Kevin Miquel is Out of the Trophy of Nations with a Hand Injury

Sep 28, 2019
by Ed Spratt  

Earlier today while out practicing for the main race tomorrow the French rider Kevin Miquel had a bad crash that resulted in an injured hand which means he will be sitting out the rest of the competition. In his place, Adrien Dailly who was the reserve rider for the French team has been elected to step in to complete the three-rider roster. We're wishing Kevin all the best with his recovery and we hope to see him back on the bike soon.

We will update this story with more information as it comes through from Finale Ligure.

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 you know you've got a deep national team when your benchwarmer is Adrien Dailly...
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 The French could use their whole 2nd string and still be in contention for a medal.
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 @Ride406orDie: Don't forget Damien Oton, but he justt came back from injury
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 Did fantasy just get changed to 3 men and 3 women for this event? Went to change my team after seeing this. Picked up fearon and saved, now hes on the bottom under the ladies and when I click on his name it brings up women's names, but it wont let me save if I change it.
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 Had the same problem. If you click on the first woman, it brings up men’s name.
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 Clear your team and then re-enter from scratch it should save. They changed scoring this round to be based off total team performance for each member, check the front page article they explain it.
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 Looks like me with a boxers fracture!
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 Still only see 4 men and 2 women....isn’t 3
And 3? Tried to clear and repick too
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 That just messed up my team.
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 Surprized theres been no 'shocker' comments..
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 Surely that's a double shocker he's rocking there.
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 Damn! He lost a finger?
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 Never seen a thumb come clean off like that.
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 Allez team 06!
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 Won't let me replace him on my team. Keeps saying "invalid athlete" when i try to save.
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 Had same problem. Just clear your team and select all athletes again and then you can save.
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 France or Canada for the win
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 Hey @brianpark why can't we get into our fantasy teams to edit them? I have Kevin in my team and now that he's broken I want to change this.
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 Cue 90% of attentive PBers changing their fantasy teams
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 Last year Maes, this year Miquel. Frown
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 Good thing I was able to change my fantasy team! Er, I hope he's OK
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 There goes my fantasy. Sorry Miquel for my pick ...
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 sorry u got hurt doode

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