Liv Cycling Announces New Intrigue E+ Trail Bike Series

Oct 6, 2020
by Sarah Moore  

I recently rode Liv's new Intrigue Advanced Pro 29, and now the brand has updated the eMTB version, the Intrigue X E+. The Intrigue X E+ has 140/150mm of travel, uses Giant’s Maestro suspension technology, features flip chip adjustable frame geometry, suspension tuned for women, and has a Yamaha SyncDrive Pro motor. It comes in two models, the Intrigue X E+1 ($5700 USD) and the Intrigue X E+ 2 ($5200 USD).

The Intrigue X E+ is built using Liv's 3F design philosophy and is available in XS, S, M and L sizes. XS frames come with 27.5-inch wheels, while S-L frames come with 29-inch wheels.

Yamaha SyncDrive Pro motor
The SyncDrive Pro motor features assist modes that range from 100 to 360% of a rider’s effort. Range depends on terrain, elevation, acceleration, weight and other circumstances; Liv says that, when fully charged, the battery can last up to 190km before recharging.

The new EnergyPak Smart 625wh battery is integrated into the downtube of the ALUXX SL-Grade aluminum frame, and offers a sleek look and easy removal and insertion for charging, replacing and storing. The Intrigue X E+ also comes with a smart charger for longer battery life and fast charging.

The Intrigue X E+ series includes a handlebar-mounted RideControl Ergo that allows the rider to adjust riding modes with two key data indicators – battery level and support level. RideControl Ergo also provides Smart Assist Mode that provides pedal assistance when and where needed and a Walk Assist feature that offers appropriate power for walking the bike over varied terrain.

Other Spec Details:
Intrigue X E+ models are equipped with a 1x12 drivetrain, hydraulic disc brakes, dropper seatpost, a new and improved chainstay protector and Liv’s new Sylvia SL E+ saddle. Intrigue X E+ is available with Boost hub spacing and added tire clearance (up to 2.6-inch). Additionally, Intrigue X E+ models feature tubeless wheelset and tires.

The Intrigue X E+ will be available worldwide this fall. Learn more at


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 Whoa, comin’ in hot!
  • 5 2
 hard no
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 472mm chainstays!! wow thats by far longer than anyone else. When is someone going to leap frog the big S!?..not Giant!
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 Is it ironic it looks like it's pregnant? !
  • 27 3
 why does all giant Ebikes looked like they took it out of the oven too soon ??
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 Shrink it and pink it and call it a Women's model. So transparent
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 Well, more like pink it. A Liv Large is the same as Giant Large for frame sizing.
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 @Janes28: Isn't it purple?
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 This is the least intriguing thing I’ve seen all year. Burn it before it lays eggs
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 It's too late, they've already hatched.
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 Longer range than an entry-level Nissan Leaf, and just a tad cheaper too! Electric vehicles have come far the past couple years.
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 53lbs. Yikes.
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 Spec details:
- 1x12 drivetrain
- hydraulic disc brakes
- dropper seatpost

I don't recall having seen this as "spec details" before in any recent Pinkbike article.
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 -1x12 drivetrain
-hydraulic disc brakes
-dropper post

This applies to about 99% of the mtn bikes sold these days...
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 @ObyGobyWanoby: Yeah, but for a mountainbike website this is a really refreshing take on giving spec details. No one cares about brands and groupsets anyway. This is what you'd probably read when someone tries to sell you a stolen bike, but for a mountainbike website this is uncharted territory.
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 I’m amazed that amount of sexist comments on every other ebike release is equal to this one.
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 happy wife equals happy life
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 472mm, far out, someone call the chainstay police
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 Yea the chainstay is longer than reach in every size. Quite common on E-bikes unfortunately.
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 reminds me of those longtail hillclimb motorbikes
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 It's a motorcycle. They measure rake instead of head angle
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 What's a suspension tune for women? Genuine question. If a woman is the same size, weight and ability as a man, why would the suspension need to be different.
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 That motor sits soooo low surely its prone to getting smacked !!!
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 Not as bad as you would think. It hasn't been an issue for me but I've seen others break stuff by smashing it into rocks
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 I thought womens specific bikes have been debunked?

My gf wouldn't be caught dead on a "women's" bike. Then again she's 6' and rides a size L currently.
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 What is it all you haters are afraid of with ebikes? You might actually have fun on one but be some how less a man? heavier bike, goes faster equals more effort to handle.

Why are you afraid to watch EMTB and see the extreme climbing and check out the uphill flow in Europe? Same ride, same effort but the climb is faster and more fun than before. ebikes are the same as bikes the same as the bar. you decide if you want to get hammered or not.

It is fun to watch you piss and moan exactly the same way hikers and environmentalists did when mass produced MTBs started rolling into the woods. Difference is you're hypocrites. You better get out of the way you're going to get run over just like they did. Will you start booby trapping trails too?
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 Seriously, you'd run me over? Am I the enemy? What the f*#k is the world coming to.
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 @SoddenDeath: You'd have to be quite an a*shole deliberately blocking the trail instead of letting faster riders pass if it came down to it. In my case I always let faster riders pass but too many a*sholes out there let their egos or self righteousness rule.
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 I love how they don't list the weight in this article or on the Liv website... I doubt my wife wants a 45-50lb bike...
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 It does have a motor.
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 Let her ride one and then decide, have your cheque book ready.
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flag friendlyfoe (Oct 6, 2020 at 22:44) (Below Threshold)
 LoL if it means she doesn't have to work to get up the hill you might be surprised
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 Then she's really gonna hate a 53 pound eBike!
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 Too bloated. The Giant design team will do a collective face palm when they see Orbea's Rise Ebike.
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 190 km range!
  • 2 1
 Over drive, to make your life painful whan you're about to swap a fork
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 Man I love ebikes gamechangers keep these articles coming pinkbike
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flag cirque4 (Oct 7, 2020 at 10:43) (Below Threshold)
 Devolution of the ride.
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 The xs isn’t even the same bike.
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 This bike has vary nice chhhrum, I like!
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