Colombian TV Coverage of EWS Stages 7 & 8

Apr 1, 2018
by Pinkbike Staff  

Brush up on those Spanish skills and take a look at what the conditions are like for the final stages of Enduro World Series round two.


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 So we have to come to Columbia to finally see some live action of the EWS?! Enjoying that a lot! Shows the rest of venues how it's done
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 @hask2 have you notice that is ColOmbia not Columbia? Welcome anytime you want
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flag elkinfa19 (Apr 1, 2018 at 20:26) (Below Threshold)
 @FabienTT: if Colombia it's not Columbia, next time name "Deutschland" instead "Alemania" or "Sverige" instead "Suecia".
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 Columbian TV is mucho gusto y gordita mamacitas muy grande tetonas!
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 @fecalmaster: hahahaha
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 Looks gnarly there by the 9th hole.
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 so stage 8 is purely for the spectators? kinda like stage 1. not complaining, i think its awesome theyve all come out to watch. Colombia seems more relaxed that way, theyd never let mountain bikers race across a manicured lawn in the u.s.
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 down here, the grass will be fully grown again in like 2 weeks
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 @VZLNMTB: yeah I did notice how tough the grass was in Columbia. It’s held up well to all those riders.
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 Those 360p Camera's...So hot right now. And what are we watching...lawn racing?
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 Nice ^ . ...of course, still watching racers course thru a golf course course of course
  • + 2 - Sam Hill's run starts at 2h30m26s, if anyone's interested.
That being said, does anyone know why they chose to run proper trail tyres and not semi-slicks, or street tyres?
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 Guessing they can't swap wheels/tires as per EWS rules, meaning they'd have to run semi-slicks all day.
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 @Klainmeister: stickers were only required on fork and frame, not on rims for the urban race, you could use different tires/wheelset for the mountain stages on the next day, if you broke them
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 This is not a EWS racing stage, is this for real..... My 4 year old could ride this.
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 This has to be a joke. I'm embarrassed for these guys.
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 The lawn has been photoshopped on :-)
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 So we can actually see some live coverage of the EWS in TV and you complain? That's how mass adoption is created. This is for the fans and this should be okay for every racer if the rest of the stages were nice. I like it. Good job Columbia! The other venues can learn from that
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 Stage 1 and 7 (Final) were more like exhibition stages . 2 thru 6 were the real deal. Overall the competition was intense and racers can tell you same. Kudos to the organizers and local media for bringing for the first time EWS live.
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flag gporras (Apr 1, 2018 at 15:30) (Below Threshold)
 Dissapointed...aprils fools ews
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 @hask2: Loving the coverage, but come on man, this was not up to standard's and you know it (Final Stage).
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 So weak. Those stages were crap. First one just showed amateurs and the 2nd was a 50 second golf coarse.
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 it looked like a 4 year old was riding it!!!!! you didnt see that part? he was so cute
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 @dustybikes: muddy, slippery, technical, steep... all... the rain was so bad yesterday taht they were forced to cancel 1 stage...
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 I’m not one to criticize ones personal journey but thier wasn’t an ounce of effort put in on the riders side the fans where driving harder than the riders geez hope those guys didn’t get fired from thier real jobs@jclnv:
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 is that stage on a golf course?
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 A cyclocross event would have at least included a few sand traps.
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 Eso es Cam
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 This comment right here
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 "Los riders"...that's as far as my spanish skills go. The spots they chose to film were the short climb at the beginning where riders were getting off to walk!
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 EWS... all around the globe, lots of countries, and we got live coverage in colombia!! shame on other venues!!
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 Did anyone else think the herb was kicking in at 9:45?
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 Where was said cat?
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 que bien. la puta madre
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