DERT. Dirt Jump Series - Cranbrook / Kimberley, BC

Sep 10, 2008
by David Bennison  
Favorit Cycles is holding Cranbrook / Kimberley's first dirt jump contest at the Kimberley Dirt Jump Park. The contest is a 4 session event spread over 8 weeks.

Winners will get those big cheques that they give out a big events. Unfortunately the amount on the cheque isn't as big as the big events...Kimberley's dirt jump park has expanded this season and it's time to make use of it. Favorit Cycles (and a few other sponsors who will be named soon) are holding the first DERT Dirt Jump Series. The event is a 4 session contest spread over 8 weeks.

-First event goes down September 11th, 2008 at 6:30pm.

-Riders will be split into 16 and under and 17 and up groups to show their stuff. A 5 buck entry fee will get you going for 2 runs down the line of your choice.

We'll do our best to provide impartial judges who will judge your trick selection, ability to ride and creativity. Prizes will be awarded to first, second and third for both groups, for best trick and probably for best wipe-out. If you're under 19, remember to bring a parent to sign your entry form.

Favorit Cycles will be on site to offer up some repairs if you need some to continue.

Keep in mind that this is the first event of 4 and likely there will be some organizational mishaps. This is intentional. We'll iron out the bugs for September 18th. Each event will have it's winner, and on the last event, we'll crown the overall weiners in both groups. Sounds like there will be some sweet prizes in exchange for you throwing down your bag of tricks.

We might have a prize for the rider with the tightest jeans(or not).

So, come out and see what's happening. Or if you want to know what's happening before it happens, call us at the shop (250-489-3532) for more info. Registration forms will be available soon.

Come jump some DERT.


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 Everyone has a chance to win the weekly events. If you can only make it to one, than that's cool. The overal prizes are given to the riders with the most points in total. Yes guys, tight jeans are funny. Everyone knows that. That's why we're having a prize for it.
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 I hope the goat style guys come out to judge.... Seriously, there are a lot of details that will be worked out after the first event that we'll let you all in on. The prizes are looking really good and the action promises to be great. We'll get a better story going for ya'll after Thursday night. Come out and see what's up!
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 ya i will be there forsure i am leaving creston at 4 so u can count me in on judging....... but i dont know Gordo's plans sniper
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 i herd the goatstyle guys were coming out to judge......
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 hope not.
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 Sounds pretty awesome!
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 lol there will be ssome good tricks flip wips scott
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 damn i wish i live at least 8 hours away being 24hours away suck this looks like a sick comp though
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 casy better come to one lol
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 Why can't it be on a weekend ??? like i can't aford to miss a school day or else i'd totally show up.
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 Sounds sick! Wish i didn't live 8 hours away Frown
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 what if you can only make it to the last session?
  • 1 0
 sickder vickder
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  • 0 0
 are they gouing to make a movie?
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 nice Smile
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 and tight jeans are gay
  • 1 3
 not completely trying to hate, but tight jeans suck
  • 0 0
 ever worn them?

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