Kicking Horse Bike Park Trail Crew Update 4 2014

Aug 20, 2014
by Steve Crowe  
Perhaps we should begin this final post of a very productive season with an update on Rock n Roll. This trail has only been on the radar because of the closure of the big slab under the gondola. The berm at the bottom was blown out and facing the wrong way. Plus the trail below was drained of all dirt and generally sucked. The new berm now goes the right way and takes us to some previously covered slab, which is now uncovered thanks, in part, to Liisa's broom. Welcome back in the game, big slab!

Thanks for helping us Finnish cleaning the slab Liisa

Thanks for helping us Finnish cleaning the slab Liisa!

Summer morning at Kicking Horse

Summer morning at Kicking Horse


Using all available energy to continue the build.

Using all available energy to continue the build on Swamp Donkey.

So what about Swamp Donkey? Last week we quietly opened this jump line so that we could finally get some wheels down the thing. The way we approached the build (which was a delicate, complicated balance of compromises, enthusiasms, schedules and resource availability) meant there wasn't much we could pre-ride before the machine moved off-mountain. Ideal? Hardly. The way it was? Certainly. So the result was as much a surprise to us as to the riding public. My take? The future looks promising! Some people already love it, some have already written it off, and some are stoically awaiting improvements. There are problems big and small to be sure. But nothing that can't be solved with continued dedication, sweat and patience. In the end, it is an opportunity to hold on to your bike while flying through the air, so what isn't fun about that?

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We are aware that the exit of Pipestone and Rock Garden is not currently ideal. Bear with us on that one as we think we have a solution. You'll know when it is in place. Could start in days, could finish in years...

And finally, at long last, the nightmare that is Tragic Carpet Ride is getting a major reroute. Hopefully it will be open for early next season. So far the digging is good and plenty of nice dirt is being found beneath the jumble of blowdown and rock on the steep slope. Never more shall we hear desperate voices crying "what the hell is this?" as they bounce over the jagged rocks.

At long last the nightmare that is Magic Carpet Ride is getting a major reroute. Hopefully open for next season.

Thanks for being part of the season. Keep in mind that we are open Friday-Sunday all September again. We haven't done that for 2 years. And September has to be the best time to ride a bike in Golden. So hope to see you up here with over a month of biking to go!

Shop of bike joy.

Ride on.

Kicking Horse Bike Park


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 More pics of Lisa
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 Yes please...wow
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 Solid trail slowly becoming a favourite already, good vision in the designing of the course that's for sure. Just needs to tweaked a bit in a few spots and a little bit to much peddling
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 keep up the good work guys. We all appreciate it!!!
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 A heads up: Swamp Donkey will be closed until the rains stop. Check daily on the report on the Kicking Horse site. I'll post in the PB forum section too under Official Kicking Horse Thread.
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 There is a long UPHILL starting into that jump track. Just seems odd to me on such a steep mountain that there are uphills and such a flat looking jump line. What's the thinking there?
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 terrain. we took the long sweep for 2 reasons: 1. to get to the trees, which because of ski runs, cutblocks and avalanche paths, are a long way away. yes, currently the treed section is short, but remember this is phase one. 2. to preserve the area between the existing park and the new trail for future trail development. we are looking far into the future, which seems the responsible thing to do!
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 Love the video commentary. I spent a few days at KHR this summer for the first time, so much fun. Its a big mountain, A few days there was enough to go through a brand new set of brake pads.
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 i was told this was going to an "aline style trail" but it looks like a little smaller and harder to work for mking the jumps in this vid, the guy didnt evan make them all....
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 Awesome write up. And more pics! Wink
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 "Tragic Carpet Ride" - amused :-)
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 Beginning of the trail looks super tiring, but then speeds up and looks like a lot of fun at the end!
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 Kicking horse needs more flowy trails like this not just rough backcountry style trails. Can't wait to come check out KMR this coming weekend!
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 Love the commentary on the video crowe!! Nice work guys!
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 woop woop, well done
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