Replay: Sun Peaks Downhill - Crankworx BC

Sep 24, 2021
by Pinkbike Staff  

September 22 – October 2, 2021, Crankworx B.C. will bring some of the world’s top pro riders together to compete at some of the province’s top mountain bike destinations.

With events closed to spectators, we've got your front row seat right here:

 Thursday, September 23: Specialized Dual Slalom Sun Peaks (replay here)
 Friday, September 24: Crankworx Downhill Sun Peaks
 Monday, September 27: CLIF Speed & Style Kicking Horse
 Friday, October 1: RockShox Pump Track Challenge SilverStar
 Saturday, October 2: Title Slopestyle @ SilverStar Bike Park

The Slopestyle contest will be the second Crankworx FMBA Slopestyle World Championship (SWC) event of the season. The new course at SilverStar has been in the works since the summer of 2019, combining the vision, creativity and muscle of Brett Rheeder and Matt MacDuff.

Learn more about Crankworx BC here.

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 Anything under a hundredth of a second in swimming, with time pads, is considered a tie. It's just too close and there are too many variants for it to be considered fair. .005 should just be a tie. That is less than 1CM
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 That's called racing
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 Sitting at my computer at work with a live DH race from BC going on in the top corner of my screen. Nothing wrong with that Will be checking out the Psychosis race in person on Sunday for sure!!
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 +1 to that though I confess today we skived off to Whistler Bike Park as my nephew had a pro-d day at school. Dual monitors were invented for the purpose of office sport viewing. Especially for surfing which routinely takes place during the week, whoever conditions are right. A real pro gamer move is to befriend your IT staff and get them to give you one of the old smaller monitors no one wants, as a third display for this purpose.
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 From the course preview, it doesn't look that bad. All you have to do is sit there and stare at some water droplets for a few minutes, and then boom! You made it to the bottom of the course!
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 The footage doesn't do Sunpeaks enough justice. Trails like Insanity One, Honey Drop and Gnarboom will HELLA keep you on your toes at any speed. Same with lesser aggressive trails like Creeper and DH. Very steep, very fast, VERY FUN.
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 @danielfloyd: pretty sure @SpecSRAM got it but wants to share his love for Sunpeaks since whistler gets all the international attention - makes me wanna plan a trip!
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 @deaf-shredder: SP is my favorite place. It's a well-traveled resort but in my opinion, highly underrated - although there are only a couple freeride/jump trails in comparison other places. Steam Shovel is a pretty sick FR/jump trail but you purely go to Sunpeaks for the high speed, techy, chunky gnar.
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 @SpecSRAM: I purely go to Sunpeaks for zero lift lines. Out of my last 50 days there, maybe 4 had lines.
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 What??? Mt 7 for the DH. i can't wait. I helped build and maintain( mostly ) that course back in the day, even raced it a few years. and got to see Sam hill and the pros have a blast of a time..fuk ya. I am going to have to make the trip to watch and ride it once again...
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 Ohhhh, frig man. Mount Seven is wicked fun.
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 @SpecSRAM: one of the most fun rides ever. even for us old guys
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 @castlemtn: Dead Dog is enough to scare people off the hill haha. I've seen people drive up, walk over, throw their arms up and just leave.
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 @SpecSRAM: hahha yes its true.. i have also seen that. i was also part of the first aid crew for awhile and one year on dead dog. many broken wrists
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 Sun Peaks looks soo sick, how is it ski season? Was supposed to go there years ago but never happened. Wondering if they have a fall line sub 4 minute run there for DH riding?
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 @SpecSRAM: biking is better. It's always amazing on two wheels.

Skiing can be hit or miss. Unlimited groomers, but not enough cut glades, trees too tight in many places when uncut. Some years we get tonnes of power, others almost none. Quite inconsistent when compared to nearby resorts in this regard.

It's amazing for families to take a week up here or whatever, and I've had some 10/10 days too. I recognize that I'm lucky to have it, and I love it, buuuuuut for a destination for a crew that wants to shred? Not sure.
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 How much did this suck compared to any WC DH race, and this was a good race!!! Sadly the commentators definitely did not add to the excitement and seemed not to know the actual top speed of the track. Every rider coming in with over ten second margin was a 'wow' instead of a 'we're not there yet'! Crowd pleaser bull shit but a time waster in the long run... I'd think Elliot would be more technical instead of bubbly as he sure has the skills and the technique and I count on him for some technical and strategic commentary. Super fun to watch a downhill race but it would be nice to hear it's a shit run when you know it's about to be beat by 15 secs or so a minute later! I do have to agree that the pool of riders was limited as well but the racing was good... it never disappoints! The commentary did though.
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 I don’t think there was even enough coverage for him to get too deep in the technical analysis tbh.
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 I agree Cam is no sports announcer - at least not for Dh - very boring and has nothing to add like you said. Elliot must have been wishing he was with Rob. 4.5 min course you see beginning and end, with nothing much between.
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 Replays aren't working for me dunno why.
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 Same. Live not working either, yesterday or today. Black window, no message. Is it the black of the Outside+ logo?--so it begins
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 This is due to using an older operating system on your mobile device. It's a red bull TV issue and you'll have the same problems with world cups on It doesn't work on my 2016 iPad mini woth OS 10.0.2 but works fine on my current iPhone and works on PCs. YouTube videos do not have this problem. The iPad struggles with other websites, especially images, and doesn't load at all, but that's OK as I'm not a Yeti owning Toronto baby boomer who worries they might build more housing and degrade my real estate investments. (Apologies to Yeti owners)
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 @The-Foiling-Optimist: late 2009 iMac OS 10.11.6. No problems with RBTV, where replays are available, I learned from today's comments

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