Video: Knolly Announces Limited Edition 'Builder' Fugitives with Proceeds Going to Local Trail Associations

Dec 5, 2019
by Knolly Bikes  
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In 2015, we created a special builder program to acknowledge the hard work, inspiration and collaboration builders put in every day of the year. We wanted to give back to our trail societies and this year we’re excited to grow the program. In correlation with our 2020 product expansion, we’re ramping up the builder program too.

This past year, we developed a unique graphics package for our new bikes and with each model that we launch, we’re producing a limited run of 20 units featuring a stylized topo map of our local mountains. This December, our next batch of Fugitives will showcase the Burke Mountain topography map.

Following in Spring 2020, our new Wardens will feature Mount Seymour. What’s incredibly exciting about this program is that proceeds from the sales will be donated to local builder associations. For the Fugitive run, we selected TORCA (Tri-Cities Offroad Cycling Association) to be supported; while the new Warden topo bikes will benefit NSMBA (North Shore Mountain Bike Association). Both organizations are super thrilled and we’re putting their builder logos on the seat tubes of these bikes.

In the future, this initiative will continue with each new product release we launch. For us, it’s a chance to give back and connect with the trail communities that are so vital to the sport we love. Our builders create outdoor playgrounds that we depend on; this program enables us to show our gratitude. For riders, this is an opportunity to own one of only 20 frames and celebrate not only the legendary trail builders but your favorite mountain and trails as well.

For more information about the Knolly builder program, or to purchase the new limited-run Fugitive + TORCA frames, visit our website or email


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 Selling one kidney for the price of this bike. Pricing is firm, will except trade for this bike only
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 only if the kidney is given to the local trail association
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 @Motoracer31: Usually they request livers
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 @dangerfoot: Please forward all kidney and livers directly to your local trail association. Our hands are a bit dirty and we're not sure we want to find out how internal organs react to Tri-Flow.
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 @KNOLLYBIKES: Hahahaaa, classic.
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 @dangerfoot: (golf clap)
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 ???? *accept
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 Very cool. The lines and look of a raw Knolly is so rugged and appealing, and functional. Not flashy at all. Looking at another Knolly next season. Hope they keep the simple raw version for the Fug and Warden. A few cool graphics are nice. Sure wish they'd re-run the "mountain peaks" graphics they did on the Delerium. That was so cool I think is should be a stock option on all Knolly bikes. On the other hand, I can't bring myself to like many of their painted or colored bikes. Don't care for that red link on the new Wardens either. I don't think flashy colors and Knolly mix well.
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 Thanks @MikerJ We'd love to get you on another bike, unfortunately it won't be a "Zessel Mountain" Delirium. Those were a true one and done. The response to the plain raw Warden V2 and Fugitive has been really good, I guess that is what you get when you listen. Let me tell you a little secret about that red link, while the office loves it. The link is the exact same as the link we use for the Fugitive. You can already find the part in our online shop in plain black.
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 @KNOLLYBIKES: That's some solid advice. Agreed on the Zessel design, that was super cool and I'm glad to see more tasteful graphics being done.
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 As a builder on Burke (CRC and other small projects), this is awsome. Thank you @Knollybikes and @Torca for putting in my hands shovels, picks, rakes, fuel and anything else I need!
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 At least we have one builder happy with torca
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 As a builder on Burke (CRC and other small projects), this is awsome. Thank you @KNOLLYBIKES and @TORCAfor putting in my hands shovels, picks, rakes, fuel and anything else I need!
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 What makes me happy,

1. Riding bikes with friends and my dog
2. Building trail with friends and my dog
3. People riding past as I dig and stop, hand me a beer from there pack and hang out 5 minutes.
4. People riding past and say thanks.
5. People riding, stop and help me dig for 5 minutes.
6. People ride past say hi and and thanks, then carry on and hear them in the distance shouting "woo hoo!" over and over!
7. Saying hi to Cadie (look for her picture and frisbee when entering tree line and say hi to her please)
8. Riding a section of trail that has fresh dirt
9. My wife and dog
10. My wife and dog.

@KNOLLYBIKES I need an e-bike to be a better builder!
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 @Punkmunkey:I would think that this is pretty much the same way most trail builders or in your case, maintainer feels.
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 @Punkmunkey: thanks for all your work on CRC, love that trail.
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 Just found out you have become a director with TORCA punkmonkey. This puts your posts in perspective.
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 Thanks Knolly - anything bike brands do for the local trails is appreciated, and this is fantastic!
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 Such a beautifully crafted aluminum frame!!
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 Prettiest Knolly I’ve ever seen
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 Got my name down for one, can't wait! Feels good to be supporting the trail association too. Well done Knolly!
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 Super cool initiative @KNOLLYBIKES !

As a Fugitive owner AND trail builder I get warm feelings from this. That Ltd Ed Fug looks soooo sweet and to know that the money ends up to good use is even better. Too bad I already have a badass Fug, will have to convince a buddy to get one instead. Wink

Question: Is the Builder program open internationally or do you only support BC organizations? Asking since we are a couple of very active communities in Sweden in particular but I guess that goes for a long list of countries these days.
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 Notes like these are really awesome. Thank you!

It's open internationally if you would like to join, applications for the organization or individuals can be sent over to .
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 @KNOLLYBIKES: thanks, and you deserve the kudos (as do all trail builders worldwide)!

I'll put together an application and send in during the holidays then. Thanks!
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 Thank you, @KNOLLYBIKES . It means a lot to us to be recognized. It’s not why we do it, but it feels pretty good!
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 Very forward thinking. Thank you Knolly for thinking about community. Did I ever tell you I love my Fugitive? Hugs for everyone!
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 What an awesome program!
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 Really nicely done touch with a nod to the diggers - if I didn't already have one I'd buy this! Interested to see what the next custom frames will be like...
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Pretty much what we did this week. New entrance too Hoots at 0007.
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 Right on dudes. I appreciate your work
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 @trailslayer91: Right back at ya dude!!!!

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 I will never not have a Knolly. Just got warden carbon and its bonkers fun.
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 Can I buy one to hang up on my wall?
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 That’s a cool video
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 Knolly does more for the riders than any other manufacturers.
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 I said gaddam! that's a good looking bike.
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 Great video for an awesome cause. That top tube looks sick.
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 Thanks Knolly! Very cool.
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 Rad bike and cause, can i get one in Australia ? Seems like the Knolly guy is not doing them any more, i may be wrong.
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 Of course. We are just getting an order together for a new Australian distributor located in ACT. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to say who yet. Send our sales team an email if you have any questions.
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 Any chance of a podium with the trail doggo graphics?
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 Knolly has really upped their game. i used to think their bikes were hideous. now they make me very excited. gonna need a couple paper towels here in a minute...
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 Beautiful bikes. Especially the raw frames.
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 Beautiful bike and great cause, thanks Knolly.
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 I can watch dogs scrub jumps all day.
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 Raw aluminium is awesome.
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 Any deals for builders? @KNOLLYBIKES
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 @Konllybikes Rad program, but it would be really sweet if you built 21 frames and donated one of them to a builder in each trail association (selected by the membership). That way, the guys and gals who really deserve to be riding these bikes get a chance to without having to fork out the $ (given the countless hours they spend on the trails are usually all volunteer and building trails usually doen't pay for new bikes).
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 There would be some major issues locally within the builders if that were to happen. Some people work harder then others and get less recognition
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 I'm 66. I suppose they take BOTH my kidneys for this bike? I STILL think it's a bargain.
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 I understand why our other builders have chosen not to put themselves "out there" here. I will have to settle for the upvotes and calls of support.

The builder of Recycle also has built or maintains 7 popular, well used trails on the mountain. Like all the trails on Burke, Recycle is unsanctioned (not legal). None of the trails on the mountain are "torca" trails. They do have some trails that have been sanctioned on Eagle mountain, after some serious stumbles along the way. 90 percent of our work (as "rouge" builders) has been making trails more sustainable with rock, dirt and drainage work so riders can have a better ride and hikers have a better trail to hike on. Not building the small jumps like shown in the edit here. BC Parks is well aware of these trails and loves the sustainability work being done.

One of the premier builders on Eagle mountain has been screwed over so much by Torca, I was not sure whether or not to believe the story's I heard until our experiences the last few years.

Yes we are all VOUNTEERS here but that is not an excuse for the utter disrespect. Torca knew exactly what they were doing here by filming on this unsanctioned trail for the edit here. Thankfully the smiling faces and thank yous from riders make us look beyond this, as the sour taste would have made many builders give up.

Ill leave this here.
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 Perhaps instead of continuing to slander the volunteers with Torca, you should outline exactly how you have been “wronged”.

Personal financial loss? Hurt feelings? A sense of entitlement gone very far off the rails?

Trail advocacy groups do not grant permission for anything. They are not the trail police.

Although it sounds as though the real governing body (Conservation Officers) should perhaps step in and examine just exactly what you’ve been doing.
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 @partswhore: Trails don,t exist without builders , clubs don,t exist with out trails!!! And volunteers are only as good as they have been shown. We continually have to redo volunteer work. Why because they are being poorly directed by the club.Why are they being poorly directed?? Probably has to to with the club pissing on the ones with skills to teach the next generations. Write ups in the local papers don,t help either. If there is a issue then the club should reach out to the builders. Not go to the media !!!!
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 @partswhore: Please tell me how I have slandered torca, thats quite the accusation.
I will take it as your friends at Torca are feeding you your lines word for word here, and no one should take threats like this lightly. I have great respect for CO's. They do great work. Stopping the work we do here would not be good for anyone, just like you perpetuating this conversation isn't. I could go on but Ill leave it at that for now.
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 @Trailmaintainer: and still you don’t answer direct questions.

Saying an organization has “screwed you over” again and again is slander without evidence.

Not surprising communication has broken down with you. Only harsh words and vitriol.

No threats were made by me. Are there voices in your head telling you these things?

This diatribe borders on insanity.
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Sorry for not answering all of your questions here. I dont have time to write a novel.
Please dont keep quoting things i did not say.
You need to look up the definition of slander.
Now you are down to personal insults eh.
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 @Trailmaintainer: well perhaps I’ve misunderstood.

I’ve seen both sides of issues like this. Being a past President of a mtb advocacy group (completely not involved at all now) and having built rogue trails. Some were for the greater good, some for just me and friends. We also were successful in getting a notorious genius rogue trail builder paid work from the province. It was a win for all.

I’m now bowing out of this debate. Best of luck with this issue and hopefully you can agreably coexist with other builders and advocacy groups.

*You will catch more flies with honey than shit.
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 nice Smile
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 I'm Asking For Podium?
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 that is a beautiful bike , love those graphics !
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