Kask Announce Defender Full-face Carbon Downhill Helmet

Mar 17, 2020
by shiftactivemedia  


Defender features a full carbon shell for ultimate performance and safety in a super lightweight design

We are proud to announce the launch of the brand new Defender - a carbon-shelled, full-face mountain bike helmet that brings top-level performance and safety in a cutting-edge, lightweight design.

Performance helmet knowhow and carbon design
Bringing together our industry-leading knowhow in cycle and snow sports helmet design, the new Defender has been developed specifically with downhill, enduro and freeride mountain bikers in mind. For enthusiasts and racers alike, it blends the latest full-face helmet construction technologies and materials with the sleek and stylish design that KASK is renowned for.

Weighing 750g in a size M, Defender’s all-carbon outer shell helps to keep weight to a minimum, while providing maximum protection for the rider thanks to full head coverage, including a chin guard.

The light weight coupled with 18 ventilation ports that enable fast heat dissipation, as well as channeled airflow for cool running in warm and challenging conditions, adds to Defender's temperature regulation ability. Inside, quick release cheek padding assists with safe helmet removal in the event of a crash, as well as easy cleaning, along with the interchangeable, Velcro-less, washable inner lining that maximizes rider comfort.

The cheek padding and inner lining also help to ensure an optimum fit around the rider’s head, with a ‘Double D-ring’ chin strap securing Defender in place.

On Defender’s front, the chin guard provides comprehensive coverage and protection, with a replaceable foam air filter that allows excellent airflow while guarding against debris and trail dust. The helmet has also been engineered to provide the widest field of vision possible, with wide-angle cutaways built in and an adjustable visor integrated into its top section.

Defender is available in four sizes (S-XL), and four color designs, including stealthy black and gray options, retailing for a RRP of €500.00 / £470.00 / US$500.00.

Defender's Key Features:

- Full carbon outer shell
- Lightweight (750g in size M)
- Excellent ventilation with 18 ports
- Easily removable cheek padding
- Easily removable inner liner
- Double D-ring chin strap
- Wide field of vision with adjustable peak
- Replaceable chin guard air filter
- Available in four sizes S-XL
- Four colorways
- RRP €500.00 / £470.00 / US$500.00

For more information about KASK’s products, visit kask.com.


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 hello sorry for bad english
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 go make another edit so I have something to watch bro.......
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 500€ and no MIPS or similar. GTFO
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 tld is so expeeensive! kask - hold my beer!
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 But it has an air filter - I think this was rushed to market as a response to Covid.
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 Marketing department: "But it's CRBN ! "
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 I wouldn’t buy Kask even if they were giving out toilet paper with it.

That gentlemen may be the harshest thing I said on this site
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 @zede: this my friend is what happen when your marketing department and pr agency are packed full of roadies that are only looking at a new market to conquer, not doing any decent market study and considering that "sure it is cycling they all need the same thing, road, tri, or dh what's the difference".
Well I hope they didn't produce many of them because this is going to be a bitch to sell to anyone with the current offering on the market.
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 Look! A knockoff Rampage!
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 Damm I don't know what is the uggliest between that helmet or thoses one foot skids ...
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 dont be too harsh, decent rider just no KaRveR
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 Valentino Rossi wanna be Smile
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 Clearly to promote a 500€ helmet they could have taken a decent rider and no the average Joe from the village next to them.
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 It's actually not that bad. They just chose the worst possible picture angles. But the visor needs work. Easy fix though.

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 Double d ring chin strap AND adjustable visor AND full carbon shell AND removable cheek pads! Shit just got real folks - these guys are way ahead of the competition. Priicey, sure, but I’ve got a spare kidney...
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 adjustable visor really is a game changer.
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 Painful to watch
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 For non french people: we read "Kask" as "casque", a "casque" is a helmet. It's like a collective of rider named cllctv or a fork brand called 4k or (your turn, not so easy to find puns in english)
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 For non polish people: we read "Kask" as "kask", a "kask" is a helmet.
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 @ebeb: No way ! That means its way worst for you it is for us, like a stem brand called Stem. And it's not even a polish brand!
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 @fracasnoxteam: should I polish my stem?
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 @kyytaM: hahahhah good one amigo
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 Nah, Stormtroopers are cool.
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 @leewitzmtb the cringe is strong with this one.
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 They may have skipped the MTB Marketing 101 course
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 Still waiting for the Kask Attaquer full face, developed specifically for Sunday and touring bikers in mind.
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 I have a question. I understand that this could be the state of the art head protection but how much more safe this helmet is compared to some cheap IXS, Seven or Bell helmet?
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 same about the TLD D4
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 Probably not much if its conforming to the same standard. But you pay extra not for additional safety but for quality, comfort, weight, ventilation and design.
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 @ciechan: comfort - almost completely personal, there is no one company that makes particularly comfortable helmets.
Quality? Please... completely arbitrary. D3 for same cash has plenty of quality.
Weight? - plenty of light stuff with more vents and at that weight I wouldn’t ride DH with it.
Ventilation - as above - it sucks compared to competition.

It’s a product only whacky people will find attractive. Possibly mainly due to looks hitting matching their preference. Ad it’s... different!
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 @ciechan: Quality? Just one fair hit and you have to throw it away and buy a new one. 100€ or 500€ it's the same story.
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 @WAKIdesigns: I know of one company that makes particularly comfortable helmets: POC. You could look like Stewie Griffin and they still fit like a glove.
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 @SJBMTB: I have 3 POC helmets, one of them is unused, the Coron DH. I hated it for being yuuuge. Then I crashed it so can’t resell it... in general POCs sizing sucks. At least used to. 3 sizes - really?
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 When the helmet looks so bad that no one has even mentioned the fact that they sped up the riding in the video
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 now that's a "murdered by words"
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 @davidpr2: I also felt murdered by the varying levels of music volume.
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 So you as a company have a new full-face helmet coming out...

Is there anything revolutionary about it? ..No.. What to write then? "Specifically for DH, enduro and freeride!!"

These review keep getting better!
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 Must suck to be any new full face model coming out-after the D4 came out haha. This thing is rough-I will say, I tried on a kask trail helmet at a shop 2 years ago, it was super comfortable.
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 2003 called, they want their.. everything.. back!
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 Probably the worst Marketing video ive seen
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 Ok, so an entirely new product for most, if not all people on here and the only two photos are not great shots of the product. Looked at the video and beyond some short clips of the design, we're looking at wide riding shots to communicate the features? I hate shitting on people's efforts, but I got more product design out of the D4 teaser video than this. Show the product.
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 100% Aircraft Carbon Mips $400. Maybe I look here first because of the price and then buy a $250 something because I just can't spill $5hundo for a full face MTB helmet. And I don't blame the rider for that horrible video but someone should get fired.
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 Corona proof
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 UCI would ban it - they don’t do innovation. Looks like there is room for a corona filter in that chin guard....could charge an extra 100 for that
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 Yeah it has tinfoil instead of Mips.
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 I have a Kask (gasp) road helmet and it really is a nice lid but this...that visor seems like they finished and said..."hmmm we are forgetting something...oh right! Just slap this on"
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 @jordibago living the dream...that island has some gnarly and rough terrain, probably not the best angles and speed but he was doing his best!
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 Stormtrooper Helmet
  • 1 0
 Beat me to it!!!!
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 Hello ugly little thing!
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 If it fits like their work and climbing helmets sacrificing looks and price might just be worth it...
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 I'm an arborist and am a huge fan of their tree work helmets. My favorite feature is the coated chin strap- no more nylon weave pulling at and irritating your neck hairs!
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 Rear wheel locked up
  • 4 1
 This crap of skidding or killing corners has to stop. Just ride.
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 such a crappy vid and on the other hand GMBN recently relesed a clip from KASK factory and testing facility - so ekhm propably someone payed for their attention meaning they know how to advertise.
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 This is why you sponsor pro riders and use them in promotions. Pulling ol' mate from the street to skid down some hills isn't a great look.
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 I don’t know how it relates, but I just bought a Kask climbing helmet and the quality of it is excellent.
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I just purchased a complete mtb for 1000. Yes, used. Yes, a scuffed up. But a total bike
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 this comment right here.
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 So how much is a MIPS version? a grand??
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 Oh god no... Double D rings, adjustable visor and removable pads though...! Sweet. Now where's my D2?
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 The Double D must stand for “double dab”!
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 Looks like something a Jerry would wear.
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 $500, and it's double D ring...
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 Put it on your head and shut the f up.
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 Reminds me of those Ruroc snowboard helmets lol
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 Good looking helmet, but I'm already shelling out hundreds of dollars when I crash. I can't imagine spending almost $1000AUD on a new helmet Frown
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 Reminded me of Chris Kovarik, Not!
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 That thing is made to snap collarbones.
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 Straight out from ALIBABA!
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 Double D Ring, lol. Fidlock or GTFO
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 ok ok, Im gonna say it... I really like th helmet !!
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