Kona's Marketing Department is Hiring

Dec 1, 2014 at 16:00
Dec 1, 2014
by Kona Bikes  
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The Kona Bicycle Company is seeking a full-time employee to work with its global Communications Department. This person must be able to write at a high level, produce digital content at a fairly proficient level (photography and video), ride bikes like the wind, work well with a team, be not afraid to dig in and get their hands dirty, and travel to very cool locations to a) work first and, b) ride second.


Wake up at 4am to travel to remote areas and ride with heavy packs to cater to high-maintenance athletes while being chased by giant horseflies for days on end. Photo: John Gibson

Kona PR image

Kona's Chairman of Integration (your new boss) fuels a quad while Aggy drinks a Pilsner and gazes with amazement at 8am on a Saturday way up in the mountains above Bralorne, BC during the shooting of "The Aggy Profile" with Sherpas Cinema. This could be you filling the quad, drinking the beer, getting it done! Photo: Blake Jorgenson


You may also be asked to capture and post random, strangely storied social media posts on your ever-present iPhone (with all the latest editing software and social apps installed of course).


Travel to exotic locations and shuttle like the locals. Come join the adventure! Photo: John Gibson

Duration: Full Time, Year-Round, 24/7/365
Location: Kona USA office in Ferndale, Washington, USA (preferred) or Kona Canada office in Vancouver's glorious Downtown East Side, or work remotely from somewhere in the Pacific Northwest, it depends, let's talk.
Compensation: Depends on experience. We'll make you an offer you can't refuse.


1. Social Media Manager
2. Content Creation / Flow
3. Staff/Consumer Engagement
4. Project Production Assistant
5. Scheduling
6. Manage Photo Database
7. Press Relations Assistant

Click here for the full job description, but don't let it deter you, this is actually a dream job. You'll work with riders, writers, marketers, professional videographers, the industry's best photographers, award winning designers, coffee lovers and comedians.


• Photography
• Video shooting and editing
• Creative writing, storytelling, copy writing, blogging, social media
• Proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite
• Detail-oriented with strong organizational skills
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills
• Ability to multi-task
• Ability to work to deadlines
• Proven problem-solving ability and sound judgment
• Extensive knowledge of Mountain, Road and Cyclocross bicycles
• Experience in dealing with sensitive designers and "artsy types"
• Experience in the tactical deployment of irreverence and sarcasm
• A good sense of humor

Interested applicants should provide examples of the applicant's photography, videos, writing and social media experience.

If interested please email your resume and sample work with subject "Kona Content Manager Position" to konajobs@konaworld.com

Kona PR image

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  • + 79
 Let me figure out how to make my wife disappear and then look for my application.
  • + 2
 Oh How many times I considered that... It made me think... murder is not immoral, it is inconvenient...
  • - 6
flag B650wagon (Dec 2, 2014 at 12:24) (Below Threshold)
 At Waki, you poor guy, you have a wife, such a burden. At the rate you're going, she'll leave you and you'll end up being a lonely and crusty man. It sounds like you could spend less time on the net and try volunteering somewhere to feed your soul. It feels gold to help others, including your wife.
  • + 6
 B650Wagon - that was just a light hearted joke, like the first one. I really did consider killing people though...
  • + 1
 i´m in the marketing business school ! im in the right course than!
  • - 2
 @ Waki It's not the first time you have blamed your wife. A bad (blame the wife) joke is one thing, going next level like you did warranted a response. I wouldn't exactly call it a light-hearted joke. Please don't take offense but judging by your comments, not only should you try helping others, but you should maybe let others help you. Take care.
  • + 1
 Yes B650wagon, thank you for your allowance to share my family issues here on PB, I am dying to do it, just like everyone else. So let me start, maybe others will join in. Hello, my name is Wacek I am a PBholic (pause) and (wheep) they say, you know, that unlike woman's, the man's sexual fantasy is intrinsically impotent, therefore a realized fantasy is a not a dream it is a nightmare. But I didn't listen, the winter depression took over, I went to a place and paid for companion. Bathtub, batman uniform, Diving glasses, Hindu boy and Asian Twins. They...them Asian Twins stole my mojo...
  • + 3
 i´ll just get some pop corns cuz this is about to get interesting
  • - 1
 To avoid the Winter Blues, take Vitamin D every day.
  • + 1
 I have to admit, you're making me laugh now
  • + 62
 I'm graduating with a doctorate in an unrelated field in May and have an Instagram with 50 whole followers. I'm a perfect candidate!
  • + 31
 Reality Check in 3... 2... 1

No one could possibly satisfy all those requirements unless they've already performed them for other bike companies.

It's a nice gesture, but unless you can kill it at least half of the requirements (riding ability is prob lowest in terms of priority) you're wasting your time by applying.

Most likely, they've already got someone already working for them that they intend to put in the position but they kinda gotta see what's out there before they commit to Joey in sales.

It's actually kind of a dick move to even put it out there, as though 99% of Pinkbike were actually close to being qualified.

Sorry to crush your dreams... Just getting it out of the way now so you don't wait for a call that's not coming.
  • + 20
 Thanks... You saved me a lot of time. And dreams.
  • + 3
 Nailed it.
  • + 8
 it's actually a good move. I would've done the same. Post it on a mtb webpage and build up hype and make noise. Plus, even though most of us will never get the job, there are some people on PB who are in the media/marketing media that easily have what it takes.

Maybe they already have the position taken, but they receive maybe idk 10-20 resumes that can one day, in the future, turn out to be a possible candidate for an additional position, or work on a side project for Kona.
  • + 7
 This job is not for 99% of pinkbike and they don't make it sound like is. With thousands of people coming to this site, 1% would be pretty decent.
  • + 5
 I don't think its that out of the realm of possibilities. even if you're a freshly graduated advertising or marketing major, you'll have all the skills required, and if you're on this site, then you meet the riding requirements!
  • + 16
 this is masterslaters clever plan to get everyone else to not apply, so he will be the only applicant Wink
  • + 6
 I was interested until the requirement of using iPhone. Never gonna touch that crap.
  • + 1
 Actually that's pretty much my current job - but for a software company. Unfortunately I live in the UK otherwise I'd apply : (
  • + 1
 @MasterSlater thanks for crushing my dreams. so I can stop writing my application and start riding my bike again ... just talking priorities
  • + 1
 It's pretty much my current job, too, only with a different sport. But I'm pretty happy where I'm at.
  • + 2
 I'm pretty close to qualified, guess I'm a 1%-er...
  • + 2
 @MasterSlater I have most of the skills required, have bike industry experience, and have experience directing and managing resources and contributors. And I ride hard. What I don't have—and what's not on that job requirement, but you had damn sure better believe it's written in invisible pixels—is the ability to grow a beard. But you're right, odds are they already have someone in mind. That's usually the way it works, boys. And girls. ;-)
  • + 28
 quitting school in 3..2..1..
  • + 52
 Nono, to get a dream job like this, first you need to finish school
  • + 16
 awww shucks
  • + 0
 Schools for FOOLS
  • + 17
 Looks more like Kona is hiring a one person marketing dept? (the job description isn't realllly that crazy I guess.)
  • + 17
 You apply. Then you hire me as your assistant because I can carry a ton of stuff and relatively heavy loads while you take the awesome pictures. Plus I do stupid stuff every once in a while that can very entertaining. We both win.
  • + 6
 rewob applies, hires bronco82 as his assistant, then you guys put me on as an intern! I'll follow you guys around, ride... and relax?
  • + 10
 Don't forget, your also designated taco man. We need tacos 24/7.
  • + 0
 Can I be the second intern after Bronco82? No idea how to take pictures or video, have essentially none of the skills required, but if you ever need a lesson in politics or law I'm your guy. Also, I enjoy getting quite drunk. Incredibly, unbelievably, drunk. So Tacos are a good thing, we'll get along.
  • + 11
 Kona - I truly love your bikes! Do you need a freelance satiric cartoonist working in architectural/entepreneur marketing to promote your designs and trends? I have a thorough knowledge of bicycle technology and good engineering sense, I have basic knowledge on psychology and marketing. I can CAD and model free form in 3D, I even designed my own bike. Consider myself as above average rider. I suffer from parental depression and I am part time psychopath who wants to make career shift into bicycle industry, Please... Please...
  • + 9
 Right job, wrong side of the world!
  • + 1
 Right job, wrong side of the country!
  • + 7
 If only I weren't a high school student and had a degree. Get back to me in six years pleaseSmile
  • + 7
 This is the dream job for so many of us! Who ever is lucky enough to get it deserves a big pat on the back!
  • + 24
 They will prob end up with a big pack on their back instead
  • + 3
 Dick Cox is a fucking legend and working with him would be worth any pay. I remember him showing me his new place in Deep Cove in North Vancouver. His bed was 8 feet off the ground hanging from some chains. I said aren't you worried you'll fall out of bed. He said when's the last time you fell out of your bed. Straight face...then a big grin. Original Bro. He had a truck load of soil dropped for his back yard and we got at it with some wheel barrels and he was sucking wind and I said dude don't let the soil beat you dude... We laughed our guts out for a bit and tackled it like beasts for the rest of the day. Working with guys like him would be a dream. If your qualified apply. It's a family, Kona. Tons of respect to DC, TP and the rest of the family.
  • + 2
 Let´s see...


• Photography: I like it, I´m not a pro but I have developed some skills

• Video shooting and editing: The same as Photography.

• Creative writing, storytelling, copy writing, blogging, social media: Well next year my blog it´s going to be 10 years... well lately I didn´t write so often.

• Proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite: I have used some of the adobe programs, but not the hole suite.

• Detail-oriented with strong organizational skills: I have some.

• Excellent verbal and written communication skills: I guess I have good communication skills, and also I´m bilingual.

• Ability to multi-task: I can handle it.

• Ability to work to deadlines: no problem.

• Proven problem-solving ability and sound judgment: just do me a test.

• Extensive knowledge of Mountain, Road and Cyclocross bicycles: well no so extensive in CX.

• Experience in dealing with sensitive designers and "artsy types": I have some friends that are designers and I get along with them.

• Experience in the tactical deployment of irreverence and sarcasm: Are you talkin to me?

• A good sense of humor: no problem.

I could be the man for this job... but, I´m far away in a tropical-happy (sometimes no so) country.
  • + 3
 What's the pay range?

That's usually something that will either create a lot of interest - or lose alot of interest.

Or do you just get a free bike at the end of the year??
  • + 2
 Your "full job desription" link points to a word document - come on guys, don't put word documents on the internet!
It sounds like you need someone with senior skills in "the tactical deployment of irreverence and sarcasm" and "a good sense of humor". I'm not cheap, I won't relocate and I require a lot of attention and nursing. You have untill Friday to contact me...

PS. I have a problem with deadlines!
  • + 3
 This is dream job and all the naysayers warning about not mixing passion with work have totally blown it. Find a way to get paid to do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life.
  • + 4
 I love how it seemed important by saying marketing department then you realize the job is pretty much just a low salaried position
  • + 4
 Looks like you'll be working your ass off for peanuts.
  • + 3
 My life desperatly needs an overhaul, and i know i can do this. Im in.
  • + 3
 The dream job is being the rider!
  • + 2
 I'm cheap, easy and can take abuse!
  • + 1
 Dang, i could genuinely do all this, no problem, and i'd love to. But the UK is my home. Easy come...
  • + 1
 Too bad I have three degrees in Biology/Zoology.... Otherwise I think I'd have a shot.
  • + 2
 That is going to be a busy person...
  • + 1
 it said bikes ,i said yes but then it said writting and then i said goodbye
  • + 1
 Great time to refresh my English...
  • + 1
 work first and ride second? that's me out..!
  • + 1
 and down the street transition is hiring a warehouse guy...
  • + 1
 Sounds like this Job was written for Paris Gore.
  • + 1
 This makes me really interested. Hmmmm.
  • + 1
 I wish... That'd be sweet!
  • + 1
 Where do I sign for my soul?
  • + 1
 Experience in dealing with sensitive designers and "artsy types"
  • + 2
 Wow what a job
  • + 0
 If I was out of high school I'd meet a lot of those necessities.
  • + 1
 I want the job
  • - 1
 wish i could apply... I'm only 14 Frown
  • + 0
 IN...Ride a Bike..EMF
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