Replay: Howard Street Dual Slalom, Sheffield

Mar 10, 2018
by Steel CityDH  

The ultimate form of head to head mountain bike racing returns to Sheffield City Centre from 17:00 GMT (18:00 CET 09:00 PST, 12:00 EST) to celebrate the Outdoor City Weekender. The devilishly difficult Howard Street Dual course will pitch the best riders against each other and the resulting spectacle will surprise and delight seasoned race fans. Finals will be at 19:00 GMT and to enhance the drama we will be racing in the dark; once the sun goes down the course will be lit up by Hope Tech Lumens making the elbow to elbow action even more entertaining.

Photo Sam McQueen http

With a host riders from World Cup winners to local pinners, the scene is set for a great evening of racing. 32 men and 16 women will battle it out to be crowned champion through a series of nail-biting knockout rounds. Lining up this year are a host of well-known riders and just as many giant killers aiming to knock them off their perch. For the lads Sheffield’s own Steve Peat will be trying to go one better this year and get on to the top step where he’s stood so many times before. However, his 50:01 brothers will be doing their best to stop him. Josh Bryceland, Josh Lewis and Hardline winner Craig Evans, Sam Dale and Matt and Dave Hockenhull will be stepping up to create some on-track action at this year's event.

Last year's winner, Airdrop’s, Brett Penfold and second place Ben Moore are back again to defend their crowns. Elite downhill pinner Jono Jones is making his way up from Woburn, too. Team Cotic will be represented by the Rocket Man himself, James Swinden, who will doubtlessly be chased down by this younger brother and This is Sheffield Winter dual champion, Will Swinden, and Straightline Chay Granby.

Photo Sam McQueen http

The challenge from the lasses is headed up by last years winner Carrie Poole who held her 4-month-old son aloft on the podium. She’ll be chased down by last years runners-up Anya Tolwinska, Ellie Dewdeny and Katy Thorpe. BMX superstar Chloe Taylor will be challenging for the top step alongside downhiller Becci Skelton.

Join us for a Saturday night of thrilling racing presented by Richard Cunnyngham and Toby Parodi.

Photo Sam McQueen http

Rider list:

1 Brett Penfold
2 Ben Moore
3 Steve Peat
4 Tim Pearson
5 Luke Meredith
6 Sam Dale
7 Chris Pearson
8 Sam Hockenhull
9 William Swinden
10 Jake Monk
11 Matt Hockenhull
12 Stephen Taylor
13 Michael Vickers
14 Anthony Croft
15 Alistair Baron
16 Richard Baybutt
17 David Camus
18 Josh Bryceland
19 Craig Evans
20 Jono Jones
21 James Swinden
22 Aiken Collinge
23 Josh Lewis
24 James Hughes
25 Nikki Whiles
26 Damian Groves
27 Jordan Gould
28 Andrew Devine
29 Gareth Jones
30 Chay Granby
31 Daniel Bateson
32 William Easey
33 Wes Fife
34 Joe Wallbridge
35 Jack Sprogis
36 Jack Drogan
1 Carrie Poole
2 Anya Tolwinska
3 Ellie Dewdney
4 Katy Sunter
5 Chloe Taylor
6 Becci Skelton
7 Gabriele Gelgotaite
8 Abigale Lawton
9 Hanna Jonsson
10 Megan Forman
11 Toni Fryer
12 Hannah Saville
13 Nush Lee
14 Abigail Legge
15 Kelly-jayne Emmerson
16 Rachael Crellin
17 Hannah Tew


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 Why's it not started yet ????????????
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 They were meant to be crying emojis but I guess a ton of question marks works too.
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I keep refreshing the page in a vein attempt to make something happen
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 @l-JP-l: me too mate. What's going on.
Blagged the big TV in the front room from the misses and everything.
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 We're driving our numbers up by making everyone refresh the page over and over.

(for real no idea, just waiting for the YouTube stream to get going)
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Well played
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 Red bull tv we take it all back
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 @shakeyakey: I wouldn't go that far...
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 Hope it starts working before the finals start at 7. Only another hour or so of refreshing to go!
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 The chase is on if anyone’s interested
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 @l-JP-l: It's live now!
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 @l-JP-l: I just want Itunes to put a Kevin radical mix on
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 i am refreshing on two computers both on yt and pinkbike hoping my boi will easey is fast go on ease
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 There seems to be a whole lot of waiting around considering it's a 30 second run. Not exactly exciting if you're Joe public standing in the cold watching nothing for the majority of the time.
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 yeah. I just clicked on the replay. I clicked a few minutes in - no riding. Clicked a few more minutes in - no riding. Clicked eight more times, no riding on any of those random clicks... gave up.
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 @iamamodel: same here. Seems like an interesting event, but they should cut the waiting parts away from the replay.
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 @iamamodel: i just spent about 3 minutes clicking around the video and literally didnt see one second of riding. the closest i saw was a couple guys walking their bikes back up to the top of the track....
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 so when you say 5pm live stream you really mean...
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 Not at all?
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 Gotta say looks prety crap to be honest ....think il watch later when I can fast forward it
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 It's pretty painful viewing.
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 I knew I should’ve just go and watched this. Come on live stream why r u not working Frown
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 Come on get the live feed going! I've got the beer ready for half an hour already! And it's 1:30 in the morning!
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 Awh that's brutal.
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 so I guess this won't be showing anymore as it's highly unlikely they'll hold the event just because the online viewers can't see it. Shame.
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 I cut my ride short just to have a no show? nice one!
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 The stream is now live!
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 Sound off until they can verify he's removed the mic from inside his mouth.
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 My left ear loves this.
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 It may or may not be possible to quad the wooden rollers
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 oi im waiting can u hurry up please
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 gonna end up on pornhub at this rate
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 if any1 wants video recommendations just inbox me
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 Can someone post when it’s started save me checking
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 I hope the battery life on those Hope lights is good.
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 So how did Peaty win when his times were slower? It makes no logical sense.
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 I know right ?!!!!! That guy Brett won rd1 by like 20 seconds, then Peaty wins by like 2 seconds - then Peaty wins?? This makes no sense!!!!! @alexcgevans what's with these rules.
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 @AlexJ23: Ugh, does anyone not know how slalom works? we've been doing it for 30 years, and another 60 on top of that in ski racing. In slalom, there is a MAXIMUM 1.5 second differential allowed, so if a rider crashes on first run, mechanicals, etc, the MAX time diff is 1.5 secs, its been this was from the dawn of time. SO peaty enters the second run with a 1.5 disadvantage.

2nd and final run, the other guy also fell, so they BOTH have a 1.5 differential, causing a tie, technically, and in the result of this-the rider who WON the final round wins.

Slalom 101 fellas
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 @stikmanglaspell: well I didn’t know do thanks for clearing that up
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"(f) After the qualification runs, in the final heats, a rider may lose by no more than 1.5 seconds. This maximum differential applies to slow runs or penalties resulting from jump-starts, missed gates or other infractions. A rider who does not finish the run will be eliminated.
(g) Ties in split times can be broken in the following ways: If overall times are recorded, the tie is broken by comparing the overall times on the course that both riders completed. If only split times are recorded the winner of the last run is the overall winner."

The winner should be decided by overall time otherwise your winner is the guy who went slowest! Ugh!!!!!
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 @stikmanglaspell: As always you are correct. The rule should read..
After the qualification runs, in the final heats, a rider may lose by no more than 1.5 seconds. This maximum differential applies to slow runs or penalties resulting from jump-starts, missed gates or other infractions. A rider who does not finish the run will be eliminated.
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 @si-paton: Ok I get that bit, so Brett won the first round by 24 seconds (reduced to 1.5) and Peaty won the second round by 2.1 seconds (reduced to 1.5). So it's a tie. So then how do they work out who wins? Surely the overall time (best of 2 runs) should be the decider?

As it says " If overall times are recorded, the tie is broken by comparing the overall times on the course that both riders completed."
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 Peaty should have won, he should have 1.5sec max on first run, but the other dude was 1.5max on second run, win goes to peaty......weird timing.
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 Commentator said it was 2 secs max added. so if you add 2 secs to each heats winning time it ends up a draw. I suppose it must've come down to Steve having the slowest overall time after the cut rather than having the fastest single run time out of the two runs. Sorta makes some sense seeing as one lane was faster than the other. Maybe.
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 So not available in the US or not working for anyone?
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 Not workin for me
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 Nothing here
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 @cpk1: It's now live.
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 Be well funny if some ungentlemanly cad turns up and pedals straight down the side of those wooden rollers.
  • 2 0 they rides bikes at this "event"?
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 Nooo, Peaty does a Les Gets!!
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  • 2 0
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 Ruining that perfectly good grass....
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 Is the link going to work today ???
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 So the event is running but no live stream .. !
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 It's working on the Youtube app..
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 what the fruitcake is going on with the transmition?
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 So...does nobody make 4X bikes anymore?
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 Nice one, Just needed a few replays!
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 Who is spinning the house music? DJ ???? Sounds good!
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 Not exactly the most exciting mountain bike racing ive ever watched!
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 Wondering which tyres work best on wet grass and muddy concrete?
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 All the Lads!
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 Any time now
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 What’s times it on ?
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 This is how it's done!!
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 pathetic course lol
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