Liv Announces 29" Aluminium Version of their Intrigue Trail Bike

Aug 4, 2020
by Sarah Moore  

I rode the 2019 Liv Intrigue when it launched in Squamish almost two years ago, and now the company has introduced an all-new version of the Intrigue with shorter travel, bigger wheels, and adjustable geometry. The Intrigue and Intrigue Advanced remain in the line with 27.5 inch wheels while two models of the Intrigue 29 are added in aluminium.

The Intrigue 29, Intrigue and Intrigue Advanced share in Liv’s 3F design philosophy and Giant’s Maestro suspension technology, however, the Intrigue 29 features a 140mm suspension fork and 125mm of rear suspension while the Intrigue and Intrigue Advanced offer 140/150mm of travel.

The Intrigue 29 also features a flip-chip which allows the rider to adjust the geometry. Riders can choose a high or low position to make the headtube and seattube angles steeper or slacker, and the bottom bracket height higher or lower. Depending on preference, riders can change the headtube (+/-0.7 degree) and seattube (+/-0.8 degree) angles steeper or slacker, and move the bottom bracket higher or lower (+/-10mm).


The Intrigue 29 is available in small, medium, and large sizes. The geometry does not accommodate a size XS frame with a 29-inch wheel. The Intrigue Advanced and Intrigue are each available in XS through size large. The Intrigue 29 is compatible with up to 2.5-inch tires while the Intrigue and Intrigue Advanced are compatible with up to 2.6-inch tires

bigquotesThe Intrigue 29 was designed to be a hard-charging, versatile all-mountain trail bike that can tackle techy singletrack and aggressive terrain with ease. Now featuring 29-inch wheels and a flip-chip that allows riders to quickly adjust the geometry of the bike to better suit how and where they ride, Intrigue 29 is the go-to trail bike for climbing up or rolling over anything.Ludi Scholz, Liv global off-road category manager

Key Details:

• 29-inch wheels, compatible with up to 2.5-inch tires
• Tubeless wheelset and tires
• Boost hub technology
• Flip-chip allows the rider to adjust the geometry
• Trunnion shock mount
• Giant’s Maestro suspension technology (140mm suspension fork and 125mm of rear suspension)
• Advanced Forged Composite linkage
• Liv’s all-new Sylvia saddle
• 1x12 drivetrain
• Two new models: Intrigue 29 1 and Intrigue 29 2
• Intrigue 29 2 starting at $3000 USD

The Intrigue 29 will be available worldwide this summer. Learn more at


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 Updates to be announced for the Trance 29'er, in 5, 4, 3........
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 @GLOB-2018 Trance X 29
  • 5 2
 If you checkout giants USA website the new 2021 reign and trance models are on there.
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 @chwk: Next priority of Giant/Liv bikes I would think would be the Hail 29er. Trance 29er is still relatively new.
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 @chwk: first place I went - was disappointed, no change on the '21 Trance 29'er.
The travel and geo (touch short on the TT) on this is a better proposition IMO than the Trance 29'er - and a great gender neutral colour too.
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 @GLOB-2018: Just wait for the Trance X, 150front/135rear, longer reach, around a 65.xx head angle if I recall correctly.
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 @GLOB-2018: I don't think the Trance is too far off the mark.. Compare the numbers to a Tallboy.. 1 degree steeper on the HA and only a little slacker on the SA..

But, as others have mentioned, the new Trance X fills the gap between the Trance and the Reign 29... Should be a nice bike..
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 @gnarnaimo: they are axing the hail. Only the mens reign now.
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 @Angu58: Well I am confused as to what the hell they are doing then..
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 @gnarnaimo: No more 27.5 enduro bikes from giant or liv. the trance 27.5 should be around for a bit, though.
pretty weird strategy. I know someone who works with giant, but is pretty short, so is now riding a Santa Cruz, because Giant won't make any bikes to fit her, that have more than 120mm of travel.
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 @Angu58: That´s BS, there´s still even a 27,5 Reign and Glory on the 2020 lineup. Plenty of travel there.
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 @pumpjumpnflow: the Trance X is on the Giant Canada site now. Looks good
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 @JohSch: 2021 lineup is the one being released for this year. No more 650b long travel for women, and only the glory for men, with no 27.5 reign.
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 @PhillipJ: This comment aged like fine wine
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 @ranchitup: Or maybe cheap wine... aged in a day!
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 Aluminum frame, Fox suspension, full SLX group, Shimano hubs, 4 piston brakes, 30mm rims and great Maxxis tires. This is a great all around spec for most. $3k
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 Aluminum is so hot right now
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 How Intriguing, and at a price point that’s much easier to Liv with.
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 They've certainly Piqued my interest with this one!
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 It's interesting that s flip chip adjustable geo appears on the Liv line of bikes before they are available on Giant branded bikes. A Trance with adjusts me geo would be great.
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 27.5 and 29 Intrigue look to be a better frame than the Trance.
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 @gnarnaimo: Yes indeed. I meant to type "Adjustable Geo" up above not adjust me geo lol But yes, Looks like the Trance is now 1 version behind the Liv bikes. A modernized trance would be nice. 66 degree angle when steep, 65.3 when slack, a bit longer TT, and shorter ST to run longer dropper posts. Maybe next year. They may be using the LIV as R and D for new designs
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 @gnarnaimo: check out the new trance X, its on the Giant site now, looks awesome
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 @arrowheadrush: OH SHIT!!! just looked at it. Take my Money NOW! I would preer the trance 27.5 with some of the updates, But I would take the Trance X 29 right now if it was available. That is all usable angles and suspension. Maybe I will wait to make my purchase once this is out.
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 @arrowheadrush: Oh yeah, it looks like a really good option for an all mountain 29er.
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 The Anthem vs. Pique, Trance vs Intrigue and Trance 29 vs Intrigue 29 - > Liv´s always the better engineered bike with better geometry and nice features, they should simply make them in bigger sizes for mens and all would be fine
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 THE TABLES HAVE TURNED *diabolical cackling*
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 So weird, almost like all of us have been bitching about how shitty carbon is and how much we want good aluminum bikes.
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 Its not that we bitch about carbon. Its just that there is cheap carbon like Canyon or YT. Then there is overpriced carbon like Santa or Yeti. Sometimes no in between. Because build spec or something hinders the mid tier builds. But aluminum is that Ol Faithful.
Theres a lot more people entering this market with a lot more capabilities to reach the top of the mountain (or bottom) in a decent fashion. And even veterans of the industry want this. Aluminum is the “it will suffice as long as the parts are nice.” Because really (aside from the suspension design) the parts do the talking on how a bike rides. Better riding bike, bigger smile Smile
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 Carbon isn't shitty at all. It's just $$$. I have broken 4 aluminum bikes, one steel since riding MTB from 94 to the present. I haven't broken a single carbon frame including my 2 year old DH bike after 3 Whistler trips, and 2 Trestle seasons. On my 3rd carbon trail bike now.
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 I've owned 14 Giants (incl. replacement frames). My aluminum Trances, Reigns, STP and even the ATX980 was fine. My CFM3 was fine. I cracked 5 carbon Anthems in a row, and the Al swingarm of an Anthem. My carbon Trance (which was a warranty replacement for an Anthem) didn't crack but I didn't have it long, so not a true test.

This bike looks great, seems great value, and is thankfully made of aluminium.

Don't blame the material, blame the manufacturer. My Scott Spark and Spark RC, with their flex stays, never showed any sign of trouble under the same rider in the same terrain with FAR more miles on them.
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 @iamamodel: You realize Giant makes those Scott bikes?
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 @gbones: True, but to Scott's specs. And your experience with both brands is...?
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 It seems whoever can get 2021 bikes here fastest will have an advantage, considering most major brands are sold out of all stock.
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 Just bought my wife the Liv Pique 29 2! Awesome value for the parts spec!
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 POV: your here to look for anything about the grim donut
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 Got a proper length dropper on those bikes yet?
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 Love the Liv colorways, please trickle up to Giant models
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 Looks like a Trance
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 Are those effective or actual top tube lengths? Seems very cramped for the listed sizes. More like XS, SM, MD, LG.
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 Er, not sure why I wrote LG. Thats a typo.
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