Kyle Strait's POV - Red Bull Rampage 2016

Oct 14, 2016
by Red Bull Bike  

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 F$&@...f$&@,f$&@,f$&@!!!! At 39 sec mark... priceless!
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 I love it! Very technical line. He was having a somewhat sketchy time and he knew it. He got sucked forward off the drop up top and landed pretty far right on the big drop. But the man knows how to hold it together! Such a talented rider/ amazing run.
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 One of my fav runs on rampage this year!! Fast and so much style
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 Kyle Style
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 Would love to see Kyle and others do Hardline.
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 The title of the video is written in the porn format, "Rampage Vet/ Sexy Milf || Kyle Strait/ Lisa Ann || charges down/rides || Steep exposed line/ hot exhibisionist girl || Gopro view/ POV"
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 he let go of his bars twice on that run. I wonder if on purpose. The first one at :33 didn't look like it to me.
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 I would say it´s a good trick for avoiding wind consequences... Think about it.. if you let go one hand let the wind spin your bike but not your body and unbalance you...
There is also the french version I saw once which is to push your bars sideways multiple times and fast...
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 I didn't notice that until you pointed it out. I don't think either of those was intentional. That must have been horrifying!
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 @blinkpike: Nope turns out it was intentional. In the video of his second run, you can see him do it again.

Just came across that tonight.
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 This rampage I was for the first time really impressed by Kyle Strait. Way to go man. Such a sick run. Second run was a winning run, sad he washed out!
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 Your first time you were really impressed with Straight? Does not compute. Abort/Retry/Fail?
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 @garrettstories: Maybe I'm not following mountain biking long enough. Don't get me wrong, I always thought he was a talented and fluid rider, but so far he never impressed me.
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 Gangster shit
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 He went off the biggest drop to the far right... my heart skipped a beat on that shit.
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 That's insane.
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 Holy crap at 40 seconds in, the risk these guys are taking is insane.
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 yeah, the exposure to the left is full on. Even at the very start when he looks down to the floor it looks like he could just topple to his death to the back or left of the start platform. It's like a mix between alpine climbing and biking.
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 That was like... the best line choice out of all the runs holy shit that was spooky
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 Yea. It seemed like his run was windy or something. He moved a lot in the air.
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 dummy sick run - see you for another uncomfortable old man (me) fan boy Modelo at the Commencal c otter tent - your oldest fan.

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 What's up with his front tire at the end? It looks totally bent. Is that distortion from the pov camera or is did that wheel just get completely smashed?
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 I wish I clould casually take my hands of my bike during the hardest line of my life
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 Best of luck to Aggy. If he would have completed his run we would be saying aggy was robbed
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 There was this massive hip-stepdown to the right somewhere in the middle of the course, have anyone hit it?
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 Was that Aggys 360 one?
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 And semenuk won?!?!! I was robbed!
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 Wow, that is so amazing
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