Leatt Introduces 2019 Outerwear

Sep 14, 2018
by Leatt .com  
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We've just released our brand-new weather-resistant DBX gear line designed for fall/winter conditions. Overall, that's 18 styles, including three different jackets, one waterproof short, one windproof jersey and gloves. Available worldwide within the next couple of weeks.

All of them will come in three colors: Black, Ink-blue and Ruby-red, with decent tonal logo branding, some being reflective.


The 5.0 gear set offers the highest level of coverage in the outerwear line and both the jacket and the shorts are made of HydraDri four-way stretch material. HydraDri is a new a three-layer fabric developed exclusively by us that offers maximum comfort due to its flexibility and it has 30.000mm/23.000g/m² waterproof/breathable properties.

Trail amp Freeride around Mt. Etna Sicily
Trail amp Freeride around Mt. Etna Sicily
5.0 jacket details

The DBX 5.0 jacket design include a new patent-pending Magnetic Hood System. This unique construction is made up of four magnets. Three are sewn in the jacket (between the shoulders, at the back and on top of the hood, close to the visor panel), and one additional magnet with adhesive tape can be stuck to the helmet. The Magnetic Hood system allows you to either fold the hood back and out of the way when not needed, to keep it in place while riding, or to fix the hood securely to your helmet ensuring that it stays fixed on your head, even when riding at high speed.

Trail amp Freeride around Mt. Etna Sicily
New magnetic hood tech
Magnets, they are magic

The DBX 5.0 shorts have a tailored fit with a seamless seat that moves freely on the bike. The 3D-shaped knees further avoid snagging during pedaling, even when you wear knee protectors. The all-weather 5.0 jersey completes the gear set with Windblock arms, chest and sides yet the back is completely breathable with a moisture-wicking material. Finished off with a dirt, water, and stain resistant fabric coating, this gear set is ideal for some of the toughest weather conditions.

Trail amp Freeride around Mt. Etna Sicily
Trail amp Freeride around Mt. Etna Sicily
5.0 shorts & jersey details

DBX 5.0 jacket: $199.99/€199.00/£179.99*
DBX 5.0 shorts: $119.99/ €129.00/£114.99*
All-weather 5.0 jersey: $74.99/€74.99/£66.99*

Trail amp Freeride around Mt. Etna Sicily

DBX 4.0 Jacket

Trail amp Freeride around Mt. Etna Sicily

Constructed from a soft-shell, four-way stretch material with a dirt, water, and stain resistant coating, the 4.0 jacket will shield you from general bad weather. Offering a tailored fit, the jacket is windproof, breathable and has adjustable front and rear ventilation. It also features our new Magnetic Hood system and shoulder/elbow Brush Guard to keep your backpack in place. The 4.0 jacket retails for $139.99/ €139.00/£124.99*

Trail amp Freeride around Mt. Etna Sicily

DBX Jacket 2.0

Trail amp Freeride around Mt. Etna Sicily

The 2.0 jacket is the lightest in the outerwear bike line – so light and compact that it folds up into its own chest pocket! It is still tough, however, and is made of a four-way stretch 5.000mm/5.000g/m² waterproof/breathable material with a dirt, water, and stain resistant fabric coating and X-Flow mesh inner lining. We still calls it a wind jacket, because the fabric might be waterproof, but the seams are not tape sealed. It is also equipped with the same Leatt Magnetic Hood System. The 2.0 jacket is priced at $99.99/€99.99/£88.99*.

Trail amp Freeride around Mt. Etna Sicily

2.0 Windblock Gloves

Trail amp Freeride around Mt. Etna Sicily

This glove’s Windblock upper will shield your hands from colder weather, whilst the super slim MicronGrip palm will give you great handlebar feel, excellent wet and dry grip, and it is touchscreen compatible. The palm is further reinforced with silicone grip print and the upper with microinjected 3D Brush Guard on the pinky and knuckles, offering abrasion resistance. These gloves retail for $34.99/€34.99/£31.99* a pair.

*US retail prices exclude VAT and EUR/UK prices include 20% VAT



  • + 9
 Those shorts are way too short. Maybe they should be designing shorts so that they're long enough when you're actually sitting on your bike rather than standing around. It's a bit uncivilized to not cover the top part of your pads - and if you can't do that standing then you're going to have a serious gorby gap when riding.
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 my first thought too. i think the model is tall, and i know alexsin is way tall, and i'm tall, so who knows. maybe on shorter guys....
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flag ShempHoward (Sep 15, 2018 at 1:58) (Below Threshold)
 DBX - Douche Bag Xtreme for todays Euroduro rider.
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 He doesn't look happy either Big Grin

Just like bike frames (thankfully we now have proper XL frames from some brands), manufacturers really need to think about taller guys. I think they should offer options with different inseam lengths, not just waist. Like on jeans you normally get different combinations between waist and length.

I'm 195cm (6.4ft) and find most mtb shorts too short, i.e. hardly (or not at all) cover the top of my kneepads when seated.
  • + 2
 @jamesbrant: I don't think the model is that tall. I get that I'm the 1% here fit-wise but even the model looks like he's wondering why his shorts don't cover his pads while he's standing.
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 @InfraRed: Or at least mark the inseam length in their specs so you can make an educated choice.
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 and also... people that ride in actual cold and wet conditions are better off with some good pants. Who wants soaked knee guards and mudded down legs and socks on every ride. Please start making more lightweight, durable and waterproof plants please. A simple wish from north of the dusty and dry wherever most companies design gear at
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 Great, if you want to look like a teletubbie
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 A wet one at that. 5000 gm waterproofing is pretty bad for wet weather wear. You'd stay dry for about 10 minutes on the Wet Coast of Canada.
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 Looks like the models are wearing one size too small to actually ride in. the blue shorts in the left pic look like they would rip out the ass if he sat on a bike...and he looks mad about it! haha
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 The hidden gem of the Leatt lineup is the airflex pro kneepad. Not in the article, but pictured. They're amazing.
  • + 1
 Love the whole Leatt range. I would suggest trying stuff on before criticising the "look" on the model.
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 Hunting season is a thing. Please, could fall clothing come in at least one orange colourway?
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 Reasonable pricing on those jackets that look dialed.
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 Leattgo my Eggo.
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 Shorts , shorts , shorts for cold wet climate riding. Where are the pants?

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