Video: Lacondeguy Crashes Hard at Cruz FEST

May 3, 2015
by Gary Rummage  

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 Tougher than a $2 steak!
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 LOL! That was a good one! Smile
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 jisus... Jiisus!!
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 15 years later he showed this video to his chiropactor.
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 like the rest of us! lol
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 I have to land on my tires, i'm to old for those cool new tricks.
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 thanks man, you made my day ;D
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 He's never going to win if he keeps landing away from his bike.... Let alone upside down... Oh, wait...! He did win!
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 PB audience don't like religious people, but fortunately for Andreu the guy filming was religious. He cried "Jesus" twice. a miracle did happen and Andreu did not die, haha
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flag pbrider (May 3, 2015 at 18:42) (Below Threshold)
 I am fairly certain that the guy filming was not super religious due to the double F bomb. I would also go out on a limb and say no miracle happened here, more like skill in taking hits along with a body that has been trained for that purpose.
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 Have you ever heard of this thing called sarcasm?
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 NO! What is it????
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 I think i gave one of those to my ex girlfriend one time but she said it's why we broke up. I still dont understand
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 gwin preyed for andreu, that's why
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 @Gr8day4ridin found u
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 @RedBurn, a "miracle" like that happening to a straight up demon like Legendeguy, musta had Gwin & Hannah both stroking/swallowing Jesus' cock & licking his a*shole. Wink
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 I cry when I fall of a 5 foot jump
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 Pretty sure he crashed so hard he cause that earthquake in nepal
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 funny... ...but too soon!
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flag torero (May 4, 2015 at 12:03) (Below Threshold)
 Pretty sure you have not matured, or you're a complete idiot.
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 it's a hyperbole, and a relevantly witty one at that. he's not disrespecting any of those who perished in the earthquake. so we're not even allowed to talk about it? loosen up Mr. Bull.
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 I heard the landing went to hospital to get a CT scan...
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 stuck it.
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 "Land can de guy" in any position he wants!!!! With or without a bike. What an exit.
God be with him as he keeps pushing more limits.
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 NOY nickname of the year
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 Cracked a vertebrae in my lower spine and destroyed the muscles surrounding the area in whistler, I tried to get up and walk made it two steps and dropped, I thought I was paralyzed worst feeling ever. Lacondeguy is one tough SOB
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 and a pretty lucky one!
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 Holy shit, he just stands up!
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 Adrenalin. You see how quickly he drops back to the ground after it wheres off.
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 It's funny no matter how much your hurt that your first instinct is to get straight up as fast as possible.
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 Yep, I always jump up and start talking fast when adrenaline hits, then am on the ground writhing 10 seconds later.
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 Last time I hit the ground hard (I was luckily just winded and bruised) I had people yelling to me "just stay down and relax for a minute" and I remember thinking that yeah that is a good idea but for some reason I struggled to my feet anyway. Bloody adrenaline and animal instinct, a powerful mix.
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 When I eat shit hard I lay there to try took take inventory of my wits ect...then I walk it off when I know how bad it is.
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 thats is called the fear of hemiplegia Big Grin you just want to make sure that you will not have to roll the wheelchair for the rest of your life, ASAP.
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 Jump to me feet is definitely a first... but I usually check on the bikes' parts before my own
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 Wouldn't we have that reaction so if we get heavily knocked about by a predator/ another person we get up quick so we can run away?
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 Usually I don't stand up when I crash, I just sit there and check if I'm ok...
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 Damn that was a huge thud. Probably lucky he landed flat on his back like he did. I think any limbs or collar bones would have snapped instantly if they'd taken that impact. Ouch. Hope he's OK.
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 and better spread of force over his whole body, and he rolled/slid down a bit, its good it wasn't flat ground
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 Share prices in Leatt should go up after this.
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 Leatt makes a damned good helmet. Took the good stuff form Kali and made it better looking. LOL!
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 Well the Adrenalin keeps u up for the first Minutes after crash. But this one looked realy nasty. A friend Broke hsit back last year while he had a nasty crash. Hope Lacondeguy is ok.
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 I didn't know Jesus was there! His mom back in Oaxaca told me to give him her love. Besos.
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 The only thing I don't like about the Fest series is that it increases the chances of Andreu, Aggy and Sorge being injured before Rampage.
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 Ha, for sure. Fest is better though, trick or just straight flying huge, it all looks sick. Plus it's all over the world...hint, hint. We need more Rampage sights and have it be a separate contest...Real Freeride... I like FMB, but Rampage is on a whole diff level.
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 I like how all the guys sitting down behind The Lengend didn't even move. They were thinking.... Dam that was sick man.... Well he's walking lets go ride this big ass jump!!!
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 Scary! Hope he's doing ok...wonder when that happened, ie. Did he ride after?
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 yeah, he was a bit sored but ok. this video was ulpoaded like a week ago on the fest series facebook page
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 did he ride his old 26'' bike or the new 27.5'' one ? Big Grin
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 He is fine.
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 Looked like he was trying a flip whip but then you see the bike is dual crown? What was he tryna do lol?
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 flip indian-air seat grab I think. Maybe missed the grab?
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 Flatspin/corked 3/whatever its callle/something like that.... That's my guess anyway
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 Looked like a backflip that just went "motto" wrong. So close to almost doing a backflip but some how like a cat, bailed like they were an Olympic high jump athlete landing on a big comfy air matt. Makes no sense why it happened. Maybe a tire slide out just before the jump? Somebody has just got to ask him, because that was like the crash of the year or something.
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 "ima just... sit down for a while..."
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 He musta still been preoccupied with Bruce Jenner's situation.
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 Glad hes ok. With the big air that Lacondeguy does, he needs to start wearing a parachute.
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 Check out those 3 people sitting on the opposite slope. They don't even move!
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 That looked horrific, Stephen Murray's crash was similar to that video, so glad he walked away from that one.
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 I like how the people in the background just sit there and don't even get up to help him.
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 "Bounce bitches bounce bitches bounce" this video would go solo well with a rap song with these lyrics.
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 Lacondeguy gets up because he is not human. He is from a different world than you and I!
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 adrenalin in action 3,2,1!
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 dead body !! deaaad boooody !
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 Duuude! Land on your neck and not brake it!!!! That's not human!
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 always good to watch him go after it
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 SecondGuy is at it Yet again
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 Falls down -----> chugs a cold one
  • 2 0 he okay?
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 that'd be hilarious if the guy who said " Jesus, Jesus! " was just calling his dog!
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 Yeah my mate got into Jesus and it did indeed save him a fortune on drugs, booze and hookers!
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 I just thought it was funny how the dude in the video said it, mann people sure do love to talk about religion on the internet..
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 just watched the video without sound, didn't hear the comment but that was the first thing that crossed my mind when I read Jesus,,well he does Save.....
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 tough to watch!
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 sinner video man
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 Had to happen, sooner or later :/ But Andrew is a tough son of bitch!
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