Lewis Buchanan Parts Way with Forbidden as a Frame Sponsor for 2021

Dec 7, 2020
by Ed Spratt  
Lewis Buchanan Forbidden bike

EWS racer Lewis Buchanan has announced that he won't be riding for Forbidden and will have a new sponsorship deal in 2021.

After quickly pulling together his own collection of sponsors for the 2020 season that included riding Forbidden frames and testing out their new prototype enduro bike at the EWS, Lewis Buchanan has revealed that he will have something more long term to ride in 2021 and beyond.

There is no word on where Lewis is off to next and whether he will be joining a factory team or continuing with his group of sponsors. While he doesn't mention what form his new deal will take he does say he should be able to share more in January.

Lewis Buchanan full send on stage two.

bigquotesIt’s been a fun time riding on Forbidden frames but I will not be riding them in 2021. I had a fun year of shredding and learning a lot from running my own deal that I was able to build on a lot. Proud to feel like I built the brands profile and awareness massively as well as my own. Stoked on what I was able to achieve and pretty excited on 2021. Can’t say anything on my deal for 2021 but I was after more of a long term thing and I’ll be stoked to share that news with you sometime in January! Thanks to all involved with me this year Lewis Buchanan - Instagram

We'll keep you updated with more news from Lewis as we get it.


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 He provided a lot of value for Forbidden. I hope he leveraged that to get a great deal for himself in the upcoming year(s).
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 Thanks for that! I appreciate it! Have a good day!
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flag willdavidson9595 (Dec 7, 2020 at 10:49) (Below Threshold)
 He looks like he's about to cry in the picture, I would too.
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 @lewbuchanan2011: your the one that brought my attention to forbidden man congrats hope big things coming for ya!
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 @willdavidson9595: no that’s him trying to keep a straight face after watching footage of your riding. ????
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 I agree, I have gone from not knowing of the brand at all to lusting after expensive high pivot carbon. This is directly from watching your vids up Inners testing the new ride Lewis. By the same token I own a supreme DH after a certain french man and his Les Gets helmet cam run, aint marketing a bitch
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 @Ryanrobinson1984: Bruh... from after leaving Forbidden you Ned. Forbidden bikes is a sweet company.
Obviously I meant no disrespect.

Keep it legendary Lewis!
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 He sure was a big part of what convinced me to order a druid. After seeing what he was doing on that bike I realized that 150/130 would be more than enough for me. Looking forward to what is next for him!
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flag goflowz (Dec 7, 2020 at 8:55) (Below Threshold)
 thats just marketing, like every other previous model years are suddenly obsolete coz they came up with the latest and greatest. not just forbidden
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 @goflowz: Eh? How does that relate to a Druid being capable?
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 @goflowz: Does Forbidden even do model years?
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 "After seeing what he was doing on that bike I realized that 150/130 would be more than enough for me"


Watching him chase Danny down fort william on a trailbike was insane. LB is a class dude and wish him well in 2021!
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 I have mixed feelings about this. Sure, you can do a lot on a shorter travel bike, especially if you're a good rider. I'm not. Go look at the new Stumpjumper launch video. Cody Kelley is hitting sketchy doubles in Park City on a 130mm flex pivot bike like they are nothing. I've hit those jumps. It took me multiple tries to work up the courage to hit them, and that was on a DH bike.
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 @hamncheez: I don't think the travel of the bike makes big doubles any more or less easy though? Although granted, more travel makes it easier to get away with poorer technique in general.
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 @joshdodd: Yes, I have poor technique.
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 @hamncheez: I'm slowly trying to work my way up to poor technique.
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 @joshdodd: I find it to be more forgiving and almost a safety net, ill say the only reason I’m not in a wheelchair right now is because 180mm saves me when I f*ckup
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 @subwaypanda: that certainly is honest
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 Being a pro athlete is about so much more than just seeking sponsorship from the bike company you like the most. These guys are negotiating their livelihood. I put together some hypothetical situations below. I doubt these are even remotely accurate numbers, I'm not privvy to what a pro's contract looks like... but I thought it's an interesting discussion.

If you were to quit your job and all of your income to race EWS full-time, which of these hypothetical options would you chose?

Option1: You get to ride your #1 favorite frame, any brand. You get two free frames a year, and $20k to cover travel and race fees. You're on your own to secure drivetrain, suspension, protection, and apparel sponsors. $5k bonus if you podium.

Option 2: You get to ride a great bike, but not your all-time favorite bike. You get two complete bikes per year for free, plus $40k to cover travel and race fees. You have to have a weekly instagram post using provided hashtags promoting your sponsors, as well as targeted Instagram posts for product releases and news from your sponsor. You're on your own to secure drivetrain, suspension, protection, and apparel sponsors. $5k bonus if you podium.

Option 3: You have to ride a bike you're not in love with, but you get to be on a full team with full sponsorship for gear, protection, apparel, components, a mechanic is provided, etc. You are required to run the team gear. So if they're sponsored by 100%, but you're an Oakley guy, you're wearing 100%. You have to have a weekly instagram post using provided hashtags promoting your sponsors, as well as targeted Instagram posts for product releases and news from your sponsors on release date. You get $60k/year. $10k bonus if you podium.

Which would you choose?
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flag CantClimb (Dec 7, 2020 at 9:27) (Below Threshold)
 I didn't read that far.....
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 @CantClimb: can’t read
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 Option 3, easily. The amount of time saved not figuring out travel, sponsors, etc. would be so beneficial for your career and personal life. Also more pay. I'm also not super particular about most parts so that makes it pretty easy for me to decide that. I am not huge on SRAM brakes and drivetrains but I wouldn't have an issue getting paid to ride those parts. I wouldn't have some moral dilemma promoting a brand that allows me to ride bikes as my career on a social media platform even if it wasn't my first choice if I was purchasing it myself.
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 Very well written. These guys are all so good that #3 becomes "ride a perfectly capable bike and have more financial security." How could you not choose #3? The only thing that would keep in in #2 or #1 are the people, but even then you eventually may not care if you're poor.
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 Double post...
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 Another vote for Option 3. It is a job, not a hobby, and being fully taken care of as a professional athlete leaves you to take care of training and recovery. In my book those are the two most important factors.
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 This is the exact scenarios riders deal with... You're talking about factory level support at #3, and i don't think there's a rider out there who wouldn't take it. Once a rider has a bike dialed in, the differences are fairly minimal. Just look at Gwin - he's won on everything... errr, other than Intense.
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 I just imagine that at pro level, the bike is just a tool they use to do their job and all are more or less are capable of getting the work done.
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 @shredddr: give it time. Injuries are making people think the bike is incapable or something.
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 I'd pick option 3 but I don't think that's an easy deal to land!
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 @hardtailparty - which of the options includes permission to run Sharpied-out Maxxis tires?
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 @DMal: You have to win a few races for that privlege. Wink
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 So, Option 3 is the GT option?
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 I’d got one college or trade school, work hard, play hard, and have fun while doing it.

f*ck doing what you love for money, that’s a fools game.
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 @nurseben: I truly feel you.
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 Option 3, with one condition. Chemistry with the people already on the team. Do you want to be the next Jack Moir on his last year at Intense?

And I am confused with option 2, if you get a complete bike, why do you still have to look for drivetrain and suspension sponsors?
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 @rifu: with option 2, you at least get a complete bike so you don't have to buy parts, but you aren't required to run them. none of those component companies are paying you. If you want to go out and secure different payment contracts for apparel, suspension, drivetrain, etc, you're welcome to, but at least you have a complete bike to ride and you don't have to buy parts.
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 Please tell me it's the Donut....
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 Alright alright i'll do it. Send me those frames, if you must Big Grin
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 He really was the centre piece for forbidden last season. Especially throughout the UK and Europe, he showed how capable their bikes were for the Eastern world. Interesting to see them part ways with him so soon, definitely didn’t help with how this years gone and with him not having the best of seasons with some bad results. Next year will be sick and I can see him doing very well at the Tweed Valley EWS no matter what bike he’s on.

Good luck lad
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 Oh man, bummed and stoked at the same time! Lewis has been putting out amazing content and the Druid is definitely up there on the list for my next bike. Good luck to both him and Forbidden!
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 Not really a surprise, I cannot imagine Forbidden having deep pockets for factory riders seeing how small they are as a company.
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 Yup the work Lewis put into his youtube channel was ace....must be hard not being in a team....look forward to the new news. Get after it dude
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 Forbidden bikes look awesome and would be a top choice for me, a lot of that has to do with the exposure Lewis has provided. I can understand wanting a long term contract with a larger team that provides full support though! Good luck Lewis and Forbidden!
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 I didn't know about Forbidden until Lew started riding them. He did a great job with brand awareness and showing the bike's capabilities. Good luck on your next thing.
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 Uh oh.....I was a die hard Ibis fan and when Lewis left Ibis to ride for Forbidden I tried one and fell in love with it. Ah well.....new years present?! Massive props to you Lewis because you have definately helped put Forbidden on the map and proven the tech around the high idler system.

Ibis EWS didnt work out so well and CVD has sucked but would have loved to have seen a full season from Lewis on the Druid. Good luck King!
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 I have so much respect for pro athletes. I'm stoked to hear Lewis got what appears to be a better option for him in 2021.
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 Atherton endure team.
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 oh man where will I get my druid POVs now???
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 Bcpov Not quite the same. But literally Druid AND POV.
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 Nooo!... I am viewing all his posts and videos recently as I'm also considering Druid or maybe that new enduro prototype as I still have two kidneys.
So Lew, if you don't need it any more, maybe you consider a dream bike giveaway? ????
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 The way the bike in the foreground was positioned had me look at the druid differently when clicking on the link. Initial thought was, I've heard of people hiding motors in bikes but that Druid straight up has an exhaust!
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 tough blow for forbidden, the bikes look great and I want to buy the long travel model when its released but I need to know that it is race proven as thats what I use my bikes for. having someone ride the bike in races at a top pro level is crucial to its development. having someone like lewis who not only races but uploads video content of test shakedowns that explain how he sets the bike up is invaluable for me. there are many downhill and enduro bikes over the years that ride amazing for most applications but dont race well and I'll absolutely spend the money on something race tested and proven rather than try to find out myself.
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 @lewbuchanan2011 you have absolutely added value to Forbiddens marketing. Your YouTube channel was a massive influence in me buying a Druid.
All the best in 2021, consider me a fan ????
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 Tweed Valley Rumours Association is going to have a field day with this????
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 Yeah such a fun rider and style for Forbidden, just as exited to see who they have next.
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 Glad he was able to get a quick sponsorship the way he did after he got dropped by Pivot. Druid looks to be an awesome company, and I really wish I could afford one lol. Hopefully onto a full factory team this next year!
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 I was on Ibis before Forbidden. And they didn’t drop him because he was bad, it was because of other issues to.
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 **he was on ibis
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 @archiesgm: Ah I completely got the two confused. Didn't mean to imply he's a bad rider either! Buchanan's vids are a ton of fun to watch.
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 he is evolving very fast and he is fast as hell Lewis keep it up Smile @lewbuchanan2011
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 Calling it, Hes going to Atherton Bikes. They have been pushing the marketing heavilly lately
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 The pandemic has not been kind to small companies like forbidden... If you're thinking about buying one, do it!!!
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 Um all their stuff is sold out. No one is having issues selling bikes right now.
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 Dream bikes for sell dudes !
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 Best of luck LB! Enjoy watching you bomb wet tracks
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 Deviante now?
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 Forbidden is forbidden.
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