Kirt Voreis and Chris Kovarik Railing Bend, Oregon - Video

Apr 5, 2016
by Fox Head  

Kirt and Chris are both wearing the new Fox Metah helmet with Spring 2016 Attack Pro and Indicator gear.

By Apocalypse Radio
Written by Brian Patchett
Branden Steineckert
Unknown Studios

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 They wheelie like riding.
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 I'm so shit at them, I need a manual on how to do it
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flag Kre1985 (Apr 5, 2016 at 6:41) (Below Threshold)
 Chris went through 3 tires in this video lol
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 @sosickdude: I'm sure if you did a search you could pull it up.
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 @TheRaven: If I balance my day well, I might find the time to do so!
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 Looks like they were getting twisty in Bend
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 These two lads are probably some of the most stylish riders I have seen shredding it up, they riding with great style!
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 Two of my favorite riders of all time right there. Easy to see why...
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I've got to meet Kurt twice, really nice and humorous guy. Last I saw him was at OES where he was riding a Specialized. What bike is he riding in the video?

If you're reading this Kurt, what bike were you riding this new video?
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 @XCMark: Yeah, Kurt is crazy with mad skills. Looks like he's on a 2015 S-Works Enduro 29er.
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 @XCMark: 2015 Enduro 29, same bike. Hope to see you out on the trail!
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 @Voreis: Hmm, my memory must be going, I thought I saw you use a white Specialized at 2015 OES? Still 160mm rotor up front?
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 Punk is Back!
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flag RedBurn (Apr 6, 2016 at 1:43) (Below Threshold)
 i share your disapointment
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 Poor trails!
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 Totally! I mean it looks hella fun, but it's a GREAT thing that not everyone rides trails like that!
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 You had me at Kovarik
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 "Props already given"
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 I would happily avoid riding behind kovarik. I mean not that I could keep up but Voreis has to eat a lot of dust.
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 That's Bend!
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 What about if you're in charge of trail maintenance and you learn Kovarik is coming out for a ride. That's a lot of berms to fix because *he will* destroy them!
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 I'm not used to see Kovarik in fruity colored clothes. It seems wrong somehow... If it wasn't for his riding and flat pedals, I would've never guessed it's him.
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 @Janosch He wore murdered out grey in the entire segment. Voreis wore the bright colours.
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flag Janosch (Apr 5, 2016 at 5:56) (Below Threshold)
 Day glo gloves and socks, I get it. I'm not colorblind or blind and I can still distinguish the difference between Kirt and Kovarik. But after his WC racing days in red, for years he was almost exclusively in black. Seeing him in anything other than black is... weird. Even in charcoal or grey or moss green or whatever. Like an angry bowl of fruit with big calves and Five Ten's.
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 @Janosch: "Even in charcoal or grey or moss green or whatever. Like an angry bowl of fruit with big calves and Five Ten's." If your fruit salad in the mornings is charcoal or grey or moss green, you may want to be double checking the expiry dates... Just sayin'
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 @Janosch: you obviously haven't watched or seen any photos of him from the past 2 years wearing the kovarik jerseys that were a majority day glow green or yellow...
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 "Yeah Janosch. Obviously!" Never mind. Next time I'll try to use more words. Or pictures.
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 @Janosch: Roger that.

Every US National I ever went to, he walked the pits in solid black (socks/hat/shirt/shorts/shoes).
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 Two grown men behaving like a bunch of goofs on bicycles. This is my favorate video ever. Im not crying, i got mud in my eye
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 that's how you carve a corner flat out foot out 0.38....Kovarik wrote the book here
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 If you're riding near Bend, OR and want to get awesome photos of you and your friends, check me out!!
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 You spelled "Ruining" wrong.

This is the correct headline:

Kirt Voreis and Chris Kovarik Ruining Bend, Oregon
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 Considering I see Kirt digging all the time, I think he gets a pass.
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 Ahhhhh!!!!!! Of course this edit drops today! I've been away from home for two months and I'll finally be getting back to bend tomorrow!!! I've missed home so much! Can't wait to kick off the season back home, on a new bike and mint trails! Time to slay the moon dust!! Smile nice riding guys
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 Now that's some fine riding! Two Legends...old guys still shred hard! Try to keep up kiddies...
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 I was in Bend all last week for Spring Break - rad trails!
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 That's why the local trails here were so blown... those two blew them up! Steeze Bros
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 I want to check out bend, what trail should i ride? What trail is this? Hi from Bellingham, wa!
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 There were shots from both east and west side of town. @supersheep it depends what time of year. Higher elevation trails are still under snow
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 The first trail is Cline Butte out in East Oregon, although theyre pretty much all just sandpits now. The second one is whoops in phils and it still relatively snowed in. All the trails here are smooth except for cline.
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 @inewsum: nah that looked like horse ridge and sand canyon, but I could be wrong. 2nd one looked like wanoga not Whoops. I was on Whoops yesterday and it's 90% clear except for very top.
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 That was cool!
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 I love mud and wet conditions, but wish I could ride in such dust from time to time...
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 Was that filmed last fall? Seems like there should be some moisture in the trails if it was filmed recently.
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 Or covered in snow, yeah.
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 Those dust routes seem like easy street to Scottish wet muddy enduro routes. But they do have style
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 "Dust routes"

Dust is where you learn to drift. Riding on hardpack, dusty trails is like riding on small ball bearings. A little similar to traversing large, wet boulders, but not as slick. Dusty trails allow your tire to break loose easier, so dusty trails tend to demand a discipline of their own.
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 And I thought SoCal was dusty!
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 Amazing, these guys just rip it! Kirt on 29 wheels?
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 Yup, enduro 29er.
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 looks like intense more fun to ride rather than S
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 Ridden lots of both and I agree with your statement good sir.
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 NIce to see Kovarik on a trail bike Smile
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 is it the carbine?
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 @minotro: Could be an AL Tracer, you can see 275 on the rear stay, and the upper shock mount is hollow, the carbon ones are solid.
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 @minotro: Looks like a spider 275 to me
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 so much fuck yeah in this video
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 Blue and orange is the new black.
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 I freakin love Bend!! Such good vibes, trails and beer.
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 is it dry and dusty time already?
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 It was 65-70 last week and dry.
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seasons flyin by. wcdh this weekend.
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 those helmets loog like... well they look.
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 Bend is FUN
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 Anybody know the location in bend?
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 Which trail? the first or second
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 Nice dust but wow those helmets are mahooosive!
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 One day I will live in bend... One day
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 i miss moon dust..... Frown

mid summer cant come soon enough
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 Bend is a great place!
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 So good.
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 Tiptop enjoyed that.
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 Whiny white kids who are thinking of starting a punk band cause your mad at your parents , please just commit suicide and save a step. Untalented shite music.
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 That's what Nashville said about Outlaw Country, now look at Cash and Nelson. Then there is the Clash, the Stooges and the Smalls. Icons!

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