Ladies AllRide Mountain Bike Skills Camps Open Registration for 2021

Jan 28, 2021
by Ladies AllRide  
Photo: Katie Lozancich


Liv Ladies AllRide: Powered by SRAM 2021 Mountain Bike Skills Camps are here!

REGISTRATION IS LIVE at ladiesallride.com

Camp dates and locations:
April 24 Bend, OR / Half-Day Mini Camp
April 25 Bend, OR / Half-Day Mini Camp
May 15-16 Bentonville, AR / Signature Two-Day Camp
June 5-6 Bend, OR #1 / Signature Two-Day Camp
June 23-24 Bend, OR #2 (wed/thurs) / Signature Two-Day Camp
June 26-27 Bend, OR #3 / Signature Two-Day Camp
July 14-15 Grand Targhee, WY #1 (wed/thurs) / Signature Two-Day Camp
July 17-18 Grand Targhee, WY #2 / Signature Two-Day Camp
Aug 26 Burke Mountain, VT (Thursday) / One-Day Downhill Camp
Aug 28-29 Lyndonville, VT / Signature Two-Day Camp
Sept 11-12 Whitefish Mountain, MT / Signature Two-Day Camp
Sept 17-20 Flathead Lake Lodge, MT / 3 Day / 4 Night Retreat
Oct 13-14 Sedona, AZ #1 (wed/thurs) / Signature Two-Day Camp
Oct 16-17 Sedona, AZ #2 / Signature Two-Day Camp

It feels good to know someone is there to catch you if things don't go as planned while trying new things. Photo: Trevor Lyden

Ladies AllRide mountain bike skills camps are all about bringing people who identify as female together to learn skills on their bikes and share the joys of mountain biking in a fun, welcoming and encouraging environment.

From fresh-out-of-the-box newbie to seasoned rider, group ride lover or solo shredder, if you’re ready to dial in your mountain bike skills, the Ladies AllRide crew welcomes you. The word “AllRide” is really a message meaning “We should All RIDE bikes together to experience the fun and life lessons bikes can bring into our lives”, but more importantly Ladies AllRide welcomes ALL body types, ALL fitness levels, ALL skin colors, ALL walks of life!

Getting ready for some mega progression sessions. Photo: Allan Mueller

Skills and drills in grass inspires confidence before taking it to the trails. Photo: Joe Brush

Ladies AllRide strives to help women see the symmetry between bikes and life because they believe in the power of mountain biking as a catalyst for growth, change and connection with others and oneself. They have seen firsthand how mountain biking can change lives by helping people face fears, believe in themselves and learn what they’re capable of. They strive to share their passion with as many women as possible to help grow the community of female mountain bikers across the globe.

It's hard not to smile when riding the Grand Targhee Resort downhill trails. Photo: Katie Lozancich

Join the Ladies AllRide crew this summer to play on bikes in awesome locations around the country! They are still taking COVID-19 very seriously and will be following strict guidelines to help create a safe environment for staff, students and the communities they will be riding in. They take a lot of care to place each rider in small groups based on answers to an extensive questionnaire to create a welcoming and FUN camp experience for all, and with COVID-19 in mind, groups will be asked to stay in their assigned groups during the duration of the camps that will be held outside.

Masks will be worn anytime staff or students come within six feet of each other. Photo: Trevor Lyden

Some coaches and students may opt to wear masks while riding too. Photo: Katie Lozancich

Students keeping their distance and having tons of fun. Photo: Katie Lozancich

"After a decade of traveling the country attending races, sponsoring a kids' downhill race team and doing product demos through The AllRide Tour, I realized there weren't many non-competitive events for women that focused on learning the sport. I also felt like the emotional component to mountain biking needed to be openly addressed so women would feel less intimidated about joining in on the fun. I started Ladies AllRide in 2013 as a movement with the mission to grow the community of female mountain bikers around the globe! Our mountain bike skills camps are fun, confidence-inspiring ways for women to come together to learn and celebrate a sport that can change their lives!"
-- Lindsey Richter, Founder and Director of Inspiration for Ladies AllRide

Coaches choose sections of trail to work on depending on what the group wants to learn. Photo: Katie Lozancich

The camps are hosted at some pretty epic locations with great features to teach on for all skill levels. Photo: Fabio Grasso

The Ladies AllRide team of skilled and passionate coaches help women realize what they're capable of on and off their bikes. They are committed to the mission to get more women excited about mountain biking through these informative and inspirational skills camps. While they teach women valuable bike handling skills, they also inspire them to live their best lives by relating lessons on the bike to life.

You can do it, look here! Photo: Katie Lozancich

Understanding body position is a key component to learning skills. Photo: Trevor Lyden

Lindsey explains, "We understand how the thoughts in our mind can run wild with fear or negativity that inhibits growth on a bike and in life. Our Ladies AllRide coaching philosophy focuses on the technical aspects of riding as well as the relationship between mountain biking and life. We provide women with the tools to have a deeper understanding of the sport. By practicing fundamental skills they begin to understand what their bikes need from them to get over obstacles. The real magic to witness is when they start accomplishing more than they thought possible. The goal is to help women understand the mechanics of the sport, while also helping them think thoughts that keep the wheels rolling forward, which applies to bikes and life."

Keep the wheels rolling forward! Photo 1: Amanda Conde Photo 2: Trevor Lyden

Liv Cycling, the company dedicated to getting more women on bikes, has supported Ladies AllRide since the beginning and will continue as title sponsor in 2021. They are excited to continue to work closely with the Liv global marketing team to expand their reach and opportunities globally.

Liv provides a fleet of awesome demo bikes for students to ride during the camps. Photos: Trevor Lyden

“Liv supports Ladies AllRide because they are perfectly aligned with our goal of getting more women and girls on bikes,” said Brook Hopper, global marketing manager at Liv Cycling. "Lindsey, Meredith and their team of coaches have had tremendous success not only growing participation in camps, but in teaching skills that help build confidence and foster a passion for mountain biking.”

Epic fun
Smiles for miles on sweet bikes in awesome places. Photo: Katie Lozancich

Presenting sponsor SRAM, and a long list of awesome companies including SMITH, Sombrio, Picky Bars, Crankbrothers, Hydro Flask, Save our Soles, G-Form and many more, have remained on board to support the popular series of camps. Team Ladies AllRide loves sharing some of the best products in the business through demos, samples, raffle giveaways and discount codes.

There are some great raffle prizes to be won, and rest assured, coaches won't touch raffle items without gloves on. Photos: Katie Lozancich

An important component to the camps are the education stations where women learn about setting up and adjusting suspension, fixing flat tires, bike maintenance, gear, facing fear and so much more.

Suspension setup lessons and product discussions like flats vs clipless. Photos: Katie Lozancich

"SRAM is proud to support the Ladies AllRide Program. I don’t know of any other program that has put more miles on the blacktop traversing the country, and now the ocean, to get more people who identify as female on bikes. Lindsey, Meredith and the whole team are passionate professionals, and their program is helping change the face of the bicycle industry - one skills camp at a time." — Sara Jarrell SRAM Women’s Program Manager

Dropping lessons that test the suspension. Photo: Fabio Grasso

Wallrides are pretty fun to learn. Photo: Katie Lozancich

"We are beyond excited to partner with so many incredible companies in the bike industry. More and more brands are seeing the value in education-based mountain biking events that inspire women to find their confidence on bikes. There are a lot of new mountain bikers out there and we are really grateful to see the industry's commitment to getting more women excited about mountain biking." —Meredith Brandt, CEO for Ladies AllRide

Team Ladies AllRide looks forward to playing on bikes with you at one of their epic locations in 2021! Photo 1: Katie Lozancich Photo 2: Trevor Lyden

Sign up today so you don't miss out, they fill up fast!

Visit the website for more information and to register now. www.ladiesallride.com
Contact: info@ladiesallride.com

About Ladies AllRide: A series of energizing and inspirational mountain bike skills camps for all skill levels and anyone 18 and older who identifies as female. These events bring women together in a welcoming environment to improve their riding while building community. There are 13 signature Ladies AllRide events in epic riding locations across the U.S.


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 They canceled a bit late last year on my wife causing us to be stuck with an Air BnB that she and her friends reserved. Think they would send out a coupon to those they left hanging till the last moment.
  • 2 0
 Hi! Bummer about the AirBnB, it sounds like they weren't accommodating due to COVID like most rentals were. That sucks, we are so sorry. We did offer every participant a bunch of options including first dibs at getting into a camp this year with a credit, to be fully refunded without us taking any fees or to take a private lesson instead. Let me know what we can do if y'all were stuck with AirBnB fees and we will help out however we can. Please shoot us an email at info@ladiesallride.com -- COVID really made last year difficult on us and so many other small businesses, so we are truly sorry to hear that us needing to cancel to try and keep people safe caused you to lose any money. That really bums us out! Thanks!
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I responded your message. Thank you for reaching out to us.
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 "fourteen camps across the US" ... what that means is similar to a "world tour" in the concert world.

5 in Bend
2 in Vermont
2 in Wyoming
2 in Arizona
2 in Montana
1 in Arkansas
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 Met Lindsey at Outerbike. Can vouch for her - shes an amazing and inspiring coach. Plus, she will keep you laughing the entire time.
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 Awwww Thank you so much! Smile
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 Is there anything like this in Canada? My partner would love it!
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 It took me 4 seconds on google to find this out..... I'm certain you can put in the same effort if she would really love it.
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 Yes, the Trek Dirt Series runs camps in Canada and they are awesome!
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 are they all going to run 900mm bars?

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