Kicking Horse Bike Park Trail Crew Update

Aug 21, 2016
by Steve Crowe  
I think it is fair to say that Kicking Horse by now has a reputation for constant change. 2016 should reinforce that. The trail crew has put in another aggressive season of improvement all over the mountain. Understandably, one person's better is another person's worse, but everything we do is part of a well-thought out plan (though one we constantly change). I'll discuss the alterations below, but first, let's just have a quick look at the last couple of years of evolution:

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The big story for us here at Kicking Horse Bike Park is that we finally managed to open the new Superberm reroute. This summer's onslaught of storms kept working conditions sloppy and frustrating (someone tossing the closed sign in the bushes one Saturday didn't help either). But hey, it hasn't been dusty! The section that is now cut out may be missed by some, but it wasn't drained well in the original construction and all those wood bridges and features were getting creaky and costing us hours of maintenance time. Think of it as 'Woodberm'; the reroute re-emphasizes the actual trail name. As with all new trails, you don't build them just once; we'll be evaluating problems and addressing them when possible. Let us know what you think.

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Showdown had a well-deserved facelift on the top and bottom. Actually, less of a facelift and more of a double amputation and artificial limb replacements. We cleaved the trail's worst suck right off and attached brand new stoke. Dirt Devil received a new exit, mostly to avoid the merge with Training Wheels. So did Time Travel to get rid of the t-bone intersection with Magic Carpet Ride. And Blaster has a new entrance from the top of the Pioneer chairlift. Some people are less than thrilled that the old top of Blaster is now history, but let me explain: 1. it was a maintenance nightmare, 2. the ski run expansion obliterated it, and 3. we have much bigger plans to get you to the new entrance that don't involve riding all the way down the 10 Road. Patience is required.

Thanks for being a part of another fun season at Kicking Horse. We are still open until the end of September, Friday to Sunday after Labour Day, so there is plenty of time to be part of the experience. See you up here!


MENTIONS: @BlackCrowe


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 Man, KH has always brought me fun on those trails. The first time I rode there was at least 8 or 9 years ago, and I have gone every chance since! Way too much fun to have that much elevation at your disposal...
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 Had some great times riding at KH and the new section on Superberm should be fun! I have to say though, it is a bit of a shame to see how wide a berth the trail requires and the removed material just dumped trailside. It does take away from the experience a bit when you're riding through what looks like a disaster zone. I guess next year it'll have vegetation on it so it will look a bit better. As a trailbuilder I make a serious effort to move any excess material away from the trail so when I'm done the trail looks well established and aesthetic right off the bat, but I guess that would be more of a challenge with a trail that requires so much excavation.
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 so im a squid
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 I don't understand the squid reference
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 The duff was almost a meter deep in places in very wet terrain. All excavated material was moved as far away as possible within the reach of the mini-excavator available. Nature will cover the scar and make it pretty within a couple of years.
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 Just noticed the new feature at the start of swamp donkey too! How different is it from the old entrance drop?
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 Its a brand new build. Its a little longer of a drop with a way bigger landing so that you can hit it with speed without landing to flat!
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 As with all new trails, you don't build them just once;
Not sure I agree with this statement.
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 Probably an over-generalized statement, but I was trying to acknowledge that perfection is an ongoing pursuit. Trails need refinement over time. That's my experience anyway.
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 Trails in heavily ridden areas get built, rebuilt, reworked, then tweaked, many, many times. Two popular trails on the Shore, Expresso and 7th are rebuilt to some extent on a constant basis.
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 @BlackCrowe: i agree small refinements are sometimes needed once a new trail is packed in and the true speed of riders is know but experienced trail builders should allow for this. Having to go back with a machine because someone did not get the line right the first time is expensive and takes time away that could be spent on something else.
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 @kwl1: totally different issue, those trails see more riders in a week than Kicking horse does in a year. Plus the heavy rain fall mixed in really takes a toll on them.
Those trails were never meant to handle these issues when built and thus need to be reworked to be sustainable.
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 Double post**
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