Leatt Introduces New Apparel Line

Mar 16, 2017
by Vernon Felton  
2017 Leatt Apparel Line Jackets jerseys shorts

If you’re like most riders, you probably hear the name “Leatt” and immediately think neck braces. Leatt, however, aims to change that. The company already expanded their offerings with an array of helmets, hydration packs, and gloves. Today, they add an entire apparel line to the mix.

The range consists of jackets, jerseys, and shorts—in total, 27 different styles—that the company claims are suitable for all weather conditions.

2017 Leatt Apparel Line Jackets jerseys shorts

2017 Leatt Apparel Line Jackets jerseys shorts
The top-of-the-line long-sleeved jerseys are breathable, yet are windproof and water resistant to fight the effects of the weather. The laser-cut, tape bonded seam construction of the four-way stretch fabric is tailored specifically to wear with or without body armor. Additional features include laser-cut ventilation holes, brush-guard reinforcement on elbows, and a silicone printed tail that grips to pants.

DBX 4.0 Ultraweld Jersey

• Ultra-light, 4-way stretch, MoistureCool wicking fabric
• Brush-guard reinforcement on elbows
• Collar design works with or without a neck brace
• Athletic stretch fit for riding with or w/o body armor
• Silicone inside jersey grips to shorts/pants
• Zipper pocket with microfiber goggle wiper
• Tape-bonded seams for maximum comfort with bar task stitch for critical reinforcement

According to Leatt, the shorter-sleeved, lighter jerseys are breathable, light and stretchy. The three-quarter and T-sleeved versions all share the jerseys’ features, including the unique neck brace compatible collar construction, an integrated lift ticket pocket and a wipe for your glasses or goggles.

DBX 3.0 Short Jersey

• MoistureCool wicking stretch mesh fabric with air channels
• Three-quarter length sleeves
• Overlock stitched seams for comfort
• Dollar design works with or w/o a neck brace
• Stretch fit for riding with or without body armor
• Pocket with microfiber goggle wiper
2017 Leatt Apparel Line Jackets jerseys shorts

2017 Leatt Apparel Line Jackets jerseys shorts

2017 Leatt apparel launch dvx 5.0 jacket
The DBX 5.0 Jackets are made of a three-layer HydraDri shell that is laser-cut and fully seam taped. They have a waterproof rating of 20,000/20,000mm (withstands very high pressure), but also sport zippered vents for breathability. All jackets are neck brace compatible and can be worn over slim protection.

DBX 5.0 Jacket

• Three-layer HydraDri jacket with two-way pockets/vents (Hard Shell)
• Laser-cut, Bar Tack stitching for seamless, fully-welded construction
• Breathable with waterproof rating of 20.000/20.000mm (withstands very high pressure)
• YKK AquaGuard zippers and hidden reinforced stitching
• Tailored fit for riding with or without body armor
• Three-point, fully adjustable hood with stiffened peak fits over all helmets
• Reflective printing on hood peak
• Brush guard fabric protection on shoulders and elbows
• Vents on side of jacket
• Pass pocket on left arm
• Microfiber goggle wiper
• Silk storm cuffs at wrists
• Silicone gripper on bottom hem keeps jacket in place

Leatt's shorts are also water repellent and ventilated. They have a durable, seamless seat area and a pre-curved, tailored fit with 3D- shaped, non-snagging knees for comfort when pedaling with kneepads.

DBX 5.0 Shorts

• Three-layer HydraDri all-taped shell with dirt/water repellent coating
• Breathable with waterproof rating of 20.000/20.000mm
(withstands very high pressure)
• YKK zippers and hidden reinforced stitching
• Pre-curved tailored fit with 3D shaped, non-snagging knees for comfort
when pedaling with protectors
• Soft touch 500D 3-layer, laminated material seat area that is seamless
and durable
• Brush guard reinforcement on knees
• Rear ventilation with zipper
• Waterproof thigh pockets
• Adjustable waist with soft touch waist lining with back gripper to
prevent seat drop.
2017 Leatt Apparel Line Jackets jerseys shorts

For more information on the complete line, visit Leatt.

2017 Leatt Apparel Line Jackets jerseys shorts



  • + 59
 So youre telling me here is something as pricey as TLD but looks way better? And probably functions better? Sure Im down
  • + 7
 One of my buds is supported by them and has the full kit, w the exception of the jacket and he says they're as good as if not better than tld
  • + 16
 Oh boy! That's pricy indeed! For a comming season I needed to buy new shorts, but I can't rememeber when was the last time when I bought regular jeans, jet shopping on chainreaction I bought two pairs of TLDs because of discount, because of free shipping and so on... Now I can't afford life. Damn, all that mtb-ing makes me look like a trash.
  • + 9
 @Borro: more like you look like a badass because all that life stuff is lame anyways. bikes equals bitchin' and bitchin' equals bitchin' so why not be bitchin'?
  • + 9
 I'm just here to say I'm glad the person designing their helmets isn't the same person designing their outerwear.
  • + 2
 @gonecoastal: Good point. But helmets are a different matter. Like their made to protect with a certain shape. TLD just looks ridiculous with their colors
  • + 1
 @gonecoastal: I have one of their helmets and it is the best one I have ever owned, Super comfortable fit, light and super breathable..
  • + 19
 You could buy one of those over priced shirts that make you ride better and feel better as a person......or for the same price , you could take the wife out for dinner and drinks ..and get laid .
  • + 31
 This clothing has a guarantee, the other doesn't. Wink
  • + 13
 So if my girl is buying me cycling gear and also is sleeping with me without me paying for it everytime (like taking her to the restaurant or shopping), is it fair to assume i made the right decision at some point?
  • + 10
 You need to take your wife out to dinner in order to get laid? Feelsbadman
  • + 3
 I've been perfectly happy with my $30 Under Armour shirts from Macy's!
  • + 7
 @jonbrady85: I bet your frat brothers tell you how cool you look!
  • + 10
 The price is to high for them to post it.
  • + 10
 Don't wanna look like a power ranger.
  • + 4
 Made from recycled plastics, made in China, and cost as much as a new bike! BTW when we wash these expensive made out of recycled plastic materials, micro fibers are produced. There's an article out and is now the number one pollution in our waters and oceans into some our food sources.
  • + 3
 Yes i saw that article. Folks like Patagonia are freaking out. Back to cotton or merino i guess. Washers will have to have filters for this now. Its always something
  • + 2
 I've been selling Azonic products for around 15 years, the Oneal motocross came with the account. .. O'Neal stuff is better quality and cheaper than most bicycle products ...like motocross boats for example. ..10 times more material, way stronger fabric but often same prices as the fancy bicycle shoes
  • + 3
 ...you can't use moto logic on bikes.
Here...I'll show you:
Free shipping is free.

Sure...we know it's not logical, but we'll take it. We always take it cause we're idiots.

You guys ever look at AliasMX's website? They're basically the YT Bikes of motocross gear. Sign up for a Direct2Rider account and get solid moto gear for what you thought you should have been paying all along.
  • + 1
 @bizutch: ha ha.. tru dat...

for fork and brake oils, I buy from the local motorcycle shop down the street from me. it's a gazillion times cheaper than bicycle products and ask, just as good, if not better.

most grease products, loc tite, etc, that stuff I'll buy from the auto store (same reason)

it is kinda funny --- I saw at the local outdoor, fishing store (forget the name). I picked up a fly fishing pole... looked at the price tag, put it right back down --- it was something like $2300?!?!?! for a fishing pole?!?!

a nice dirt bikes can fetch a price close to a blingy DH --- how's that possible? a dirt bike can do an easy 80mph in 3rd gear
  • + 2
 @PedalShopLLC: no dirt bike does 80 in 3rd gear.... jus sayin.
  • + 3
 wow looks great, but also very expensive

sh*t.. that IS expensive... www.leatt.com/shop/apparel.html
  • + 2
 Maybe cause it made in Murica amd paying American wages. But let be real, it prob made overseas.
  • + 1
 @femto505: is it made in the US?
  • + 0
 @bizutch: Whatever dude
  • + 0
 I'm 40 with a 36 waist and a 27" inseam. I ride small bikes. I would pay whatever if some of these clothing companies would make shorts that accommodate vertically challenged riders. These shorts would probably end up between my knees and shins.
  • + 2
 Like how the shorts have the front a bit longer to cover the dreaded skin gap b/w knee pad/shorts.
  • + 3
 Those jackets look great.
  • + 1
 Leatt makes great moto apparel so it is really no surprise. I think this stuff looks great. Their full face is actually starting to look good too!
  • + 2
 Cruising with a full face on a hardtail with a fixed post. I can get behind that style!
  • - 1
 Why would they have a T-shirt with the continent of Africa outline and the South African flag in it? You realize South Africa is just one country on that entire huge continent? Ugh when I traveled to South Africa last it was hard enough explaining geography to some dumb Americans who think all of Africa is basically one country without people perpetuating the notion. They all thought I was going to die from Ebola going down there. Sigh.
  • + 1
 Std stuff looks normal no funky design and colours just good ole MTB colour and design stylish not PJdipish**h!
  • + 1
 Kick ass design!! I like all of these!! Kind of rare for an entire line of clothing Smile
  • + 0
 The last picture on this article walking a HARDTAIL up a hill with a dinner plate size cassette, just sad. Here's an idea, 2X!
  • + 1
 I've got their D3O knee pads and they're absolutely spot on. Awesome bit of kit
  • + 2
 How I'm supposed to complain about the prices if you don't post them?
  • + 1
 Judging their pricing policy from their neck braces they should be around 1000USD per piece...
  • + 2
 super stoked,just want more info on the helmets
  • + 2
 TLD Shorts and Leatt Shirts.... ?
  • + 1
 now we have to think about which bike to this combo?
  • + 0
 @BartDM: 1993 Breezer also known as the sh*t bike
  • + 1
 @MMOF: that would be nice team:-)
  • + 1
 do they make these clothes in hefty boy sizes?
  • + 1
 they went full assasins creed with the 4.0 jacket
  • + 1
 Still waiting for a review of their convertible helmet.
  • + 2
 Not cheap
  • + 0
 Style has no price.
  • + 1
 The jackets fit really funky, was excited until I tried the fit
  • + 1
 Where do they find these invisible clothes models?
  • + 1
 The waterproofing chemicals used causes cancer, but hey you look good!
  • + 1
 looks dope!

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