Just the Tip Slopestyle: Crankworx Rotorua 2017 - Video

Apr 1, 2017
by Pinkbike Staff  


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 Nicholi has an awesome attitude. And way to send it big for his third run even though he had already secured the #1 spot. I used to hate on him for style reasons but WOW
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 second run
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 When is semenuk bringing out a signature tissue?
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flag anchoricex (Apr 2, 2017 at 13:49) (Below Threshold)
 Semenuk honestly looked really sloppy/squirrely out there, riding at a lower level then he did at Rotorua last year and honestly now at a lower level then a lot of the competition. Nyquist looked better/more impressive then he did (not throwing shade at Nyquist, it's clear he's been practicing more then Semenuk has). Everyones been practicing their tails off to get to the winning level, the top 5 riders had insanely smooth/faster looking bar spins, much cleaner then I've seen semenuk do. I think he's sat at the top for long enough that the competition has finally got to his level and some have even moved beyond. If he wants the throne back he probably needs to commit to practicing the way he used to before he was top dog. His time is divided into riding, video parts and rally racing these days, whereas the other riders are eating/sleeping/breathing/practicing their slopestyle game.

I'll admit I've not been a huge fan of rogation over the years but I am absolutely stricken with awe at how far he's come. Something changed in this offseason and he finally looks like he's comfortable on this bike. I do browse his IG feed every once and then, he works his f*cking tail off every day. Same with Emil, Torquata, and all the other riders... they've been really giving this their all day in and day out. I'm fairly certain that Semenuks not giving the sport the level of dedication these guys are right now. Top podium contenders in every sport always end up kissing their reign goodbye, at some point the level just reaches the top and the complacent top riders get passed up. Undoing this dynamic would take a lot of dedication, Semenuk not only has to clean up his comfortability on the slope course (he seriously looked messier then I've ever seen, like he wasn't sure what to do on every feature), AND he'll have to hit the airbag/foam pits and start learning some new tricks. As much as some of us don't like it, the things that win best-trick contests are now going to start dictating what the podium will be.
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 Rogatkin**** lol rogation
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 @anchoricex: You're f*cked man, and you don't know shit. Constantly blows my mind when people, who have no relevant credibility, criticize other, more accomplished people for no reason. All of them are good at biking; people have bad days. Ride your bike.
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Video of Nicholi when he was 11 years old. Been killing it for lyfe.
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 Dayum! When i was 11, i rode that park on my computer, and even on that plastic box i wasn't shredding like THAT!
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 That's not Nicholi! That kid has a visor on his helmet!
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 Nicholi, dude your Tracey's favourite... Make your move!!!
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 Got to meet Nicholi after his run. Such a good bloke, he even have us his champagne bottle haha
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 i wish Kelly could see it all for even just for 1 day how many people miss him and respect him and keep hes legacy going!
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 We all want that, man. McGazza forever.
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 The amount of mental strength Nicholi has to commit to all of those big tricks is insane,
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 Just when I thought i was gonna try a tailwhip at 35 years old...
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 don´t be a wuz, I´m going for backflip at 41
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 Still three years to get to Nyquist
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 enjoying every minute of this coverage, thanks PB
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 So much new blood recently, keeps it top for watching the events, and some old blood, haha Tippie you are the best.
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 Can we have chromecast support for the pinkbike player please.
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 Not sure why you're not getting it, but playing the video on my phone gives me the Chromecast option
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 All Rogatkin needed was to clean up a few of those banger tricks. So awesome to see.

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