for life.
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 @WAKIdesigns: talk about a steep drop in at the end
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 You 'eff one mom and all of a sudden. You're a mother effer'
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 wheres the female rider parity here,has there ever been a woman at rampage?
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 Last year I watched it with my girlfriend and her parents, they loved it
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 @NormanPerez: I have kids so I eff a mother.
@kubaner - no man bun, had one for a month though, when I thought that dirty passive can be my thing.
@speed10 - come over, I'll be spitting vodka into your bum everytime the Redbull player goes down. Rampage is a rampage right? That's right, that's what bros do after a rough year in the park.
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 @WAKIdesigns: well then your a mother effer
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 @WAKIdesigns: Waki replied to me! Today was a good day
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 Haha! That dude surfing the rock!!
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 Made me want to go to rampage just to go rock surfing!
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 Looks safer than on a bike
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 If Conor Macfarlane makes it through his line alive he's gonna win.
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flag RedBurn (Oct 13, 2016 at 9:04) (Below Threshold)
 Error 404 - not found

He will be robbed believe me .. the win is for kyle strait, lacondeguy, or sorge because it "has to " ... i hope i m wrong when i say this but rampage judging sucks for ages
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 @RedBurn: there have been many changes for this year, starting with venue, and they have completely re-worked the judging panel....a lot of the previous ones that were grandfathered in are gone and have been replaced.
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 You don't know what crazy shit will pull out mr. Semenuk
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 @PDub11 Agreed! That line is sick! He wrecks, gets back up, clears it, wrecks on the next drop, gets up... crazy. Mucho respect
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 I gotta say, as disappointed in rampage winners as I've been, that I question my own fanboy motivations. I always want my favorite to win. And have a lot of favorites. I guess you have to be there to really appreciate what it takes to link a bunch of no fall lines together and still pull off a couple tricks. Not taking away from the big trick guys but building a duplicate of a jump you hit all the time, and tricking it, isn't nearly as bad ass as picking a line down a vertical face you've never ridden with little room for error and still squeezing in a few big hits before your done. I know, all been said before. Macfarlane Strait Aggy Top three Likely in that order
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 Conor Mcfarlane for the Kelly Mcgarry memorial award!
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 That gap is insane! So glad he didn't seriously hurt himself on that first attempt.
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 Amazing that so much course is built by so few people in only an week! Name one other sport where the participants bust their asses this hard just to complete... Rampage is unlike anything else.
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 Seriously, the level of passion and commitment is unbelievable.
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 Man I love Lacondoguy and Tippie together
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 Tippie and claudio is a pretty epic duo too
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 @RedBurn: Tippie and anybody, with Warner he did great too
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 Probably the best wingman someone could have!
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 conor macfarlane sponsored by the Nasa
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 5:55 *Tippy gestures toward vertical wall of death and giddily states "Its steeper than it looks, loco!". Apparently the "always steeper than it looks on camera" adage applies to sheer cliff faces as well!
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 it's steeper than 90 degrees
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 Considering Tippie is known for riding some steep lines, that really says something!
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 Aggy and Doerfling... Who needs a line when you can just bomb it straight down a sheer cliff!
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 This is going to be the best Rampage EVER - absolutely love the new format
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 When there were wooden features everyone's lines were kinda just there to connect them, but now with a full natural venue, everyone has to get so creative, it's so sick! I mean, look at what Norbs built, it's a piece of art!
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 Am I the only one who thinks that one of the craziest parts of Rampage is the fact that riders spend all day working their asses off, THEN ride right afterward? THIS is a real endurance event.
I'd be so beat after a week of shoveling...
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 Trailbuilding if you take it seriously is way more exhausting than riding your bike... And damn i was fit on the bike... So in the desert, the heat, the steepness and 8 days... Props up, true athlethes.
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 Can't wait to watch this again this year. Send it big but stay safe out there guys!
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 "big" and "safe" don't go well together… Wink
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 Rampage has the be the most EXTREME event known to man! Cant f**king wait!!!
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 claudio that was awesome haha. i laughed pretty good
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 It gets bigger and bigger every year......... That's what she said?
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 Lines? What lines all I see are CLIFFS
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 My thoughts exactly!
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 I hope Semenuk finishes his run, unlike at Joyride. That'll be good for him. Rooting for Thomas Genon because he's not a big name in big bike riding.
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flag jefe (Oct 13, 2016 at 9:32) (Below Threshold)
 Based on his demeanor, he seems like he's all prepped for another little pissy fit.
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 I will get exactly ZERO done at work tomorrow and give ZERO f@cks about getting said nothing done! Anyone who rides Rampage is already a winner!
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 "Steeper than it looks" = vertical.
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 200% negative slope, easily ... madness
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 Classy Rampage. #mcgazzaforever Go Conor. That line looks MASSIVE.
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 Connor McFarlane for mcgazza award def
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 Pardon my ignorance, but is the main event Friday? Its just in the past it has been a Saturday or Sunday. Cheers.
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 It's friday so it can be delayed into the weekend in case of wind.
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 Yap, its on friday so they have sat+sun to postpone it to in case the weather conditions change dramatically. Takes a lot of pressure off the riders.
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 @henderson-rex: Cheers both!
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 @Slimeo: 5:30 U.K. Time
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 @Bustacrimes: beer o clock
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 @pigman65: The real question is...Do we stay up all night drinkin or do we get up and start at 9am?
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 @loopie: it's not on redbull tv, WTF !!!!
Yes drink all day !!
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 Alredy some big crashes ... i hope no one gets hurt
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 Kudos to the girl that got interviewed after Semenuk. People are so into Rampage they let her comments pass by.
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 why his videos are always so awesome, inspiring and with lots of humor? Well done Tippie as always!
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 It's hard to gauge how big these cliffs/jumps are on a screen, I wonder if this year it actually is a lot bigger than previous years. The riders definitely seem focused on making it a proper spectacle for everyone
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 "Pretty good jumps, lots of speed"
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 Like ants on an ant hill, only better.
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 Awesome stuff, can't wait for Friday.
Did @andrewyoung forget to grade the footage ? Check his up to 3.35 compared to the clip at 3.40
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 Hey man, we used iPhone footage of some riding. Certainly not ideal, but we wanted to show you the insider scoop!
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 @andrewyoung: Fair enough, any footage is a lot better than none that's for sure.
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 @scoobaru: the lack of contrast throughout was horrible, everything was all the same sepia colour.

Content was good though which is the important part
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 The course this year looks insane - bring it on!! Thank you for keeping it all natural too. Does anyone know who's judging?
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 "Randy Spangler will be joined by five previous Rampage competitors; Josh Bender, Kyle Jameson, Mike Kinrade, Geoff Gulevich and Nico Vink."

From the PB article 'Your essential guide to the 2016 Redbull Rampage'.
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 @therealtylerdurden: Well thanks - i suppose. Perhaps next time you could just answer without the sarcasm attached Wink
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 The f*ck? I assure you, there was no sarcasm intended. I included the name of the article so you could read the whole thing if you wished. Don't ASSume things about others, eh? Wink
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 @therealtylerdurden: In that case I offer a sincere apology because I read your reply completely wrong. Trouble with the internet is you can never tell which way to take a comment and there's so many "google it" or similar replies I made the classic mistake of assuming your's was one of them....sorry dude Smile
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 No problem! Smile
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 Never a dull point when Tippie is around.
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 Loco indeed. Well said Tippie.
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 5.30am in New Zealand for us.Gonna be hard to hold back the tears when they present the McGazza award-if Conor can make it down after those crashes he may well be in line...
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 this new location looks steep. it's gona be an amazing event
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 weather forecast, windy next 3 days, Friday 13, Sat 16, Sum 17. Fingers crossed they can run it tomorrow morning.
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 I'm actually genuinely a little bit scared to watch.
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 Sadly I'll have to watch the replay at night. Having some friends over for that.
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 The landing on that step-down is so narrow O.o
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 Has anyone an idea where i can watch it in London this Friday?
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