Les Gets Inverted, Best Trick - Crankworx Les Gets 2016

Jun 19, 2016
by Nathan Hughes  
Les Gets

Escape from dismal and depressing weather related conversation has been nigh-on impossible to avoid all week here in the French Alps, and for good reason. Big, black, thunder clouds have wreaked havoc on the good times and with yet more on the radar, today the running of the jewel in the Crankworx crown - the slopestyle event was brought forwards to make the most of a forecast clear spell. The acres of black tarpaulin were peeled back at 8am to expose the perfectly manicured, albeit overly fresh track underneath; a track that until the Friday of this week, had never been ridden.

A deluge the day prior had left the track a little damp, and despite the crews’ best efforts to fix the issues on track, the riders' tires were filling with dirt, slowing them down and compromising their grip on the huge obstacles facing them. Besides anything else, track time before the big show was at an all-time low before a diamond FMB event and everybody knew it. After 2 hours of delays it was put to a rider vote, and a majority decision determined the competition cancelled in the name of safety and concerns the best runs would be impossible to throw down.

Not wanting to disappoint the expectant crowds in attendance or at home, the riders put on a best trick competition on the bottom hit of the slopestyle course. A huge buzz built around the action and there were rumours that Semenuk might be about to unveil his whip-to-tailwhip that he premiered in his latest edit. While those hopes never materialised, we were treated to some wild maneuvers, not least Thomas Genon’s flat-spin tables, oppo cork 7s from Brett Rheeder, oppo cash rolls from Bizet and the one and only 'twister' by Nicolai Rogatkin.

Window Intro
Mud Shoe
Church Landscape
We awoke to much brighter skies than expected, but there was the feeling that it was all just too little too late.

Semenuk ride or die.
Brandon hiker
Semenuk just warming up.
Semenuk just warming up; a true ride or die kind of guy.

We re getting symmetrical with Yannick on the last wooden feature of the Les Gets slopestyle course.
Getting symmetrical with Yannick Granieri on the enormous wooden feature of the Les Gets slopestyle course.

Sending the step up.
Brandon sending the step up. No chance of him ending up with catch of the day.

Chilled before the big show.
Bicycle hero of epic proportions, Ryan Nyquist, chilled before the big show.

No amount of sun was ever going to clean this mess up.
From the get-go, riders seemed very reluctant to get out for some laps... No amount of sun was ever going to clean this mess up.

The weather creeps in.
The skies also continued to threaten to kill the show stone dead as practice went on.

Reeder pringle
Brett Rheeder cleans the 'pringle'; a feature riders only had their first attempts on yesterday.

Rheeder B amp W
After his 3rd place in NZ, Rheeder was pushing hard, looking to secure an upgrade this time round all through practice.

Les Gets Inverted Best Trick Crankworx Les Gets
Messere smiles in anguish whilst spotting the walk back up to the start.
Les Gets Inverted Best Trick Crankworx Les Gets
Anthony Messere's amplitude knows no bounds.

Rheeder bail.
Rheeder confused.
Brett looks sad whilst sitting upon the whale tail awaiting rescue.
With the whale-tail run-in modified with boards to avoid the soft dirt halfway through practice, Rheeder misjudged his speed and over-shot massively on the step-up, taking a heavy hit and damaging his bike. He then had to sit it out until he could be rescued with the ladders.

Tommy G awaits the verdict on whether the slopestyle will be on
Rogatkin with crew
Waiting for the call...
Crouching dragon hidden tiger.
The riders vote
The slopestyle finals start time was continuously pushed back as riders waited, hoping either it would dry up or rain again to help determine the best course of action. In the end, it went to an 'eyes closed, hands up' vote from the riders as to whether finals should proceed.

The view from the run in.
Coming in hot; the view from the sender at the end of slope course that would now host a 'best trick' contest as a compromise.

Tippie spreading the stoke and good vibes for the competition after a tough morning full of safety concerns.

Nyquist signature style
The signature style of Nyquist as he hand drags the snowy Portes du Soleil peaks.

Logan Peat s backflip no hander.
Logan Peat's backflip no handers were a thing of beauty.

Brett Rheeder with an opposite cork 720
Brett Rheeder's ability to execute insanely clean 720s in both directions is truly unreal.

Nicholi Rogatkin on his warm up run was already trying for his signature Twister.
Nicholi Rogatkin going gargantuan....
But he came up a bit short and landed right on the deck.
But perhaps not quite gargantuan enough as he somehow landed on his feet right on the deck.

Les Gets Inverted Best Trick Crankworx Les Gets
Tomas Lemoine was out looking to build on his growing reputation as a top flight slope athlete.

Tomas Lemoine boosting.
Lemoine boosting a tuck-no-hander 360.

Genon tail whip
Genon pusher
Thomas Genon ads a bit of flair tho this spin.
Thomas Genon's 360 table was nothing short of absolutely nuts.

Nicolai delivers the goods in front of Ryan Nyquists bike.
Nicolai Rogatkin delivering the goods with a cashroll in front of Ryan Nyquist's bike.

Semenuk ready
Semenuk, mid goggle ritual.

Semenuk jump into the impending storm.
Throwing down a beauty of a flip-whip below the impending storm.

Graniere dish
Granieri takes on the dish/pringle on route to the best trick jump. With its mountainous backdrop, it was kind of made the wrong way around for photos... Next time Les Gets!

Rheeder pushing the amplitude envelope.
Brett Rheeder pushing the amplitude envelope on the quest for some blue sky of his own.

Messere whale flip
Messere no stranger to going absolutely massive
Anthony Messere's no stranger to going absolutely massive...
Messere portrait.
...never has been.

Szymon Godziek threw down the first crazy trick of the day with this backflip cliffhanger.
Szymon Godziek threw down the first insane trick of the day with his well-extended backflip cliffhanger.

Les Gets Inverted Best Trick Crankworx Les Gets

Bizet looking moto coming out of the oppo cashroll.
Bizet first time going for the oppo cashroll.
And so nearly getting it...
Antoine Bizet all smiles when he finally stuck his best trick after a few hard slams.
Antoine Bizet hit the deck multiple times with some hard slams, but was determined to get his oppo cashroll dialled for the French crowds.

Les Gets Inverted Best Trick Crankworx Les Gets rogatkin
Polish superstar, Szymon Godziek, flipping up onto the woodwork.

Rheerer pushes II
Rheerer pushes
Rheeder oppo cork 7
Rheeder went out to land corked 720s in both directions and he got them both perfect.

3rd place for Reeder.
3rd place for Rheeder. Not 2 bad, you might say.

Bizet dish
Bizet drops in hoping to finally nail his oppo cashroll at the last opportunity.

Bizet pefect
Bizet finally nailed it pefectly.
Bizet finally landed it silky smooth.
Bizet celebrates

Bizet interview.
Never one to disappoint the fans, Antoine pulled out all the stops here in Les Gets for his fellow countrymen and women...

Soggy underfoot
A reminder of what has kept the build crews and organizers up each night since the mountain bikers of the world rolled into town earlier in the week.

Les Gets Inverted Best Trick Crankworx Les Gets rogatkin
Les Gets Inverted Best Trick Crankworx Les Gets rogatkin
Rogatkin dish
Eye of the tiger for Nicoli Rogatkin coming over the whale tale one last time.

Rogatkin shows the French crowds the twister in all its glory this afternoon.
Rogatkin, shows the euro crowds what has become his signature 'twister' in all its 1080 glory this afternoon.

Brandon Semenuk watches on as Rogatkin takes home the win.
Brandon Semenuk watches on as Rogatkin takes home the win.

Rogatkin deservedly taking the win.
Absolutely pumped to land the 1080 once again and destroy the competition here in Les Gets.

Rogatkin, Bizet and Rheeder your Crankworx Les Gets Best Trick 2016 champs.

Les Gets Inverted Best Trick Crankworx Les Gets Rogatkin
Les Gets Inverted Best Trick Crankworx Les Gets rogatkin
Rogatkin booze.
Nicoli getting a deserved head start on the party in town tonight.

Sunset Ender
Big thanks to all the athletes and organizers for doing their utmost to let the show go on against the odds.

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  • + 48
 You know what,Semenuk should have gone for that whip to tailwhip thing....
  • + 8
 probably my favorite trick to watch ever at this point
  • + 17
 @pinkbike so how do the overall standings and such work now that there was no slope event?
  • + 14
 Why the hell do the "medals" have snowflakes on them?
  • + 13
 It's the Les Gets logo
  • + 2
 @ash2000: Ahh! That at least makes a little sense. Still seems like a poor choice for a summer event...
  • + 5
 Let gets is mainly a snow sport resort i believe.
  • + 3
 @lostlunchbox: the logo is a sun and a snowflake ,so covers both seasons
  • + 1
 Les Gets Bike Park logo would have been more appropriated.
  • + 7
 Dont forget The Double backflip no-hand made by Toto! !!!
  • + 7
 Bizet dot robbed! The opposite cash roll was the best trick!
  • + 1
 *got robbed
  • + 26
 *rot dobbed
  • + 19
 *hot gobbed
  • + 14
 *took jerb!
  • + 4
 riders were voting if they ride finals or not? Must have been like xgames, just the canadians would ride .......
  • + 5
 Rogatkin is insane, well to be fair they all are. Great photos.
  • + 2
 Rogatkin's trick was stellar. It was a ballet dance between man and machine in the air. It was one of the most amazing things I've ever seen anybody do.
  • + 2
 holy shit that was next level
  • + 1
  • + 1
 Those checks don’t look nearly big enough. (The amount paid I mean.)
  • + 1
 too early in the year to have cw here
  • + 1
 Amazing set of photos from all involved!

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