Kate Courtney Not Racing in Leogang Because of Broken Arm

Jun 9, 2021
by Alicia Leggett  

Kate Courtney has announced on Instagram that she will not be racing this weekend in Leogang because of her broken arm. While most of us probably suspected that she would sit this one out to prioritize healing, we couldn't be certain until now because she did finish the whole race in Nove Mesto and didn't know until later that she had a non-displaced fracture to her ulna. She said it was a difficult decision to stay home, but she'll be working hard to prepare for the Olympics while she recovers from this setback. She has previously said that the injury is expected to heal in four to six weeks and should not affect her Tokyo plans.

bigquotesIt was a very tough decision to miss Leogang but with my main goal of the Olympics, there is no room for risk until the bone is fully healed. Luckily it’s coming along and I should be able to start getting back on the trails next week! In the meantime I am home working harder than ever on the road and in the gym. Thank you to my team, coaches and family for the support and belief. All eyes on the next goal.Kate Courtney

We wish Kate all the best in her recovery and look forward to seeing her back on the race course soon.


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 How inconsiderate of these pros to miss races and make me spend a minute rearranging my fantasy XC team. If only they knew my level of suffering.
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 Focus on Tokyo Champ!
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flag grizwald (Jun 9, 2021 at 18:36) (Below Threshold)
 Hopefully, Tokyo will be cancelled
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 @grizwald: more like hopefully Beijing gets cancelled
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 @grizwald: Why hopefully?
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 @TheR: based on what I’ve read…it doesn’t seem like Japan is properly prepared to host the Olympics, during a pandemic. I hope it all works out well for everyone involved.
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 @grizwald: Here’s how I’m looking at it — the show is going to go on, so hopefully it will help prove the worst is behind us, and that this will be a worldwide celebration of coming out of this thing. That is my hope.
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 The Tokyo Olympics might be canceled.
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 @Hayden2248MTB: At this point, not much of a chance. I’m not saying it won’t get cancelled, but I wouldn’t put money on it.
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 Probably the wisest move she could make. The last thing she'd want is for it to turn in to a non-union fracture from banging it around. Been there, done that, have the plate and screws with me to this day. Get well in good time.
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 Her statement implies she has ridden the new bike properly - hence before her crash last race. But as Scott hadn’t released it and she rode the old model.
Given that us non-pro schmucks can’t get one till august/September anyway, why hold the ‘release’ until this week, and compete the previous two races on an allegedly inferior machine?
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 I'm not an industry insider, but I'm sure many on here can confirm that just about every bike manufacturer on the planet gives early protoypes to their pros and/or very experienced riders to put through the ringer. They get feedback, make necessary changes, then repeat again until a final version is ready. Just because a pro has ridden a bike doesn't mean it's ready to be released to the public yet. Kate and Nino were probably riding this bike early this year or even last year.

But what you're probably asking is why not race the bike before its official release (a la Trek Factory with the sleeved Supercaliber). Not sure. This bike is a complete redesign and they probably didn't want it leaked before it was time. IMO Scott's release of this bike (and not racing it beforehand) is more common than the Supercaliber example, but maybe I'm wrong.
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 Heal fast Courtney!
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 Bold decision
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 Heal up!
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 *sighs* Now I have to change my Fantasy XC team

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