Leatt's New DBX 3.0 Helmet is More Affordable & Full Featured

Apr 2, 2019
by Daniel Sapp  

Leatt's new DBX 3.0 DH helmet has many of the same features as the higher end DBX 5.0 helmet but sells for $189, roughly half the price.

Leatt have integrated their 360-degree “Turbine” technology into the new DBX 3.0. The interior of the helmet is lined with discs that move 360-degrees and also absorb energy. Leatt claim that these little discs help with the reduction of rotational acceleration to the head and brain in the event of an impact along with the absorption of energy on impact that can cause a concussion. Leatt say their testing shows a 30% reduction in concussion level head impact forces and a 40% reduction of rotational energy from the discs.

For the new helmet, Leatt has also reduced the overall size and volume of the outer shell, citing that the smaller shell aids in decreasing rotational acceleration to the head and brain at the time of impact in a crash and thus, increasing safety.

The helmet features a fiberglass ASTM DH certified shell, neck brace compatibility, and cheek pads that can be removed in the event of an emergency. The visor is also made to break off in the event of a crash to further reduce rotational forces on the head. The helmet is certified and tested to AS/NZS 2063:2008, ASTM F1952–10, EN1078, CPSC 1203 standards.

The helmet weighs about 1160 grams (2.5lbs). That's not the lightest out there but it's certainly not the heaviest- for comparison, Bluegrass' Legit helmet weighs 1100 grams and costs $250. Bell's Super DH weighs in under 900 grams but, it's also a hundred dollars more expensive at $300 so for the price, it's certainly competitive.

The DBX 3.0 is available in four colors; Black, Stadium Ink, Stadium Ruby, and Steel. It comes in four sizes with two different shell sizes. The helmet has a Dri-Lex liner which is removable and washable. For closure, the helmet uses the Fidlock magnetic closure system.

Leatt GBX Shooting 2019

We've seen several new full face helmets lately, all with each of their own technologies to help mitigate traumatic brain injuries. Again, it's good to see yet another helmet companies pushing their technology as much as possible and using current research and data to make riding safer for everyone. In the case of the DBX 3.0, it's exciting to see the technologies from a higher end helmet offered in a more affordable package.

For more info, visit Leatt.


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 Nice, but I like to feel the impact when I fall on my head
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 YES. More of this (pricing)
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 Would love to see a 3rd party comparison of all these helmets - which one is best in terms of safety when it comes to factors XYZ
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 Well yeah, this is something many of us have been calling for for a good while. I suppose the difficulties are that helmet manufacturers don't even agree on what the most harmful types of impacts are and maybe even what real life impacts are like. So I can imagine some manufacturers would be disappointed that something they've been working on will not be tested or the tests are conducted in a way very different to what they designed their helmets for. That said, I couldn't care less about the latest developments in suspension, saddle or dropper post tech. But with all these new insights in the consequences of concussion and ways to prevent them a good helmet is well worth the money. It is just that we're hungry for an objective way to compare them. I'm hugely confused by the mud throwing of MIPS vs Wavecell.

But it really is difficult, I get that. Someone from Kali often comes over to the PB comment section for a healthy discussion (so props to them for that) and it is just that so much is still unclear. For instance tests are being conducted on bald crash test dummies. I've got quite some hair which is also said to be effective as a slip layer, it is just that no one ever got to test it. Also because hair is so different between people. I for instance expect every helmet to slide a good bit over my head except for maybe the ones with Wavecell which may actually grip my hair (which I haven't tested). Of course the Wavecell would still deform but is it more than I'm already enjoying with a standard helmet? It is a can of worms and still, I agree it would be great if someone would pop it open and sort it out.
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 I recently thought to myself how insulting it that helmet companies give test results to us as if we're too stupid to know that every crash and impact is different anyways. I give Leatt a lot of credit for selling us on the technology and not trying to pass off worthless test numbers as evidence.
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 Do they publish any of the testing or studies they've done that show the discs do anything?
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 Naw, but MIPs will if theirs works better...
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 I had to check this out because the graphs they included don't make any sense (why would the largest rotational forces be found at lower speeds?). They do have a white paper on the website (www.leatt.com/product_uploads/white_papers/TURBINE_WHITE_PAPER.pdf) which explains some things.

Turns out the x-axis should actually be time in milliseconds, not speed in m/s. Good job marketing department.
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 @Crossjamin: I though people only fact checked the internet on April 1st.
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 last year unfortunatly i've tested how this system works in practice... it works very well! Smile
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 @Crossjamin: lower speed more rotation, higher speed bigger impact & shear effect
Along them lines
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 Leatt takes pride in fact based innovation. If you have a read on their website, there will be some documentation on the studies/tests conducted.
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 Finally some actual tech in a product which doesn't have a golden price tag
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 I'm currently running a Bell Full 9, that's a few years old (4?), now I love the fit of this helmet and was the primary reason I purchased it. how does this helmet compare to what I have and can anyone comment on the fit of this vs the Bell.
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 Not sure why people would downvote you without responding, but your best bet is to try them on since everyone's dome is shaped different.
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 I really want a Fox Proframe, but for one thing it probably won't fit well (I tried on like every helmet ever before I found my half shell that fit); and number two, I'm too cheap.
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 got a dbx 5.0 v10 the other day, way too small. i think this is a common problem with them so make sure you try before you buy.
(fyi i was well within the size range for it)
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 Looks like a Rampage! Wink
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 First! Nice brain bucket it even looks good.
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 How much is more affordable? I only see the price for two competitors' helmets.
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flag spinko (Apr 2, 2019 at 12:25) (Below Threshold)
 More Affordable, but no pricing to be seen? More Affordable than what?
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 but sells for $189, roughly half the price

Tells you in the first three lines.
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 @poah: Please take your common sense elsewhere. There's clearly no room for it in the PB comments.
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 @poah: those first three lines have been added in after it was first published and mookmeister did the proofreading.
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 @onemind123: Would be nice if, when PB edits an article, it states the time and day somewhere at the bottom or top of the article. More than once I've seen people be taken for an idiot (by means of downvotes) whereas they were actually very helpful to Pinkbike to correct their articles.
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 @vinay: Thank you.
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