Video: Life Behind Bars Season 3, Episode 5 - Coast Gravity Park Laps

Jun 17, 2014
by Red Bull Bike  

Brandon returns home after wrapping shooting on “Rad Company” and is joined by R-Dog , Logan, Inty and Jeff Herbertson for some laps at the new Coastal Gravity Park. Brandon and Logan session the new indoor BMX park in Brandon's yard and the boys team up for a game of BIKE on the mulch jump.

For more info on the film ‘Brandon Semenuk’s Rad Company’ visit

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 Wont Back Down and Life Behind Bars in one day? Pinkbike you're too kind!
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 That's exactly what I thought too!!
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 Sweet! It's actually my birthday, too! Thanks PinkBike! Happy Birthday Peaty!
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 @shrockie: Happy birthday for yóu too mate!
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 I'm just happy that RedBull player is 1080p now!
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 does any one else find that red bull player takes a really long time to load?
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 Ask Me Anything request: The Intern
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 add on Rad Company and Pornhub clicks will drop by 50%.
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 didn't have access to pinkbike for 24 hours.... AND THEY SHOW WONT BACK DOWN IN THOSE 24 HOURS. kill mysel
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 Is it just me or does anyone else think these episodes are better than Rad Company?
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 Yeah, I think that this episode was more entertaining than most of Rad Company.
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 hope not.,.....
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 Unfortunately I think so. I SOOOO excited for Rad Company that I bought it the minute I heard it was available on iTunes. Needless to say I think it was one of the biggest letdowns I've experience with bike films. Sure the riding was fantastic as always (what do you expect, it's has Aggy, Matt Miles, Semenuk, Zink, ect), but the overall presentation, filming, soundtrack (songs were great, just not really fitted to the riding), and the excessive slow-motion shots kinda detracted from the whole experience.
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 I totaly agree with arkon, super excited after seeing the trailer and then bought it and prity disappointed. I think if they didnt do this series as kind of a 'behind the scenes' and put alot more of the goofing around in the actual video it woulda been much better.... minus fake rain and fog
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 Can't please everybody apparently
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 I quite enjoyed it , great riding and filimg , good music but excessive slow-mo , not such an anti-climax as Where the Trail Ends though:P
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 I liked Rad Company, but I agree I do like the episodes a bit better. I think it has more of a fun side like doing random shit etc
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 Go watch rad company again, but remove the blind fold this time
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 cant agree with you more jberg18, rad company was the best thing ever, classic banger NWD filming and music along with the best riding I've ever seen.
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 I'm surprised people have been disappointed with Rad Company- I thought it was amazing. I have to agree that the use of slow mo was a little excessive and the rain section is just self-indulgence on the film-maker's part... but apart from those small things it was stunning. Oh, I would have liked to have seen more from his house and yard because that was one of my favourite sections from the Inside Out. I don't think Rad Company is as ground breaking as Seasons, but we're in a different era now. I still loved it.
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 Took 5 episodes to see Intern.. We want more intern.
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flag shrockie (Jun 17, 2014 at 15:13) (Below Threshold)
 He's like the Chum Lee of LBB.. Side character with a good following! Stoked to see CGP segment. Looking to hit it this year.
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 hes under recognized, the amount of work he does behind the scenes is huge. hes like what ratboy is to "this is peaty", of lbb.
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 I wish i could do a game of bike with my friends and just be like: "oh, just a flip"
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 I was so excited about watching Rad Company for the 20th time that I completely forgot that another LBB episode was being released today!
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 Can we have the youtube player back?
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 If I wear a white jersey and it gets muddy or I take a spill there's no effing way to get dirt stains out of the white fabric without bleaching the colours out. Yet Semenuk's is always so fresh… he either gets a lifetime supply from TLD or has figured out the secret MTB detergent secret...
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 My guess is a lifetime supply.
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 semenuk crash? naaah
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 To the people who said Rad Company was a "Let Down" You are ridicules. Rad Company had the best MTB riding out of any movie made up to this point, (for this type of riding). The riding in every section was unreal. Just to list off a few of the things that Happened through the film, oppo whip to reg whip bar, tuck to bar to can, a few cork 7s, one off a stepdown. A unreal natural gap done by James after a rowdy face line. One of if not the biggest drop to natural landing by Cam. Oh and FIJI. If you think any of this is a "Let Down" you guys are very spoiled, and should go make you own movie.

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 That train on red dragon tho....
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 I am the only one, who think The Coast Gravity Park have to fix this berms after this guys smashed it so hard!
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 Not really, they're built super solid. Rode there that day when these guys filmed it(yaay got 0.275s shot in LBB!), there was hardly any wear on them trails. Stoked to go back this weekend!
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 This LFB season is the best, long episodes, sick riding. Smile can't ask for more.
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 No comments Smile very very good video.
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 cant wait to see them at highland.
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 Speaking of Highland... Does anyone know if Brandon will be competing at the claymore challenge?
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 awesome episode. and if that's a Merc Mog truck it's anything but ghetto.
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 During a period of revisions and test,an episode of Life Behind Bars is like a lighthouse in a dark ocean!
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 semenuk is a whole other level...marketer,world champion level shredder,producer...awesome stuff...
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 No comments on him having an indoor park in his yard? His yard is like paradise now. Can't understand why he even leaves his house anymore
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 Ride stallion ride. You're gonna drink my cum.
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 I think that some people are a bit bored about Rad Company 'cause a lot of things that are in the film have already been seen in LBB...
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 Goddam 6hey just have too much fun...haha!
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 crazy train
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 choo choo !! What a train !!
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 I was praying that the train would not derail because that would be one massive pileup.
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 Who else wishes they had Semenuk's life?
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 It's crazy watching Brandon ride BMX; I could go to my local skatepark and see people pull those same tricks. But then you put him on a slopestyle bike and he's one of the best in the world. Cool video
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 that was the sickest train ever
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 The beginging is so fucken sick
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 great vid but the redbull player is garbage
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