Video: Lego Mountain Biking Behind the Scenes

Oct 23, 2014
by Devon Brown  

Lots of people have asked to see a behind the scenes look at what went into making Lego Mountain Biking, so I put together this video to shine a little light on the process.

Thank you all for the support over the past couple of weeks! It's been pretty awesome reading all the comments on Pinkbike and elsewhere on the internet. To know that it's been inspiring both the younger and older folks to get stoked about mountain biking means the time I spent making it was totally worth it!


You can check out our Facebook page for more behind the scenes pictures and to see what we're up to next.

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 +1 for Lego Rampage!
  • 13 1
 YES! please make this happen.
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 And don't forget to add a couple of nasty crashes!
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 ratboy can speak.
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 Lol ^^
  • 34 1
 Lego Norbs will probably get robbed
  • 4 1
 Check the original video he already got robbed
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 Man props for putting this together. WAY more work than I thought...
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 Man I have thousand of questions but I figured I will not ask. Instead just want to say, Asewome job. Keep up the creative work.
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 Enjoyed the original video and good to see a response for the behind the scenes part. I would like to see a downhill looking bike incorporated in a vid with a lot of MTB humor puns. Keep up the good work cause I can see a true filmmaker in you.
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 So chill and down to earth, so much creativity. Got a lot of people stoked with your video, I knew there had to be some meticulous work behind it!
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flag PedroVieira (Oct 23, 2014 at 20:25) (Below Threshold)
 I think he's just high...
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 my 3 boyeees (3 e's cause they're triplets) have been making Lego movies with grandpa for several years now... story lines are often nothing but silly babble -- and they sure as heck are not as organized -- they have Lego crap all over the basement floor even though I set up several storage units for them to use.... I'll have to show them this video that's for sure. great work.

I should send you a Pshop commercial to make using a bike theme Lego movie
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 Lego rampage maybe?
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 That needs to happen.
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 Thought I recognized Dennison's hand in this as well. Brilliant piece of work and amazing patience and perseverance to film this. Is that what Canajuns do in winter if they don't ski, snowboard or sled?
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 Haha I'm a ski instructor so I ski pretty much every day of the winter. Making stuff like this just comes down to time management. It's a big juggling act to make these animations and do everything else in life.
  • 2 0 reading Pinkbike and responding to a comment by little ol' me! Thanks! Now get back to filming legos before the snow flies.
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 OK first of all you probably mad one of my favourite videos on youtube/pinkbike. the choice of song helped a lot as well!
Secondly good f*cking job! It takes a lot of Talent and patients to make videos like that.
Finally, I really hope you Keep making Lego Videos like this one. The Comedy and everything in this was perfect!!
I cant say I have a suggestion on what you should make because I would personally like it to be a surprise. Makes things more exiting for me while I wait Razz
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 The best thing I ever did with lego was build a car and push it down the stairs.
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 I know how to build a Star Wars death star from one of those box thingies...
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 Well done - thanks for sharing your inspiring process!
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 Awesome job, thank you for sharing!
I think you should do more of these, like for example an #enduro video or a dh worldcup video... Smile
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 Playmobil have suspension and turning handlebars for barspins and tailwhips and no kick stand to get in the way when the trail gets gnarly. I do like the smaller scale of lego for building more stuff.
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 Major talent
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 Amazing work Devon. Keep doing what you love!
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 My son, a budding mountain biker, watched it approximately 20 times on the way to school. Great work!
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 Wow that's a lot of time and patience!! Good job man!!
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 Upvote for lego rampage.
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 So awesome!!! Maybe some old school new world disorder sections done in lego!
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 You are my new mountain bike hero. Impressive work but I watched it several times.
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 you should do a skiing lego movie!!
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 mucho work
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 That's soo rad!
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 Great video, cool work!
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  • 2 1
 Too much time on his hands... But respects that's really cool..
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 No expensive equipment just tonnes of effort and dedication.
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 wooooooooooooooooooow!!! Great work!!! Thanks!
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 Great job. Can't wait to see what you do next.
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 I could build a whole bike park with the time spent on that video
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 Amazing balls!
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 Lego joyride
  • 5 6
 I want to see some Enduro riding
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 Agree. Some epic mtns and alpine.
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 hahaha the sound of his voice he certainly just smoked a big joint
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