Just the Tip, Practice Day Two - Red Bull Rampage 2016

Oct 14, 2016
by Pinkbike Staff  
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Presented by @bretttippie
Filmed and Edited by @andrewyoung

MENTIONS: @redbullbike


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 Oh no Brendog Frown
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 "No girlfriend, no wrists"... at least he can laugh about it!
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 Such a shame though... Imagine if he did Hardline instead. That event was made for Brendog!
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 load him up with coronaritas!
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 "No wrist, no fun"...
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 @robwhynot: Palmala Anderson. Nice one Tippie!
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 does tippie really need a Redbull lol??
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flag fercho25 (Oct 14, 2016 at 7:29) (Below Threshold)
 cocaine is called cocaine
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 Yes Tippie, Keeping up the stoke!

So, so excited to see what gets thrown down, everyone looks like they are charging! double back flip from Bizet????
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 hey @redbull stop using that sal guy and hire Tippie !!!
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 @driftmonster: I second that
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 Maybe Kyle Strait should get his buddy who runs a grip company to make a thicker grip model for him. Sensus makes a Lacondeguy signature grip. They'd be the first company to make a 36mm lock-on grip, which a lot of bigger guys would buy. We make XL bikes but not XL grips.
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 I second that! I would love to run Sensus grips but they're all waaay too thin. I like to actually have something to hold on to... I don't find grips as thin as the bars very comfortable.
These Oury ODI lock on grips are the best I've found for big handed tall dudes:
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 @pauldiggity: I just went to Oury after using Andreau sig grips and I have to say that the 130mm width was much better. My only complaint with the oury's is that my hand covers the whole grip edge to edge. Come on sensus make us some fat boys and keep them wide too.
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 Doerflings and aggys chute is mad
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 Unclimbable by feet
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 They make a wicked pair. Stylistically very different, yet totally compatible. bro-mates!
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 There are three things that you have to like for me able trust you.
1.) Garlic Bread
2.) Sea salt chips (crisps for you non aussies)
3.) Brett Tippie
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 Tippie would crush Hillary and Trump. Thanks for keeping up the stoke.
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 Tippie, you're a legend.

Bummer for Brendog =/

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 I think it's been a while since anyone said this because he's so part of the furniture these days, but TIPPIE IS AWESOME. Thanks Tippie, don't change
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 I would love to hold Rachel Throop's hand
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 I knew some dumbass would make a comment like this
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 @Macropod: yeoooooooooooo
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 No Brendog...NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.... T-mac gonna make it happen, unless conor stomps his line, looks big.
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 I've got big hopes for Connor, though he sounded a little less than confident talking to Tippie...
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 @plyawn: he should of got peeps choice award too.......what a manimal....!
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 Is it just me, or does it seem like everyone interviewed is also having a contest over who could be the most chill brah out there?

And then Tippie is the perfect contrast.
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 Is it me or is this Rampage a lot more death defying then years past? Those lines look bananas!
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 I was three inches short... so now I have sore wrists
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 So rad! For those of us working the 9 to 5 grind, does anyone know if they'll be doing full replays of today's event?
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 i wanna know the same thing!!! im in school right no and i have work later
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 usually you can rewatch the whole event on the red bull homepage for a week or so i think
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 with Fairclough out, who's gonna replace him? what line will the replacement take?
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 Is sure Fairclough is not competing???
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 @gingio96: He said he is ready for a big fight today so gonna try again I think
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 Brendawg : ( looking so smooth til that point healing vibes man
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 Gutted for Brendon, his Rampage lines are always so cool to watch. Looking forward to see what Sam Reynolds has in store this year.
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 @krissboo: I didn't understand...so Brendog is competing or not??
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 @gingio96: Not 100% sure but it looks like he isn't competing.
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 Ah c'mon, I was really interested in seeing what brendog had for us this year. Healing vibes man!
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 perfect judges. this year the best run will win
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 Finally @trickadoodle13, Mr. "NoFear" Nico Vink will give a good rating for those true freeride lines, amazing, RIDERS judging by RIDERS, uaoo...goooo big Bizet,Reynolds n TomVanSteen luv vibes.
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 Agassiz is under the radar and on it!!!!
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 What happened to Sam Reynolds?
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 chose to opt out.
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 This is gonna be raaaaaddd!
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