Video: KHS Factory Racing at Sea Otter 2019

Apr 19, 2019
by Ryan Jones  
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The whole KHS Factory Racing team had an eventful weekend at Sea Otter. From spandex infested E-bike races to dominating Dual Slalom with both Nik Nestoroff (2nd) and Steven Walton (4th) on the podium.

photo by John Shafer

photo by John Shafer

Steven Walton qualified 3rd and finished 4th in Dual Slalom.

photo by John Shafer

All photos by John Shafer.


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 KHS frames are made in the same exact factory in Taiwan as;

Norco and Scott

Frame Geometry's are updated regularly with input from our Factory Racers, and the high end KHS models are produced in Taiwan and not in China. Just the facts
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 KHS has done more for Local DH racing than 99% of the bikes out there.

That aside their bikes are usually a pretty good value and are as good as anything else coming out of China these days if not better than Santa Cruz, Yeti or Evil and cost a lot less for a Chinese frame.
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 For clarity, I upvoted your comment for the first paragraph but definitely not the 2nd paragraph. Good day sir.
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 @tbubier: I second the above statement
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 @femto505: Tertiary endorsement added.
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 I used to race for KHS Canada in the late 90s, but on the XC circuit. The company was very supportive back then and obviously still today. Good on them!

Also, I dug up a photo of my old KHS race bike. A real whippet. Look at this beauty!
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 @gdharries: beauty thanks for sharing !!
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 Yes, good on KHS for their commitment to the DH program. Not a lot of use out of the DH bikes at Sea Otter thou.
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 @gdharries: Dude I raced that frame for like four years, it was awesome! I loved that thing so much. I think mine was gold/black, it was a looker.
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 @npinder2002: Haha, yeah I had that gold and black version too! It came after the blue and green model which itself was either the 1998 or 1999 colour-way.

Speaking of old things, I still have my KHS jersey. The one in this photo:
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 @gdharries: Short shorts! AWESOME!
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 For the YT comparison, YT sells direct, KHS does not. Any brand selling direct to consumer is going to sell their bikes cheaper. KHS supports its dealers and prices bikes as any other brand sold through a shop.

As far as selling bikes with "off the shelf" frames, before you go hating, MOST of the brands out there have bikes in their line that are doing the same thing or with very slight changes. The brands that fully make everything on their own have the price tag to match.
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 I literally cannot wrap my head around the idea of people taking e-bike racing seriously or that it's even a thing.
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 I remember the days from wayne insane croasdale. My first rockshox mag20 came on a khs. Bought it for the value. But never seen another one. Moneylaundry?
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 And there on the Podium too! So who is the idiot?
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 Right ????????????????????????????????????????????????
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 Nice video KHS team and way to ride Walton and Nick! I've enjoyed announcing you guys as juniors and into your pro careers, great to see both of you thriving on KHS.
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 Wayne is the man
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 All I know is that I just bought a sick YT Tues CF Pro with a great parts mix for $3000. KHS wants $5299 for their Alu frame entry level "Pro" dh bike with an unrideable 428mm reach in size large. Do the math.
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 I’m a short guy and i enjoy the reach and feel on a long Dh bike ????????????????
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 KHS at Sea Otter
I mean...what else is there to say?
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