Liv Release Lurra Value-Focused Hardtail

Feb 7, 2023
by Henry Quinney  

Liv, the sister brand of Giant that specializes in women's bikes and equipment, has released its new hardtail, the Lurra.

The bike uses 27.5" wheels for the small and extra small sizes, and will have an additional 29" option for small frames, with the medium and large bikes only being available with the large 29" wheel size. With a 130 mm fork and a dropper seatpost, this bike hopes to give a lot of downhill performance for value-focused hardtail riders. That fork is coupled with a 66-degree head tube angle and 438mm chainstays. The bike also features a 76 degree seat tube angle, to help weigh the front end on climbs.

Reach figures range from 393 to 443 mm from the extra small to the large sizes to give quite a tight spread of sizing options.

The 66-degree headtube angle is paired to relatively high stacks for each size, meaning steep trails should be easier to navigate.

Wide stays will provide plenty of clearance.

The Lurra 2 model, which features a 10 speed Deore drivetrain, will have a retail price of $1,500 USD.

The Lurra 1, which goes to a 12 speed SRAM system, will sell for $1850.

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 Pinkers rejoice! Revel in the alluring beauty that is a straight top tube, thy bends are banished, the curves are culled. May it receive the muddy blessings of the MTB gods. May it bring glory to its rider, and may all who gaze upon it shit their pants in envy of the linear tube!
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 It's like they saw that Ibis press release and said "yeah, now's our time to bring this out"
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 Hey Ibis: look how a "not so fancy" brand can make a simple yet beautiful bike (with a straight top tube)
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 Every ibis is ugly.
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 @RonSauce: they are ugly. They ride so well though!
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 Looks so much better than that Ibis hardtail
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 This is just an all around great bike. Giant is going to demolish other brands in the value category with this one. Every other bike company should be taking notes. This bike costs roughly 4 rain jackets.
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 Giant would have demolished the other brands except that the other brands have been making entry level hardtails with decent geo for 10 years now!
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 @PhillipJ: Giant would have demolished the other brands except that Giant has been doing the fabrication for most of the other brands so it’s not really in their business interests to do so.
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 Iirc though canyon's grand canyon starts around $900 with a Deore 1x12. More XC geo but phenomenal value
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 @Mannra: but the Canyon has a steel non adjustable Suntour fork. It is the alloy/air Crest fork that is the winner. Unfortunately entry level MTBs normally have terrible steel forks.
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 This Lurra and the Giant Fathom are more in line with semi affordable NICA bikes. Nice job!
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 If your sense of masculinity is solid then great savings can be had buying women’s version of bicycles as often they are identical to the more expensive men’s version. Especially on the preowned market women’s bikes are much cheaper. This applies to skis as well.
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 Especially on the resale market. In college I scored a Scott Genius Contessa, which was probably 30% cheaper than equivalent male models. Only difference was that it had a tiny bit of pink on the seat stay and a lighter shock tune, which was fine because I weighed probably like 130lbs at the time. The colors on that bike were sick. Saturated blue with a hot pink accent. I got colored cables to match.
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 not true... "lady driven" claim on marketplace is automatically adds 20% to the price
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 @valrock: lady driven seats do command a price premium.
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 This only took forever considering the amount of Giant Fathoms I've sold
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 One could question the necessity of a women’s version. What’s actually different in a meaningful way?
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 @notthatfast: I don't know if Liv bikes are any different to the men's, but yeti/beti, specialized and Juliana bikes were the same frames. Usually its just turquoise paint, narrow bars, a women's saddle. Most women I know hate how all women specific outdoor clothing is only turquoise, pink or something similar.
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 @felimocl: this frame is distinct(and better) than ton the current fathom. Hoping giant updates the fathom too!
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 @notthatfast: its not the color its the sizes that matter. The Liv smallest women's sizes in the past are much smaller than the smallest men's size. For smaller women that really makes a difference. I am big and fat and male but have been told that by people that have been looking for very small bikes enough to believe it.
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 @ratedgg13: I could be wrong here but this appears to be the same tube set as the 2020 and newer fathom with the same kit and geo?
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 @JACOBC: Similar but different. Slightly updated geo (different STA, chainstay length, etc), and big changes to frame mounts. Old version has slightly dropped seat-stays which look awful IMO. All minor changes, but I think they add up to a much better bike for entry level.
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 @ratedgg13: I see the slightly updated geo now, if you look at a size small fathom the seat stay and top tube are in line but the difference apart grows on the larger sizes. Still good to see liv release their version.
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 Nice looking bike! My daughter and her fiancé bought a Giant and Liv last year for $800ish each and they love them. They are the typical beginner, entry level, on and off again riders (20ish rides a year) and those bikes are prefect for them. Together, they make a nice living and could have afforded something a lot nicer, but I steered them to what I consider the right tool for the job and they both love their bikes. Giant seems to get it.
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 I like how they flare the top tube where it meets the seat post (like the Fathom). Depending on how good Giant's house brand fork is the Lurra 2 looks like a nice value. Too bad the reach on the XL is almost 2" too short for my wife.
  • 6 0 next DJ frame...
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 This looks much nicer than that expensive Ibis bike. Geo looks alright for a hardtail as well.
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 I might buy this for my little sister!
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 Looks awesome.
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 It's a pitty there is no geo chart anywhere on their website for this bike. I'm looking for a new bike for my daughter and no geo chart and spec list makes it hard to compare.
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A little scroll down and you get everything you asked for!
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 if there was one would you even trust it?
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 They may have been agonizing over this, but to me it appears like the front to rear center has a bit of a forwards bias. Maybe for seated riding it will work well and you'll probably not loop out on the climbs, but for standing and for steep descends you may loose the rear end a bit too easily. I agree with most of you here though, the bike does look nice.
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 Brava Liv! Looks great.
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 Ok Giant, but now please give us the new Stance!
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 Nice bike, nice price. Ibis should take note.
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 That's just a Fathom for girls!
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 But that curve in the down tube --- the horror!!!!!
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 Welds scream out walmart bike ! No bead at all top of seat stay junction. Toothpaste weld underneath. All ground down to hide crappy fat welds .
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 I’ve never seen welds like that on any bike, “ toothpaste welds “ describes it perfectly.

I wonder where this made, not Taiwan as they have some of the best welders in the biz.
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 Looks like a Vitus.

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