Kasper Woolley Injures Spleen During Training Ride

Mar 17, 2023
by Ed Spratt  

YT has announced that Kasper Woolley sustained a Grade 5 Spleen injury during training earlier this month.

Kasper is currently recovering from surgery after spending 10 days in hospital to save half of his spleen. Kasper says he hopes to return to low-risk activities soon but he will be at high risk of further damage from falls for the next three to five months. Kasper has made the right decision to sit out the Enduro World Cup until he is fully recovered and YT has said they will fully support him through this difficult period.

bigquotesThe recovery process has not been the most fun so far. I spent 10 days in hospital getting a couple procedures done to save half my spleen. So far it's felt more like a bad illness than a regular injury. I will be able to return to low risk activity hopefully fairly soon but just have to go by feel. Unfortunately I am at high risk to do further damage if I were to fall on it again for at least 3-5 months. It is going to be a frustrating one because I am going to feel fine months before I am safe to ride normally again. Kasper Woolley

bigquotesWhile Kasper is recovering from surgery, we’re advising Kasper on all we can to support fast recovery - dialled in nutrition, hydration and rest. Right now our primary concern is his heath and with the help of medical experts we’ll adjust our approach to align with the progress of his recovery.

Before Kasper is back on the bike it is essential we get the all-clear from doctors. But before even considering riding, we’ll be working on a staged approach starting with basic movement and exercise to aid his recovery and avoid stagnation. Then when he’s ready, we have a great opportunity to build up his strength, an area he has struggled with in previous years. Building Kasper’s strength base will not only help his ability when he returns to riding but also protect him from future injury.
Jonny Thompson, MOB Performance Manager

We're gutted to see Kasper out with an injury and wish him all the best with his recovery.


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 Damn, guy can't catch a break. Heal up!
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 You see a bit at time with other action sports, especially MX....athleticism is one thing but so is rider "durability". Guys kinda need to get over a hump speed wise, once they do they can dial it back and still be competitive vs always riding at 100%.

Looks like Kasper has the speed but without the consistency of staying uninjured it turns into a vicious cycle of injury, training harder than normal to catch up, riding harder than normal to due to lost time which is very very close to riding over your head which can result in injury again...

Rad dude - I wish him luck
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 He's the Austin Forkner of mtb. You're totally right about the speed thing. The Lawrence brothers for example of riding just fast enough to win. Wish him nothing but the best.
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 @Giffordprice: I once saw a really talented young rider (maybe 17) nearly lose his mind after losing a DH race by less than a second. And while a tough loss for sure, his reaction screamed "I'm going to overcook a corner while going mach chicken at the next race". I really hope he didnt and I'm not saying this was the case with Kasper at all, but young minds (especially) gotta keep their heads. Going fast is cool, but staying in one piece is infinitely cooler.

Honestly, I admire mtb "influencers" in the sense they dont have to throw their carcass down a mtn if they dont want to. Racers and freeriders on the other hand...
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 @peterman1234: you see that attitude at 17, chances are, he's not going anywhere in the sport. I'm always impressed with the young kids that are mentally fit to handle the pressure.

We just need to all channel our inner Sam Hill or Jeremy McGrath, cool cats, calm, in control, no emotion to get job done and losses are just a reason to make yourself that much better.
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 In this sense Gwin is the example the build back his speed consistently no mather what...
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 @PauRexs: I agree - I think he knows what he's doing and is playing long game.
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 "It is going to be a frustrating one because I am going to feel fine months before I am safe to ride normally again." that mental space sounds absolutely terrible and im not a professional racer. Heal up dude you'll be back
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 Can confirm. I ruptured mine during practice at an enduro in 2018. Had to be totally chill for the two months following, wasn't allowed to even get my heart rate up. Then I could start doing Z1/Z2 rides indoors only for like the next two months. It was the hardest recovery I've had, and I've had a lacerated liver, broken pelvis, and completely shattered elbow from other incidents.

But, I had my best season the following year – solid finishes in XC and almost cracking the top 10 at Enduro National Champs!
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 @NoahColorado: hell of a recovery Noah!
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 Reminds me of Jolanda Neff's big crash a few years ago-crashed into a pile of cleared branches and got impaled. Sounds like it was life-threatening as well:


Good news is she recovered and managed an Olympic gold medal afterward! So healing vibes to Kasper, take your time and we know you can get back to the top
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 YT's enduro squad has a broken hand, broken spleen and the season hasn't even started yet! Life is so close to disaster at the sharp end of the spear
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 It's the DualCrownDuche curse
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 Spleen injury almost ended my life 5 years ago. Over shot a double and flopped in the flats. Thought I just had a bad concussion, collected my shoes and rode out. Passed out multiple times over the next 6 hours and smacked my head on the toilet. Wife and neighbors got me to the ER just in time before I internally bled to death. 9 days of hell followed by many many months of recovery. Those injuries are no joke, hope Kaspers recovery goes well and he comes back shredding again
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 Had an internal bleeding from my spleen couple years ago from a crash. Weirdest pain I ever felt. Get well mate!
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 after toppling over, wife impaled herself on the end of her sticking upright handlebar, rupturing her liver, and rode out the remaining 7 miles of trail....and a later hospital 3-day ICU stay! Takes forever to heal up a soft organ, but there you go. Scary stuff indeed. Hope he has no issues other than boredom frustration to deal with during recovery.
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flag ceecee (Mar 17, 2023 at 8:48) (Below Threshold)
 @jokermtb: softness of your wife's organs--confirmed. Thank you for sharing
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flag PB4UGO (Mar 17, 2023 at 9:07) (Below Threshold)
 @ceecee: So you impaled his wife as well !

Better than you having a soft organ I guess.
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 @analninja99: are you certain it was your spleen
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 @PB4UGO and @ceecee glass houses and all…but Jesus wept fellas, have some decency.
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 @PB4UGO: most brutal comment award
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 On “enduro” rides, I always wear a chest protector that extends far enough down to cover my spleen. Took a handlebar to my stomach and it just missed the spleen. Still horrible pain, it redefined my 1 - 10 pain scale for sure!
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 Not referring to the physical healing. More the mental side of racing. To be at the pointy end you have to be 100% mentally and physically. After tho major injuries and two years off of racing it’s going to be tough to come back. Hope he proves me wrong.
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 Well fuuuuu ck
I seriously feel so if or when he’s healthy, he’s a serious contender. So smooth and quick, watching Moi Moi and he’s seems to be dropping kev in many segments. Hopefully he can’t rest up, heal, get the mind right and shake this demon if injuries. Would love to see him on a full season
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 Damn cracked screen
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 Spleens mend, Hit Send!
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 Oh man not Kasper again! Wishing for a full recovery!
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 I was hospitalized 5 years ago for a spleen injury, still in pain like never before. I really thought I was going to die. Hope he gets well soon!
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 Ended up in intensive care a decade ago from a bmx dirt jumping crash that resulted in a grade 1 lacerated spleen/kidney & was pissing blood for days so i can't imagine how bad a grade 5 is. Heal up dude!!
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 Didn't brosnan do this years ago? leogang? and has been awesome to see him come back there and slay that place! Good luck Kasper!
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 Fuck, heal up fast! I hope these injuries will not stop his career. He had so many big injuries already, at a certain point it might not be worth it anymore to ride on the limit all the time
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 I’ve been there, super painful injury. Heal up and take your time my dude
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 Hate to see it
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 I assume YT will give the seat to another rider until he returns……cough, pinkbike, cough.
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 this poor guy… get well soon
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 I can't exspleen why he keeps getting injured!
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 It must be something deep inside him
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 @kenoath: Ed Spratt beat you both with his "gutted to see Kasper out with injury" comment
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 I believe they mean “core 5 spleen injury”
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 Is this something mostly preventable with chest and back protection? I haven't heard of a spleen injury in a long time.
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 It's more a sudden impact and stopping injury. I took a blow to my chest on the side under my arm, lost a spleen and a kidney in one impact. Tore the kidney off the artery from the force.
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 "We're gutted to see Kasper out..."

Haha PinkBike
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 Thankfully it wasn't his jejunum
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 Oh man. All the best.
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 Pffffffft....who doesn't?!?
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 Stick a fork innim
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 I'm still putting him on my fantasy team in solidarity. Heal up quick!
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 "in solidarity" lol wut
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