Leatt Step Into the Shoe Market with Options for Clips and Flats

Mar 2, 2020
by Daniel Sapp  
DBX 5.0 Clip


Leatt have long been known for their clothing, pads, helmets, neck braces, and other gear, and today they're stepping closer to their goal of being a complete "head-to-toe" MTB and moto brand by adding shoes to the equation.

Leatt's shoe line features two flat pedal models, the DBX 2.0 and 3.0, and then the DBX 4.0 and 5.0 are designed for clips. The shoes are available in sizes US 6-12, UK 5.5-11.5, EU 38.5-47, and sell for between $89.99 and $129.99 USD.


All of the shoes feature some similar technologies that carry over between models. The Ridegrip sole compound is made out of a highly durable NBR rubber blend that is abrasion and puncture resistant. The tread utilizes Leatt's "Waffle Grip" pattern and mud channels to help clear mud and aid in both on and off the bike traction.

Clipless models allow 25mm of adjustment overall and, specifically, 15mm more towards the rear of the shoe to help optimize it for gravity riding and lessen strain on the Achilles tendon. The cleat box and cleat nut are recessed on clipless models to help keep the sole of the shoe in contact with the pedal body. The shoes are compatible with shims to give more adjustability in this aspect.

There are three different shanks throughout the line. The 2.0 uses the softest version to allow for both on and off the bike comfort. The 3.0 has a medium stiffness and the 4.0 and 5.0 clipless models have the stiffest option that gives maximum pedaling efficiency.

The lining and footbeds are anti-bacterial, anti-odor, and are designed to dry quickly. The toebox is perforated with a 10k/10k waterproof and breathable membrane. On the DBX 5.0, the upper is also a 3-layer 10k/10k waterproof and breathable membrane.

The laces on the shoes are designed to help tighten up the shoe and retain tension in all conditions by not stretching. There are elastic bands to stow away the laces.

Bike Connection Winter - Cicalino - Massa Marittima - Italy - Photo 6Stili - 6stili - www.luigisestili.com
DBX 5.0 Clip - Photo 6Stili - 6stili - www.luigisestili.com


DBX 2.0 - The DBX 2.0 is designed to be a casual looking shoe that is also comfortable and well-ventilated for riding. It has a medium-stiff sole by utilizing the soft shank that gives control on the bike but also allows walking around with ease. It sells for $89.99 and is available in three different colors, Black, Blue, and Grey.

DBX 2.0 Flat - Photo 6Stili - 6stili - www.luigisestili.com
DBX 2.0 Flat - Photo 6Stili - 6stili - www.luigisestili.com

DBX 3.0 - The DBX 3.0 carries over the same tread pattern as the 2.0 but with a more aggressive platform. The shoe utilizes a stiffer shank and more padding on the tongue and raised inner sidewall for more aggressive riding. The DBX 3.0 sells for $99.99 and is available in green and grey colors.

DBX 3.0 Flat - Photo 6Stili - 6stili - www.luigisestili.com
DBX 3.0 Flat - Photo 6Stili - 6stili - www.luigisestili.com

DBX 4.0 - The DBX 4.0 is made to be a comfortable yet performance-oriented clipless shoe. Its shank is the stiffest in Leatt's line, and the same as the DBX 5.0. It is quick-drying and well-ventilated for all-weather riding. The cross-strap system is designed to help the shoe stay tight on the foot and give riders more control on the bike. The DBX 4.0 sells for $119.99 and is available in two different colors, black and blue.

DBX 4.0 Clip - Photo 6Stili - 6stili - www.luigisestili.com

DBX 5.0 - The DBX 5.0 is Leatt's highest performance clip shoe. Carrrying over many of the features from the DBX 4.0, the 5.0 has a speed lace system in addition to the cross strap system to give riders more adjustment. The DBX 5.0 sells for $129.99 and is available in black.

DBX 5.0 Clip - Photo 6Stili - 6stili - www.luigisestili.com

For more information, visit www.leatt.com


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 Why is it that only the clip shoes have lace covers? Are flat pedal riders mysteriously less likely to get their laces stuck in the chain? Is there something I'm missing?
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flag dirtybikejapan (Mar 3, 2020 at 1:24) (Below Threshold)
 All of them have a strap to hold your laces.
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 Why do clip shoes get speed lace systems and flats don't?
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flag SLBIKES (Mar 3, 2020 at 3:18) (Below Threshold)
 @Ktron: why do you call them clip shoes when they are clipless shoes? No one use clips anymore.
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 @SLBIKES: because we’re older than you
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 Because one is a re-marketed skate shoe, and the other was specifically designed for bikes. Who knows, if our sport becomes super popular one day some skater might be asking on their forum why only the "fancy" skate shoes have those holes on the bottom.
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 In this case, clipless shoes have the Velcro straps to help keep your foot secure in the shoe. So when you pull up on the pedal, you foot doesn't lift off the sole of the shoe. You don't need that with flat pedals...would be nice to have though.
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 @chrisrobin: my laces have always handled that job just fine. Maybe the strap gives you more consistency.
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 Shame the flat pedal options didn't get the same level of detail and investment as the DBX 5.0. People who ride flat pedals might like some features like Boa speed lace systems, straps etc. Looks like we'll just need to keep waiting....
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 Agreed - seems to be a weird assumption that flat pedals = laces only by all brands.
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 @Karve: shimano gr9 -speed lace, grippy , lace cover , light weight ,raised ankle . The only thing I don’t like is available color , but my kit always looks like I’m color blind so it’s ok.
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 @climber72: My experience with the very similar AM9 is that the speedlaces last only a few months before snapping when worn in abrasive dusty environments, so I ended up running regular laces before long anyway. They don't last any longer, but they cost 1/10th as much.

Also the information card cautions against getting them wet! Sure enough, the lace covers tried to turn inside-out.
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 Am I the only one who wants flat mtb shoes with a lace cover and adjustment strap?
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 Why can't any of these brands making a lace-up clipless shoe put a ratchet strap on the shoe instead of the doubled back Velcro? Velcro doesn't hold up to water and mud particularly well. Ratchet straps work very well. I know a ratchet strap would be more expensive, but it'd be so worth it. Lacing and then having to feed a Velcro strap is an unnecessary annoyance. I own a pair of 5.10 Hellcat Pros and the Velcro strap is a pain in the butt to deal with. They'd be perfect with a ratchet strap, or I suppose a BOA would work too. Didn't care for the Kestrel though...
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 Does the Shimano ME7 fit the bill?
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 @boozed: The ME7 is close. It doesn't have quite the street shoe appearance of the Hellcat Pro, it has that weird neoprene ankle sock thing, and it still has that little bit of Velcro for the big lace cover. I do however like the ratchet strap on the ME7 and the speed lace system. The sole of the shoe is definitely in no mans land. It doesn't like quite like a street shoe or a hiking boot, but it also doesn't look quite like a bike shoe either...still preferential to the 5.10 sole, although those ME7 lugs do look like they'd be grippy.
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 Gonna give the 3.0 a shot. I love the FRP but hate that for $160 I have an elevator shaft in the sole after just four months of riding.

Also - I'd like to see a solid black version of all riding shoes by every manufacturer. WTF
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 I got my pair of 3.0 and rode them for the first time yesterday. These are less like the Sam Hill five tens and more like a freerider pro with a few additional features. I run DMR Vault pedals and these shoes don’t grip. At all! The pins just float in the pockets of the sole. The shoes are definitely hot. The laces are a nice touch as they definitely will not come untied, but whatever makes them work also keeps you from being able to tighten the shoe around your foot easily. Truthfully, I feel like I wasted $100.
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 What I find ironic is that flat pedal riders want straps and speed lace type system and Leatt is marking their clip shoes with the Leatt Rider doing the footstamp wearing the clip shoes while riding a bike with Shimano flat pedals...

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 Love that they have waterproof/breathable fabric on the toe boxes. Here in the PNW in the winter, that's kind of a big deal. My 510 freeriders are great in the summer, but during the winter the water/mud/wind can get my toes pretty cold and wet.
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 You know waterproof/breathable is just marketing language, right? You really can’t have both.
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All too aware unfortunately.

But the 10k/10k rating for the waterproof and breathable claim actually gives a lot of information.

Basically, the shoes are “fairly waterproof, and pretty breathable”. And much better than wearing a garbage bag over your socks.


I was mostly trying to say that the 510 freeriders are good shoes, but they are like a sponge, and the toe box is completely open/mesh. This can be a bit cold and wet during the winter here.

I’d expect these to do a heck of a lot better at keeping your feet dry in the same conditions, even if it’s not perfect. So I may check them out after my current 510s wear out.
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 @Rudy2455: Actually you can. Water molecules are larger than air molecules. As long as the membrane in the shoe has porosity that keeps water molecules out then it is waterproof. Water vapor molecules are smaller than those of liquid water. Hence if your feet sweat the water vapor coming off your feet can exit through the membrane. Of course the clincher here is what threshold counts as breathable? It is definitely hard to have a well-ventilated shoe that is also waterproof. Waterproofing inherently restricts that amount of air flow that can pass through a shoe. For some a Gore-tex shoe is sufficiently breathable, but for others that are prone to hot feet or high levels of foot perspiration, a Gore-tex shoe would seem too airtight.
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 @SuperHighBeam: You’re talking about something that’s much easier to achieve with tee shirt fabrics than with shoes. I just think in general when people make demands like waterproof/breathable or durable/lightweight or even full of features but cheap we’re kind of encouraging marketing teams to start lying to us. I’d be happy if a company said well this is our lightweight version, but don’t expect it to last as long as the heavy one, except we’d rip that company to shreds.
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 @Rudy2455: You make a good point. Shoes are inherently more complex to make. You are also right in that companies know that the more "features" they can market the more valuable their product will be percieved to be. Now with that said not all fabrics are created equal. There are some lightweight fabrics are that are considerably tougher than heavier ones. That's all about material science. Heavier does not necessarily equal good or durable. Historically that was true, but that was also derived from strictly natural rather than manmade materials. There is also the factor of price sensitivity. The general populous has expectations for what things should cost. When they cost less we're either excited or inclined to scrutinize the quality. When their more expensive we're inclined to think we're getting ripped off. Now the next thing is that a lot of development costs go into apparel and footwear these days that are intended for some sort of recreational activity. That makes those items inherently more expensive than casual wear. At the same time we're not all rich and cannot afford Arc'teryx level items in all facets of active life. We can tolerate some level upcharge for added features (over casual wear) but there is definitely a sensitivity point and that largely correlates with income and budgetary distribution of that income.
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 i see no reasons to change from my current 510 to these ones. . . .. .. and to reiterate, they don't have lace cover. ..... pretty meh, if you ask me. .. .. not even the colors are cool .. ... ..
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 Would buy the DBX 5.0 if they made them in flats. Giving the flats shoes less features doesn't make sense to me. They're also not easy on the eyes...
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 All of my Leatt gear to date has been absolutely phenomenal. I've been waiting to replace some worn out SPD shoes and these look perfect.
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 I like the 3.0
But ditch the breathable water proof? Stuff. On shoes that instantly get caked in mud. Please no mesh up top just solid to keep the dirt out.
Price is decent.
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 Finally another brand that actually understands waffle designs. I've had to complain enough times about inferior patterns
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 These shoes look best on the market, most rearward cleat position without the need to use a dremmel.
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 another company who makes the clip shoe designs so much better than the flats!
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 Am I the only idiot here that can't figure out the speed lace system on my DBX 5.0 shoes? What do you do with the extra foot of laces?????‍♂️
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 Because they can sell more because adults usually wear the same size
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 BTI had these listed in their online catalog, but no size 13 baker’s dozen was listed so I am out of luck
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 too bad clip less don't look more like flats
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 'Steps' I to the Shoe Market... Haha I see what you did there....
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 Why is everybody just making shoes in kid's sizes? Frown
  • 13 1
 Kids are the future, man
  • 1 0
 Your kids have size 47 feet? I'm sure the nearest circus will pay a pretty penny for them.
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  • 5 6
 How bout some larger sizes. We're not all midgets.

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