Learn to Jump with Confidence

Aug 10, 2017
by Ryan Leech  
Jumping has always felt too risky for me. I avoided them and thus never gained any confidence. This illustration says it all:

Illustration by Wacek Keepshack from the online course Jump with Confidence. https learn.ryanleech.com p jump-with-confidence

Though with all the new flow style trails being built I realized I needed to turn this fear into fun.

So I hired some of the best jump technique coaches and began my learning journey. Many riders share my jumping fears, so I created an online video based tutorial course based on my experiences. Here's the teaser!

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The step-by-step video tutorials aim to progress riders from the beginner through intermediate levels with a focus on the safer table top style jumps. Though later in the course we do offer guidance for the higher speed park style jumps that will help you move from blue to black.

The coaches featured in this course are:
• Shaums March: Head of the IMBA Instructor Certification Program
• Kat Sweet: IMBA Level 3 Coach
• Thomas Vanderham: Profesional Freerider
• Jay Hoots: Owner of Hoots Inc. A bike park building company
• Ryan Leech: That's me, owner of an online skill coaching site called Ryan Leech Connection

To give you an idea what we cover in this curriculum, here is the table of contents—there is a lot to dig into!

The table of contents for the Jump with Confidence online course https learn.ryanleech.com p jump-with-confidence

All the details can be found on my website.

Our goal for this course is to help you conquer that jump monster so you can look and feel more like this:

Illustration by Wacek Keepshak showing how jumping will feel once you ve tamed the jump monster. From the online course Jump with Confidence at www.learn.ryanleech.com

Ride on!
– Ryan

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  • + 25
 Nice work Waki. I like how the rider is pushing the nose down ready for the landing.
  • + 9
 It has been so much fun working with Waki on this project - his passion for riding comes through in every illustration that is used throughout the course, so cool...
  • + 3
 @RyanLeech: woooo working with the legend hootsSmile . Good to see your putting out more tutorials
  • + 17
 The most air my bike gets is in the repair stand. I'll have to check this out!
  • + 8
 Jumping never hurt anybody, landing sideways did
  • + 1
 Yup, so so true - that was definitely one of my person challenges to overcome with jumping, we address that quite a lot in the course... cheers!
  • + 3
 I've done some of Ryans other tutorials and they are lot better then you would imagine online coaching could be. Even the best coaching books devotes tiny amount of content to a single technique compared to what you get with this online coaching. I agree 19$ is quite a lot but I am satisfied with what I get, it is considerably more then you can get for free and a better spend for me then a $240 per year on bike upgrades. G
  • + 3
 Thanks for share gprocter, my effectiveness as a coach is much greater thanks to the online coaching platform I've developed and stoked to read that you're benefiting!
  • + 4
 Here's a more economical solution, have your mom wrap you up like this s3media.247sports.com/Uploads/Assets/407/973/973407.jpg
and send it to flat without fear until you figure it out
  • + 6
 in soviet russia, jump learns you
  • + 3
 My technique is to carry speed, hit the jump, close my eyes, hold my breath, pray to the universe, and wait for impact. Is this a good method as well??
  • + 2
 hahahahaha, nice one
  • + 6
 Just send it
  • + 1
 Best advice I ever received - make sure your rebound isn't turned up too high. Fractured my hand learning to ride a small flat drop because I was getting bounced off.

Basic setup
- turn compression all the way down
- set sag
- turn rebound down until the fork sticks at the bottom on a bounce test, then turn it back up 1-2 clicks past where it stops sticking
- turn compression up until you no longer get thrown over the bars on steep stuff

I don't actually know if that's right but my giant trance (zoch cr 350 fork) feels way better on 3-4 foot landings with it set like that.
  • + 1
 Great to see this guys! Stoked to see Kat Sweet!! We've learned so much for that woman!
  • + 1
 Jump without bike.
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