Katy Curd Shares Expertise at Holistic Mountain Bike Retreats

Aug 10, 2016
by Pinkbike Staff  
Cirencester-based centre for well-being Pure Body Balance has secured the incredible skills and knowledge of Mountain Biking World Champion, Katy Curd for some brand new Holistic Mountain Biking Day Retreats taking place on 23 September and 14 October.

Katy Curd GTK. Photo Callum Philpott

Husband and wife team, Adrian Stokes and Karen Maidment, who own Pure Body Balance Centre For Wellbeing in Gloucestershire, are delighted to collaborate with pro-rider Katy for their unique retreats which fuse Corrective Exercise, Nutrition, Sports Specific Yoga and Mountain Bike Coaching .

Adrian says: ‘Our philosophy at Pure Body Balance is to do what you love and love what you do. We created these retreats in response to our combined passions both in the workplace and our private lives. We loved the idea of bringing the focus and suppleness of yoga and the strengthening of corrective exercise together with the skills and stamina of mountain biking. Having Katy on board makes this retreat one of a kind. Katy brings a sense of humour, endless passion for mountain biking, and her world-class expertise.’ He adds: ‘The aim of this retreat is to teach anyone who loves mountain biking the right techniques, tools, and skills to feel truly confident when out on the trail. Whether you are a complete novice or someone wanting to progress to intermediate level mountain biking. Our retreat is aimed to guide you towards confidence and success.’

Holistic MTB Day Retreats

During the retreat participants will learn key movement patterns to increase stability, strength, and stamina when on the trail. Yoga coach Karen will then bring in elements of Yoga which will feature releasing stretches, focusing breath awareness and mindfulness techniques. Karen says: ‘These yoga techniques are really important for any athlete. They increase strength, improve balance and coordination making you more powerful, confident and controlled.’

Adrian will be focusing on the mountain biking MTB Body Fundamentals during the day retreat. He says: ‘My section is called “Taking the Trail to the Gym and the Gym to the Trail”, Katy will be teaching the fundamental mountain bike skills on the trails such as braking, position and posture, ascending, descending and cornering etc moving onto more advanced skills and techniques on the trail to ride faster, safer and with ease.

‘We will teach simple, home, full-body stability exercises to prevent injury when out on the trail, along with how to strengthen the 7 Keystone Movement Patterns to improve your riding efficiency. We’ll also be sharing how dietary choices can increase riding strength, endurance, and recovery and looking at what to stretch and when to improve trail performance and reduce post riding aches and pains.

Holistic MTB Day Retreats

‘The focus is on corrective exercise, with a little on yoga and lifestyle and then a big afternoon chunk out on the trail with Katy, so it promises to be an exciting day. These are rolling retreats are not just a one off, we now have three dates in the diary for 2016 and weekend retreats planned for early next spring.’

Katy adds: ‘It was a no-brainer for me to join a partnership with Pure Body Balance for the mountain bike day retreat. In the short time knowing both Adrian and Karen I have learned so much from them which has helped develop me into a better rider. Adrian and Karen are both so passionate about what they do and I am grateful to be able to share the retreats with others who have a passion for mountain biking.

‘Mountain biking is about staying safe and in control whilst trying to push your boundaries on a trail. Participants are in for a real treat with these retreats since they will be combining the skills that work on the trails with the expert knowledge of corrective movement, yoga, and nutrition. This will help riders understand how to become more stable and confident whilst riding, thus helping to build confidence to progress as a rider.’

Holistic MTB Day Retreats

Retreat Experience – The Facts:

When: September 23rd and October 14th, 09:00-17:30

Where: Pure Body Balance Centre for Wellbeing and FlyUp 417, Gloucestershire

Price: £95.00 per person (includes bike park entry, food, MTB trail video and tips booklet)

3 hours MTB Functional Circuits and Body Fundamentals

1 hour MTB Trail Prep

At the Bike Park:

3 hours  MTB Terrain Workshop

1+ hour  MTB Trail Time

What You Get:

- Movement and Lifestyle Coaching to increase strength stability and endurance to reduce injury and ride stronger.

- Hands on MTB Coaching to improve your confidence and riding skills, safely and effectively.

- Take home MTB trail video and tips booklet so that you can keep improving once home.

- Free Style riding time to practice your new skills.

- Organic power packed lunch and snack to improve trail performance.

- Free bike park entry for interactive terrain coaching and riding.

Bookings can be made at www.purebodybalance.co.uk

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 wish this was closer its a great idea !!
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 @olliedog - if it is quite a distance from you make a long weekend of it! Loads of great riding up here, Project 417, Forest of Dean etc. The Cotswolds is a great place to be :-)
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 make a weekend out of it, come down and enjoy what the forest of dean has to offer

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