Kona Leaves Sea Otter Under Strange Circumstances

Apr 17, 2024
by Outside Online  
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 My friend who worked there for over 2 decades was recently laid off very poorly. He was scewed by Dan and Jake on the way out too, as were many staff. I am sure I will get hate, but I know things you don't. This industry has been hi-jacked by greedy fools too dumb to see that the Covid bump was not an indication of a lasting boom, so now there is a glut and all these snapped up brands will end up other than what they were, if they survive at all. Kona was always a problematic company, run by athletes, not business people. It is all very sad and and awful. Kona is dead, good, it was not that great a company to begin with. My friend and I have gone different ways now too, all I see is this industry is only for fat cats now, not poor people any more, it sickens me to see how parts standards have vanished too, greed and stupidity are the mainstays of for profit bike companies now, so sad.
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 Ugh, they're iconic though... I'm in my 40s and they so good back in the day
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 Hopefully it's just a process and not a sign of bad things to come...
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 It would be Stinky if something was a little Hei Hei in this situation. I hope all the best for Kona, awesome brand. Let's pray nothing Shonky is happening.
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 @tplambert: I hope they don't have to Fire Mountain any of the staff
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 @korev: we need to protect all the staff with a massive lava dome. at all costs. :-(
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 Something smells humuhumunukunukuapua'a-y here.
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 @Oli4k: I see what Unit did there...
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 @Oli4k: Except IIRC that word means "great",and this news aren't.
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 Lol great pun that works Honzo many level.
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 Hei hei, this is no joking matter!
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 Weird, Buy one get one sales on whole ass mountain bikes are generally a good indicator for a business, no?
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 It's a good indicator that supply massively exceeds demand and Kona is very likely taking a loss just to move stagnant inventory. So no, not a good sign.
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 Instead of removing this from the front page, can you leave us to wildly speculate like normal?
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 Kona is not on Jenson as of just now - no products, not listed under the brands link either
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 Interesting they deleted the thread on the tire article that linked to this originally.
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 Still no news leaking out?
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 You can't buy anything from their website as of right now, even apparel and parts. Everything just has a "find it locally" button with a link to a map with your LBS Kona dealers
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