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Video: KC Deane Goes Deep In The PNW

Aug 4, 2014
by KC Deane  
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 I love that Eddie Bauer is listed as a sponsor. Very classy.
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 Just waiting for the L.L. Bean sponsorship...
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 He missed out 'MasterCard'
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 Just set in a resume to Casual Male XL. (FINGERS CROSSED)
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 He's really a pro skier, that's why Eddie Bauer is on the list. Pretty cool to be seeing a pro skier scrub it up on a bike in the summer.
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 Something wrong with awesome gear? I bike and ski in EB gear because it's sick stuff and I was wearing EB in this edit as well. People are going to start associating the Eddie Bauer name, with sick gear if they don't already.
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 It was all in fun and games. We all know Eddie Bauer makes quality stuff, especially those who live in the NW. Your defiantly bringing a bit of class to the MTB world in the Eddie Bauer gear for sure. I have mad respect for you man. Meant no disrespect.
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 I have some EB things for camping and what not. Really quality stuff. Just crackin' jokes.
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 Please next time just use whatever god damn music you want to use and save a bird-flip for the haters. The last step down was heavy
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 That last step down was sex
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 I love seeing someone go so fast they have to scrub all the jumps
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 KC is the truth.
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 Great video, good track. I like hearing rock on bike videos just as much as the next guy, but sometimes when you have a banger edit like this you just need a banger song to go with it.
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 Was going to say something exactly like this. I'm not a huge fan of tunes like this, but I think they're sick in a video like this.
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 2:10 trail gnome!

Doggy Style!
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 "Goes deep in the Pacific Northwest"

Uh huh....
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 What's wrong Pinkbike, no haters for using slo-mo on li'l scrubs?

(the slo-mo on that massive drop to step-up, however, is totally deserved… it's one thing to pin that drop, but to then roll straight into a big step-up takes some serious skill)
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 It's a tough call. I mean we went back and forth on it, and in the end decided to because there was a shot I thought was pretty sick from a previous desert edit I filmed that no one really caught. It was a scrub and even small it was super tricky but they are usually so quick that you miss it. So we figured we would do a slo mooooo on this one.
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 Personally thought you added Slo-mo where appropriate, but some members just lose it when there's slo-mo at all!
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 An edit can be rated by its putting-the-goggles-on shot alone. This is a 10/10. Epic shot. The jump cuts synched to the heavy beat, the mild tracking rotation around the subject, the slow motion - it's all there. In this case, the goggle shot was masterfully sequenced directly out of a classic pushing-the-bike-up-the-hill scene. It was a beautiful choice. The subject ascends through rugged, untamed grass and oversized ferns. As he penetrates the thick, unpruned coniferous grove, the viewer is brought along on what is sure to be an exclusive, secret, and likely wild, mountain biking experience. And then, at last, the pay-off. The our brave protagonist dons his eye protection. The director knows what he's got: pure gold. And the viewer knows what lies ahead will likely threaten our hero's greatest and most valuable sense: his vision.
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 Where is this in washington?
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 That was awesome.
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 love the 16mmesque intro shots, illuminated spider web transition, and deep step down at the end // raadd KC
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 try conditions in washington what the f*ck!!!
nice work dudes
greets from austria
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 The Devil is a Lie - Rick Ross
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 Good hip hop makes every edit better.
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 Quality video!!!!!! One of my favs for sure, nice music cahnge up for a DH edit.
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 On my phone the title was cut off so it said 'Video: KC Deane Goes Deep In The P'...


Double entendre much?
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 Ricky Rosea for the Win, thanks for using good music.
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 Nice shredding and I learn that apparently, the devil is a lie....
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 haha i thought he was saying the devil is alive??
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 Good riding. SHYTE music.
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 Nice edit - IMO the music was good (even if it isn't popular here), and the drop at 3:15 was sick!!!
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 this is really gonna change up my ridin' music playlist
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 Big gap a the end
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 Most excellent!
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 More Rickity Rosss, he is the truth #richforever
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 Please keep Ricky Rosay out of the biking scene
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 PINNED! Love seeing footage of my home!
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 KC your the truth.
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 where in washinton,? im in pdx and that trail is sickkk
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 God i love where i live
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 Pretty sick spot
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 is this in Bellingham area or maybe cascades? it looks like rain forest?
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 usually the music always sucks on these videos..especially that electronic bullshit ..that rap is just as bad..\m/
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 If you don't like the tunes put your computer on mute. Then follow that by putting your opinions on mute because no one gives a rats ass what you think.
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 Couldn't find "mute" fast enouh. Sick vid though
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 haha, well next one is probably going to be Black Sabbath.
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