Kavenz Release a First Run of Frames for their Customizable High Pivot Enduro Bike

Aug 25, 2020
by Giacomo Großehagenbrock  

Press Release: Kavenz

After three years of development, we are beyond stoke to announce that we can accept pre-orders for the Kavenz VHP 16 as of today. If you have been waiting for custom geometry, aluminum, high pivot point bike with balanced Anti Rise, and high Anti Squat, you should head over to our website and Pre-Order your 2021 bike now.

Custom Geometry

Allowing a high level of customization is vital for a bike that fits you like a tailored suit. That´s why we don´t offer any standard sizes like medium or large. Instead, we offer a set of Reach and Seat Tube options that can be combined to fit your personal needs. Reach can be anything between 440 and 540mm in 20 mm steps. The seat tube can be 420, 450 or 480 and the headtube can be either 110 or 125 mm (Longer Options coming later).

And last but not least, you can decide if you want to build a pure 29er or a Mullet. The switch will be done by exchanging the shock mount so you can change it anytime later on. That totals in 36 possible sizes if we don´t count the Mullet option, no wounder the Geometry table is full of information. If the chart is overwhelming, drop us an e-mail, and we help you out.

Pre-Order Price:

EU: 2245.00 € incl. VAT (MSRP will be at 2495€)
INT: 1886.55 € excl. VAT (if you order from outside EU)

As the first batch is limited to 50 frames, there might sell out quickly. If you miss it, do not worry as this is only the first batch. We plan to produce quantities of 50 frames every 2-3 months; however, the next production will retail at the full MSRP of 2495€ incl. VAT.

The Pre-Order price comes with a 10% discount, and we ask for a 100% downpayment; this is important to fund the project as we have to make many investments into molds, tubing, more jigs, and infrastructure.

In case you can´t afford the downpayment right now, we have good news for you; with the second batch, we will accept a 50% downpayment and hopefully shorten lead times.

The frame comes with:

-Custom Geometry
-Idler Pulley 14T
-DT Swiss Thru Axle
-Anti Rattle Tube
-Tape for Chainstay
-PM 203 Adapter

During the configuration, you can also add finish options, FOX or EXT Shock, FOX 36 or 38 Fork, Bike Yoke Dropper Post, and an Acros Headset and spare parts at a discounted rate.


We plan to start shipping from early February 2021.
For Anodized or Powder Coated Frames, you need to add two weeks.

Our standard 5 Year Warranty covers your frame. Please note that the Warranty only applies for the frame and not for additional parts like shock, fork, a dropper post, etc.


If you spot an issue, then we might not be able to replace the part as fast as established brands. But don´t worry, we would never let you down, that´s a promise. Also, lead time can be delayed as COVID 19 is not over and can still have impacts on supply chains.
Limited Right to Withdrawal:

Your right to withdrawal does not apply to contracts that relate to goods which have been manufactured in accordance with your specifications or which otherwise are clearly personalized. However, we allow you to withdraw from your order until the parts are going to be welded according to your specifications.


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 Congrats for making it happen guys!
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 Thanks a lot, we could not have made it without the engaging comments and good vibes! Seriosly!
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 @Giacomo77: Hey Giaco, just wanted to congratulate you guys on getting this far. I've no need for a long travel bike, but have been avidly following your progress since discovering you on youtube over a year ago.

For anyone wondering what makes this bike different or special, check out their (77designz) youtube series on the entire process; it's riveting stuff even if, like me, you've only a layman's understanding of mechanical engineering and design.

Congrats again guys, I hope the pre-orders come rolling in!
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 @cmrn: Thanks a lot!!
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 While I do not care much of idler or high pivot design, however option to choose stack height / reach - power move for any bike designer, since you can address different body proportions;
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 impressive video... 16 seconds of digging into soil with a customized geometry ...
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 Curious why the chainstay pivot is so far below the rear axle. Seems like this would make for some ridiculously high anti-squat values. Maybe the rearward axle movement plays nicer with high antisquat?
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 You just figured it all out. It makes the pivot higher and brings it further to the front than most people would expect by looking at the bike.
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 Because the design is creating a high IC.
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 Look into the use of the pulley and A/S - it isn’t a conventional drivetrain, there will be almost zero pedal kickback for example.
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 @Giacomo77: Cool idea. It didn't occur to me that the high pivot would affect the targeted anti-squat values. Now I want to ride one!
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 custom geometry... i dont see a chainstay length option. it's not your infinite wisdom precluding chainstay length, so much as not wanting to mess with kinematics and more fabrication i recon. if your going to offer 540 reach you should probably offer 470 and 500mm chainstays too, imo!
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 They left out the only geo # I really want to tweak which is the chain stay length...
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 its on there...
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 You must be confusing chain stay for seat stay you psychopath
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 If you check their site for info, the CS increases up to somewhere around +10-12mm at recommended sag, 15mm at ~62.5% travel, over 14mm between 50-75% travel and is still +10.Xmm at bottom out (FYI these numbers are from memory and could be off a little).

So it's not exactly as short as the static numbers tell you.
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 We've been testing with plus 2-meter guys, and everybody liked it that way. The bike feels balanced even with a 540 reach. The fact is, if you want to compensate for weight distribution, the rear end had to grow 30 mm to pay for the 60mm front center growth. We want it long and ready for real fast riding, but by keeping the rear end as short as possible, it's still a fun bike. However, if we feel more demand, longer rear-end can become an option quickly. We plan to introduce a road map soon where we present things that aren't an option jet but may become one further down the road like longer headtubes.
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 @Giacomo77: 2 questions: a) Is there any additional drag as a result of the HP? b) Will there ever be a carbon version for us that want a 30#ish enduro/ trail bike?
PS. The bike is truly rad btw.
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From some research that we found you must consider that the efficiency will drop by about 1% so you´ll be looking at 98% vs. 97% as that´s the only trade we had to do to max out DH performance, we found it ideal for an Enduro Race Bike where the transfer time is not critical.

Making it carbon is not an option for us at the moment as we want to offer the custom geometry options to help riders that are not in average proportions find a bike that fits.
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 @Giacomo77: that's interesting. As a 2m guy hoping to get a high pivot idler bike of my own. How long is the chainstay at Mac compression? It's surprising that this range can be cool for small AND tall guys.
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 @alexsin: At full compression, the horizontal chainstay length is at 435mm. What you have to know it that all traditional frames with similar travel and 29" may have a chainstay that states 450 on paper but gets shorter by 10-15mm throughout the travel. So you might end up with the same 435mm at full compression. Probably that is why the short CS works for the Kavenz VHP16.

You can find a axle path comparison on our Website: vhp16.kavenz.de/landing-page
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 @Giacomo77: Where the heck did u find someone who is 6’9” to test ur bike?!! Is the NBA into Enduro?
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 @DirtbagMatt: We have a lot of tall riders in Germany who are not into basketball!
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 @Giacomo77: Interesting. I'm on a hardtail with a 76' seat tube angle and 445mm chainstays and it's pretty great. So I figure at least I need 78' ESTA to counter against sag so I get a good climbing position. Once it's that steep maybe the shorter CS works since it's actually probably a longer CS at full compression than the 4-bar bikes I've ridden before this hardtail. Do you have estimated final frame weight with say, a Fox X2 air?
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 @alexsin: The Frame alone weights 3.2 Kg the X2 weighs about 0,7 Kg.
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 Sick bike!!! I'd sure like to afford one....... some day...
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 Maybe another promo video...bike looks sick!
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 This might just be the perfect bike for racing. Also has great looks!
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 Oops, meant this to be a reply to a comment thread.
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 Marino are still taking orders. Fully customised full susser is well under a grand, even with the expensive reynolds tubing. No high pivot though. They could probably weld one on for another 50 quid. The Atherton trail bike costs a bit more but they've won a few races so they probably think that's ok.
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 nobody cares
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 @fielonator The frame featured here shouldn't be compared to the Marino steel monopivot for obvious reasons. However, you are accurate that the folks at Marino are still taking orders. And currently they're overpromising and underdelivering.
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 Looks like there's not much heel clearance at the chainstay pivot
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 Wouldn't raw aluminum be more prone to corrosion?
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 7005 and 7020 are pretty resistant to corrosion. We have 10-year-old raw prototypes still looking nice and shiny.
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 @Giacomo77: Good to know. Maybe close to salt water, corrosion would be worse? I'm assuming you're not near the atlantic coast. Also, from the little that I know, I think aluminum alloys (and stainless steels) can undergo stress corrosion cracking, which you don't see until the part snaps.
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 @cedrico: that is correct, also salt on the streets in winter can leave ugly marks in alloys.
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 Right, thanks for confirming. I don't know why people are downvoting my first comment given that it's a valid concern and that the answer appears to be yes.
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 Shut up and take my money
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 this or Forbidden or Deviate Smile
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 No bash guard?
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 @metaBRZ: It has a removable ISCG05 mount. Perfect to fit a 77designz Crash Plate.
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 Single, High-Pivot, Idler Pulley bikes.... So Hot Right Now.
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 This not a single pivot, but yes.
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 They used a four bar to solve the high anti-rise issues most single pivots have.
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 @Purpledragonslayer: one of the few intelligent comments in here.
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 Ahh the dread 60fps
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 I don't get the hate for 60fps. It looks so much better than 24fps with garbage motion blur added on. Why would you want to ruin half the image with noise? 60fps should be the standard.
  • 3 3
 @atauro: Because it looks like jittery trash. If people want more detail, up the shutter speed, not frame rate.
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 Looks like a Raaw

Do people pre-order from companies that have never released a bike? That sounds more like an investment, than a pre-order.
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 Every bike look like a bike if you're not into bike things. So yeah, it may looks like a raaw and like every bike without paint on it. With wheels, painted black wheels.
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 @foggnm sorry, bad day.
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 It absolulty doesnt look like a raaw... if you compare bikes/designs then you have to go with the details... and in this case these bikes are very very different!
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 @Zany2410: unpainted bike, 4 bar with trunnion shock....Raaw
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