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Kali Releases Two New Lightweight Gloves

Dec 18, 2020
by Kali Protectives  
Alain Lanusse riding the steeps and the deeps of Santa Cruz in the new Kali Cascade gloves.

PRESS RELEASE: Kali Protectives

Since the start of the year, our team at Kali Protectives, has been going to great lengths to ride our bikes. To sneak in rides whenever we can find even the smallest of opportunities. To appreciate our local trails, our health and the amazing weather California offers us.

We have been doing this all for you. That’s right, for you.

A fair amount of this riding has been for the testing, sampling and re-testing and re-sampling of gloves. It’s not easy work, but it is a sacrifice we have been willing to undertake for your benefit.

With that, our brand-new Cascade and Mission gloves were born from an unquenchable desire to pull on a pair of gloves that we could be proud of and of which we would and could recommend to you without hesitation.

Our all-new Cascade glove is a slip on design for the rider seeking comfort durability and performance.

Cascade Glove

Our all-new Cascade glove is a slip on design for the rider seeking comfort, durability and performance.

4 way stretch ribbed top hand, perforated palm
Spandex knuckle gussets for maximum articulation
Thumb and index finger are touch screen compatible
Reinforced construction where it counts
Absorbent microfiber on thumb
Spandex slip on wrist gusset

The Mission glove is an ultralight minimalist slip-on design for the rider seeking maximum comfort and total control.

Mission Glove

The Mission glove is an ultralight minimalist slip-on design for the rider seeking maximum comfort and total control.

4-way stretch Spandex top hand, perforated palm
Reinforced seam construction where it counts
Inner thumb web gusset construction
Palm material is touchscreen compatible
Absorbent microfiber on thumb
Silicone print on middle and index fingers

The Mission glove is an ultralight minimalist slip-on design for the rider seeking maximum comfort and total control.

Anthony Pallaci riding the trails of the Marin Headlands in the new Kali gloves.

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 Dear Pink Biker Commenters,
We love the fact PinkBike is willing to share the news about our new gloves, but for clarity, we had written the clever headline "Kali Brings the Glove Love with Newness for your Hands," but the fine folks at PinkBike changed the headline to the one using "Lightweight Gloves." We just wanted to know these are not gloves intended for weight-weenies, but more of a minimalist glove for the days when such things are appropriate. We are sorry for any confusion and if you were here looking to save a few grams on your gloves may we suggest, instead, you put down the donut and go out for a ride.
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 I like your title better.
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 Well at least they didn't title it " $Over Priced$ nylon finger covers" ! BAHAHAHA!!!!!
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 Also technically it's 4 new gloves.
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 I'm with Pinkbike here - I think I know what they mean, and I did open the article didn't I? Not worried about grams but like some full finger protection in warm weather
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 * slowly puts down donut, but finishes last bite in mouth*
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 Your title is so clever and catchy!
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 @brownierice: As is your reply.
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 gotta say, for as many gloves as I've gone through over the years/decades, the one set of Kalis that were handed to me (no pun intended) by a friend have lasted longer than any other pair, by any company, that I've ever owned. Good stuff.
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 Just what I needed! I really feel as though the weight of my gloves has really held my progression back. Just think how much better my front suspension will work now!
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 Don't forget to remove few psi in your fork. You know, sag and stuff.
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 @lecriquet: Well yeah! There's like 105Lbs in there bro Smile
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 Heavier gloves are better for weighting the handlebars and getting those side lugs to really dig in
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 Hope theyre not so lightweight that people don't know when I'm challenging them to a duel
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 Perfectly in time for winter...
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 Or summer for the other half of the world
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 @Mattin: and any day of the year in SoCal Smile
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 @hangdogr: Wait, can we confirm if the gloves come with a stupid Prop 69 Warning and can be sold there? (those labels are 100% pollution-free).
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 @JustAnotherRiderHere: I think you mean prop 65, though they may help to protect criminals again prop 69 if used while committing their crimes. But to your point, if @KaliProtectives were to provide me with a pair (or two) for Christmas, I would be glad to verify. To be fair though, after I wear them they will require all sorts of warning labels.
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 I’ve had a Kali FF helmet for prob 6 months,it’s comfortable and cool enough I haven’t worn my half shell OF since .the kali is pretty sweet and def superlight The only thing I would change would be how the cheek pads are held in but so far it’s held up pretty well pretty jam up for the money
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 Hey kali. These look the ticket for life in western Australia. Thanks for making them in large sizes too.

Speaking of large sizes, us larger head sized individuals are significantly under serviced in the lightweight full face helmet world. We have the tld d3 for dh/park/fr and giro for open face but it would be nice to have a more breezy option that protects my precious face during the hot Australian summer.

Make an enduro full face up to 64-66 cm and you would own the market. I'll even promise to buy the rest of my protective gear from you.

- a rider with a head circumference >62cm.
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 Tough crowd at the holidays!

Mechanix for the durability win.

Sadly, as great as bike gloves feel, I have yet to meet one that lasts long.

The only glove I’ve used that lasts like Mechanix is the Giro Trail Builder. I have one pair, been riding them three days a week for two months and they look fresh, no wear, haven’t even washed them.
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 TLD Air's last longer for me than Mechanix. I would never have expected that, but it's true.
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 I actually like theses. Don't always want 40mm of steel wrapped around my hands, just something to keep the fauna at bay and take the sting out of a skill's breach.
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 I like theses too, but am not qualified to join Peaty's Medieval Glove Club
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 40 $ for light weight gloves
Saw something similar at Ronas for 18$
Probably stitched in the same Asian factory.
I'll wait till the 18$ gloves go on sale.
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 Dear Sshredder, We appreciate your frugal nature, we just hope you are not looking for discount helmets in the same way you are hoping to save money on gloves. And please note, all Kali helmets come with Lifetime Crash Replacement and we serious about designing protectives to help keep safe in case of a crash. Kali
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 @KaliProtectives: Have you considered warranties or replacement programs for gloves?

I'm often surprised at how my gloves just fall apart over time, even if I never wreck.
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 @PHeller: Well, that's a tough one. Crash replacement is pretty straight forward for us. You crash it. We replace it. Simple. We don't want anyone riding on a helmet which is not safe. But glove replacement, because of wear and tear, is a much more ambiguous thing. But having said that, we do stand behind everything we sell and are pretty serious about our customer service. You have a legitimate issue about any Kali product... reach out.. we will take care of you.
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 @KaliProtectives: Have you considered not perforating the palm material? I'm not at all surprised at how my gloves just fall apart over time, even if I never wreck, because most gloves use perforated palm material and the perforations are where the holes start and spread!
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 @KaliProtectives: helmets wear out and you guys have good prices on helmets and a exelent crash replacement program.
Gloves wear out! Like bic lighters. They are disposable and should have a price that reflects the short lived nature of gloves used for mountain biking.
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 Somehow it's hard to be excited about Kali's (or almost anyone else's) new riding gloves when sizing goes only to xxl. It took me years to finally find a Fox model that goes all the way up to 4xl.
I still have a pair of ancient Cannondale winter gloves in size xxl that is circa about approximately the same size as 4xl Fox
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 I feel your pain. My fingers are too long for most of the largest sizes, so I still wear the two torn up pairs I found in 2008 that kinda fit me..
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 @hubertje-ryu: Fox Dirtpaw. Check it out Wink
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 It would be good if glove makers started giving measurements for individual finger lengths. For me...i have long thumbs but average length fingers...so i have to choose between gloves that cut off circulatoin in my thumbs or fit my thumbs and are baggy in the fingers.....booooo
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 This is where you find a brand who's hand template suits your hands and then stick with them... for me it's Thor gloves, although their quality has dropped of late
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 Just in time for winter...
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 The cascade look more like my style. I like them. Hopefully, they don't rip easy when snagged by a shrub.
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 @kali why no shots of the palm?
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 "New lightweight" and you don't even put the weight. C'mon guys
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 Translation: these gloves will be garbage and have holes in them, for a premium price.
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 is kali an brand from the southern hemisphere cuz December is not a great time to release then breathable gloves
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 How light is "ultralight"? As a weight weenie I'm honestly curious.
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 Carbon models will be released Q2 '21
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 And they're all sold out! :-)
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 Looks like gloves.
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 Light enough to wear them out weekly?
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 *Cough* Mechanix gloves *Cough Cough*
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 I don't know why the down vote but I don't think I will ever try any other set of gloves. Mechanix is cheap and durable.
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 @kamote: TLD air's last longer for me than Mechanix. I've had multiple Mechanix pairs. The stitching always eventually fails at the tip of my index finger.
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 One of the major reasons, beyond being cheap and cheerful, is that the gloves with the velcro strap are easy to remove. I find gloves with only elastic cuffs a pain to take on and off. I usually lose my gloves before they wear out, and even that takes a while.
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 Lightweight Gloves? How many grams am I saving?
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 All of them!
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 Home Depot wide selection from $10 to $20

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