Video: Kyle Strait Prepares for the Sea Otter Classic

Apr 14, 2015
by Ryno Power  
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Both Kyle Strait and his fiance Rachel Throop have been a part of Ryno Power for several years. Kyle invited us out to their new home in Alpine, CA to show where he's been riding in preparation for the Sea Otter Classic!

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 No joke, I have witnessed Rachel at Snow Summit shredding and when passing the ego filled alphas, they seem to reach for a phantom injury or check the bike for a mechanical failure. Like that has something to do with it...
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 Fastest girl I have seen on the mountain, she throws a good whip and hits all the features!

She didn't hurt my feelings, it was cool to pace a girl rather then anguish about when to go around without killing them.

10/10 would ride with
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 Winning my friend!
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 That guy has his life sorted! Pro Rider with good sponsors and his missus rides with him! Hats (or helmets) off to you Mr Strait & (soon to be) Mrs Strait
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 He did steal Rampage though.
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flag scott-townes (Apr 14, 2015 at 16:24) (Below Threshold)
 Pft, silly joey. Norbs was robbed, not Rampage! It was sick seeing her send that drop. She should compete if he hasn't gotten her pregnant yet. I bet she would kill it.
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 dude's a panda, don't think he can do it.
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 Rachel shreds harder than me! Geez!!
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 I would love to see Kyle just show up to a world cup and race again. look at him he is in top shape could defiantly still put a run together
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 C'mon Strait show up and race Windham this year. Cool vid and cool riding with your lady. Lots of respect. Would be cool to see you racing again, and not just Sea Otter. Peace.
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 she'd be faster than Kyle if she was on a DH instead of XC bike! :p
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 Awesome video. Looking forward seeing more of Kyle's shredding this year. He seems to be a cool down to earth guy aswell.
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 the lady was riding a GT?
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 yea, a gt force
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 Sure is. Some of the best.
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 I find myself watching Rachel more than Kyle on this one. She can burn it up. When I ride with my chickiebaby, I always let her go first. Better view and she likes hearing me give her praise and encouragement.
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 Wow Strait's lookin' pretty jacked now. He was gettin' to be quite the fatty there for a bit.

Hey Kyle, how many times you have to stop or slow down on that trail to wait for your woman to catch up?

Dude's been racin' all his life but you know what I know you for bruh? Hittin' up that fvckin' KOD on your MTB. That's legendary shit. 26" REPRESENT!!!
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 Great video, kyle is an awesome rider, but ryno power...
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 Can't wait to watch him shred the dual slalom course on Saturday!
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 can I have the other truck?
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 He can't race a world cup he is 15 the same age he was at his 1st rampage and nwd
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 Nice dude Gotta get your girl into it Right one keep killing it
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 She was on his ass! Thats awesome, she can shred!
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 Welcome to town, I'll see you out there
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 Very Cool. What a great life!
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 Someone has been eating lesser beef jerky these days.
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 Looks like Kyle's dropped a few and bulked up a bit.
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 those push ups appear to be paying off. jeezis
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 lucky bastard.
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 No V4 for Kyle?
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 As far as i know the V4 is still a prototype, i saw it in Lourdes and found it pretty ugly compared to a full Bos V3!
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 Yeah true, I think that the V4 look ugly as hell. But I would think that it is more a DH race bike than a freeride bike. Does anyone else thing they look very similar to the new Wilsons?
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 But, now he's part of commencal team even not on race team.
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 Anyone knows the song???
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 she rides so well
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 Dream Life.
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 Buy Ryno Roids!
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