Lapierre Introduces EWS-E Team Led By Nico Vouilloz

Apr 20, 2021
by Alicia Leggett  

Lapierre announced today that Nico Vouilloz will head a new team focused specifically on racing the full EWS-E series. The three-rider team will include two French up-and-coming racers from the downhill world: Antoine Rogge, age 18, and Kevin Marry, age 22.

bigquotesFor the coming season I am training in the best possible way as I know that the level will be really high, and if I want to have some good results, I’m going to have to do some big efforts. I can’t wait to get stuck into the racing and find out where I am in relation to the other teams and racers.’’Antoine Rogge

bigquotesI’m really enthusiastic with the idea of racing in Team Lapierre Overvolt colours for the coming season. Not just riding a Lapierre, but to do so with Nicolas Vouilloz, is a dream come true! I have a lot to learn from him, both on and off of the bike. I also get to share this adventure with Rogger (Antoine Rogge) who I have known since he was a kid and who is seriously fast, it’s awesome!Kevin Marry

bigquotesWith what these racers have shown us since their arrival, I believe that we have a bright future and the resources necessary to already aim for some solid results in the upcoming events. I am confident in our ability to accomplish our objectives.

Overall I am very satisfied with their state of mind, these are two young, highly motivated racers with a lot still to learn. I can’t wait to get racing to be able to share my experience and guide them throughout the year. This new team will also allow us to continue the development of the GLP2, but also to work on our own physical characteristics, as we know that the level is going to climb again in the 2nd year of EWS-E.’’
Nico Vouilloz

The team will ride the Lapierre Overvolt GLT II, which Nico Vouilloz designed with e-enduro racing in mind. The team is also supported by SRAM, RockShox, Michelin, Bosch, Ride 100%, Tag Metal, HT Components, Racer 1927, Joe's No Flat, and Slicy Products.


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 I, too, enjoy dirt bike racing
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 Has nobody told them that they're having fun the wrong way?!
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 Comments section about to get spicy lol
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 Haters should tread lightly , else the alien starts probing
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 I was looking forward to joining in the pun train, until I realised I couldn't name a single other Lapierre model...
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 I'm still scratching my head trying to figure out E-MTB racing.
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 So are the race organizers apparently. But who knows, it might turn into something interesting someday.
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 Is this going to be a spectator sport like the EWS? If so, this is too soon, IMO.

I'm kind of worried about what represents what emtbs are designed for. I'd rather see adventure glorified, not some mock battle glorifying one man's triumph over others trying to display athleticism on some hillside (just with a different class of equipment).

Maybe like Red Bull Romaniacs "Hard Enduro", but with emtbs?
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 I thought ebike racing WAS going to be like a hard enduro. Makes no sense having them race the same courses as the pedal bikes...

(Yes I know, not enough money to build specific ebike courses)

Would be kind of neat though.
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 How is it different from any other form of MTB racing apart from the motor? Some bikes are better than others, obviously the motor will play a big part so needs to perform well. No different to what happens in motorsport
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 Is the equipment regulated or capped in terms of power output or weight? I understand if Lance Armstrong got on an e-bike and I did, it would be quite different, he's putting in many more watts than I can, but couldn't I dial up my battery / OS on the bike for the duration of the race to match, and when the race is over, revert the OS w/ a quick 'update' before any scan or check?
Are E-mods posible? I'd have a 1.21 Gigawatt mod in seconds of unboxing the new bike! GREAT SCOTT MARTY
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 I believe it will have to be regulated as far as power output goes, the rest will be fair game.
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 @bctrailblazer68: @bctrailblazer68: How would you enforce those regulations though? I can't imagine mtb racer organisers can afford scrutineer teams with rolling roads to inspect everyone's power output.
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 @webbe: Many types of racing have restrictions and checks in place. I can't see why a simple bench setup can't check power outputs against manufacturer specs to at least create an even playing field on that level. It's not rocket surgery.
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 E-Mtb racing is pointless. It should be sanctioned along with any other powered motorsport racing. You defeat the whole purpose of mountain biking. Earn your downs
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 Ya!! Earn your downs. Like dh racing!!......
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flag DoubleCrownAddict (Apr 20, 2021 at 12:59) (Below Threshold)
 This nonsendical perspective also implies that World Cup DH racing is pointless since they don't eat their downhills. They do technical climbs in e ews that you likely wouldn't even consider on your retro grouch old timey non e bike.
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 In a way, racing is pointless, motorised or not. Unless you're being chased by a lion.
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flag tonkatruck (Apr 20, 2021 at 14:29) (Below Threshold)
 @DoubleCrownAddict: its all in the name bro, "downhill racing"
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 @Will-narayan: In a way life is pointless. I mean, even if you think your kids are the meaning of life, there are billions of other people to continue the human race...
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 calm down
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 lol. There should be an DH-E series too...
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 @tonkatruck: hence why in enduro they race the climbs too.
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 Din lilla supernolla! Go back to your lame xc, but just move Out of the way when real riders will pass you.
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 @Clarkeh: they are given times to be at the starting point for the next segment of the timed DH run; not necessarily racing the climbs, rather hustling to make their rider start time. Only climbs situated within the course run are thus timed.
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 @won-sean-animal-chin: dh, you mean this bike style where you need a nuclear plant to go up? Same fight as emtb to me. Without speaking about destroying a mountain to create a wonderful park.
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 This is not a conrarian gland in my brain driven post: I do believe Ebike racing can be awesome when done right. In Enduro they can simply ride even more downhill stages in a weekend of racing.

Short track Ebike XC could be awesome too... or actually - you could resurrect 4X this way. Just imagine the 4X course that they can take many laps on, can be with super tech climbs too. I would watch that over regular 4X any day. 4X was silly considering what BMX elite racing is.

@mattwragg lead us! Let us open up our minds and make proper use of these things.
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 @likeittacky:So you just tweak the overall allowed time and stage start times to make it pressing for ebikes. What is the difference?
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Absolutely ! And if we go farther we can even imagine to transform it in an spectator sport, like in an arena, and call it super X ?
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 @gnaralized: I can race Ebikes... can't ride a moto for sht... can't relate to SX this much no matter how much I enjoy to watch it sometimes... pardon me but handling an Ebike is way easier than handling a fricking moto, even on some small local MX track or an Enduro MC in the woods. People who ride Ebikes will like to watch Ebike racing. it is a quickly growing audience Smile
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Well, it is E-mountain biking, so different to mountain biking. They are not racing people without motors, so what is your point? Also, I think Nico has "earned his downs"

I have not looked into the racing side of E-Mtb, but I would have thought they would require regulation like any other competitive sport.
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 @teamdoa: testing the battery and the motor (maybe doing an Xray) of bikes of folks on podium and then of a few random others shouldn't be any more tricky than what needs to be done in motorsports to keep the regulations respected. They Xray road bikes on grand tours already.

Racing format would surely speed up the development of Ebikes and add some innovation too.
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 @justwaki: Yes, sounds good to me.
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 @Clarkeh: You previously asked a question; i gave an answer. I'm not debating with you on E-bike racing.
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 Waiting PB to review this bike! It has to be compared to the e-World champion bike to the latest specialized which you claimed it´s almost perfect... this one it´s much cheaper and it´s damn fast and agile...
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 **Grabs popcorn and waits for the yelling**
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 I don't really like ebikes or Lapierre bikes .... But I was able to test the glp bike last year and it surprised me a lot. This is probably the one that comes closest to a real enduro bike
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 Hope E-Vouilloz doesn't have a pacemaker yet.
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 Just no
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 That first picture, is that seaweed they are posing on? Gotta say I think Lapierre are on to something with that battery positioning
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 Ebike - sales well to older riders who are spending generously on their fun. and it is fun.
so Nico and the other twi duds having fun promoting the bikes for living, why not?
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 Just imagine the skill progression of ebike racers. I know that since I bought en ebike last year, my riding has progressed tremendously. Then imagine when those same racer also race no e class. They will dominate and the haters will call it cheating. My point is Ebikes are fun and also great training tools.
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 How'd they get their hands on the older Code? Those were the best.
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 I think the course should be longer and more challenging for assisted bikes.
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 Vouilloz and Pilgrim working for the same company makes me smile hahahaha
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 Kids are a bit young for that eh
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 PB eBike haters frothing prospect of trolling this article....
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 Is it just me or do the riders look embarrassed in the pic?
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 is this supposed to be funny? like a late April-fool?
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 The funny thing is this bike will be sold out in both models before you can say 'take my money' People are buying e-bikes, lots of e-bikes.
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 @bctrailblazer68: there's way more unfit people not willing to pedal enough to get up hills but who want to be part of the scene. So those paired with other more typical MTB riders looking to get an ebike are certain to eclipse normal MTB sales. But u likely know that already ......sad times ahead for our sport as I see this being handled the same way as 26inch wheels. It's advertised as more choice then they forget about non motor mtb. Soon u will have to pay an even bigger premium to get a decent modern non motor equipped bike once 90% of cyclists are on laz-e-bikes.
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 That is one ugly pear
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 I love the future! Best Picard voice, 'Kom killer mode... Engage!!'
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