Loana Lecomte, Jordan Sarrou & Lars Forster Fined for Rule Breaches at the Nove Mesto XC World Cup

May 16, 2022
by Ed Spratt  
Loana Lecomte with Jenny Rissveds hot on her heels.

The UCI has shared a list of fines given out following rule breaches at the Nove Mesto XC World Cup that includes Loana Lecomte, Jordan Sarrou and Lars Forster.

The first fine for infringements was handed out to Loana Lecomte and the Canyon CLLCTV team after they used a 'Team Plate' to get training time outside of the designated Women's training slot. Team Plates are provided to teams at World Cups to allow team or National Federation coaches to access the course and help riders before racing begins. Before Albstadt the UCI had issued a warning to teams and riders after it found a number of riders using team plates to access the course in Brazil. This warning before the race in Germany said that if any riders were caught using a team plate instead of their number board then there would be a fine and the team plate privilege would be removed for that team. Training outside of the designated times currently has a CHF 50 fine for the first offence with the rules saying a second offence at the same event can lead to a start refusal.

Next Jordan Sarrou and the Specialized team were caught modifying a bike plate and failing to respect the instructions of the commissaries. Lars Forster was also fined over the weekend for modifying his bike plate. We are not sure what number plate modifications have been made and whether it was intentional or an odd placement has led to the infringement. The rules around number plate modification are in place so that riders and teams can't adjust the positioning or shape of the board to potentially gain an aerodynamic advantage over other riders. Also, it is to make sure that the rider's number is always visible while racing. Breaking this rule carries a fine of CHF 50 at a World Cup event.

We have reached out to the Specialized, Scott and Canyon CLLCTV teams about the fines and we will update the story if we receive a response.


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 50 CHF? That is laughable
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 That's a coffee in Switzerland
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 There is the threat of Team Plate privilege removal, I guess that's the real punishment.
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 @PauRexs: So right…
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 @Ttimer: or 50 CHF, insane punishments! Let them lose USI point instead when they are obviously cheating!
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 @LDG: yeah that extra course time definitely needs more than a fine
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flag LDG (May 16, 2022 at 5:12) (Below Threshold)
 Also how come Rebecca Mconnel didn't get fined? they definitely did her plat for aero, it was taped very round and not at all like any other woman in the race.
I really hate unsportsmanlike behaviour like soccer and would hate for it to come to mountainbiking. Why not have harder punishments? In the last EWS 2021 the disqualified two riders for going inside a gate where a 30 or 60second penalty would be hard enough so maybe not that hard but come on!
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 @LDG: I just had a look at the xc photo article. Bec's plate is no more bent than Rissved's (above).

I would hope that a commissar would pick up an infringement before the race started. I'd hate to see someone lose points out of ignorance.
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flag blowmyfuse (May 16, 2022 at 5:27) (Below Threshold)
 @iamamodel: Extra course time is an advantage?

Geez I'm pretty sure I cost myself 5 positions every time I ever"pre-rode" an XC course in my twenties.

As for the number plates, I'm so excited to see the shlt show of photos of these evil modifications that you folks think should lead to points being docked. Silly haters.
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 @LDG: behavior like soccer? Let me know when you see the first dive.
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 @PauRexs: a doppio with a croissant
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 @LDG: What? I don't think you know a thing about bike racing...

The plate appears 'bent'' because of where her cables and zip ties are. There's nothing illegal going on here and absolutely no discernable aero advantage.
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 @cgreaseman: NASCAR tactics in MTB is awesome.

My great uncle made a fantastic living as a NASCAR official.
I can't imagine a greater job than monitoring the pits for rules violations.

Back in the day of those giant cell phones, one was sitting on the driver's seat of a car during weigh in.
NASCAR Official reached in to take it out since it weight a pound or two on the scales to cheat.

Nope. It was custom shaved block of lead with a cell phone case glued around it. Weighed 20+ pounds. Beer

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 50 CHF to make an aero plate? Sounds like money well spent given the cost of other bike upgrades
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 @blowmyfuse: why would you want a block of lead in the car? To take it out race time and make it lighter? Or heavier cars are better at turning left? Honest question.
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 @onetrykid: To take the phone out at race time to make it lighter.

NASCAR history is full of cheating stories, like making a 7/8 scale car for aerodynamics, filling internal containers up with steel balls that are then released once it gets on the track, and fuel lines that snake all around the car to increase the amount of fuel carried.
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 @qdewitt: hilarious!!! Where can I find more stories. This is ingenious.
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 @onetrykid: To make it lighter when they take the phone out.

My great uncle has told me a ton of them over the years, but I can never remember any of them.
Unlike all the other racing disciplines out there that try to find advantages & officials lurk around every corner hoping to punish and ridicule & NASCAR, the officials love their job. The pit crews and techs love to try to find an edge & if you're caught, sure you face consequences, but it's not a matter of persecution.

It's a matter of pride. The sport sprouted from moonshiners and that heritage adds a little "Big Phish" element to everything.

WIth that being said, I've only went to one. I'll not go back unless I stumble onto someone with an RV on the infield .
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 @onetrykid: My Great Uncle:

!6:30 is some of the stuff
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 @yeti85: only in Ticino, in Zürich that's deffo a single Espresso and maybe you can share a croissant with your mate Wink
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 @LDG: also how much is an aerodynamic number plate gonna help in mountain biking
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 UCI is a funny way of spelling HOA…
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 This is a criminally underrated comment.
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 Underrated comment
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 When everybody's socks are at regulation height...
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 $20,000 bikes and they can't create a better number plate. It is truly laughable.
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 There should be one uniform standard (or fourteen) for number plates. amiBBRight?
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 No Gofundme yet?
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 Lecomte taking testing out French lines to a whole new level...
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 insert a fab barel gif
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 Why cant they have the number plates on their shirts or find some other way of identifying a rider?? The race is hard enough without having a windbreak on the front of your bike......cue ceramic speeds next product - aero number plates at £500 each!!
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 Numbers on your back can get covered in so much crap you can’t read them. On the front should be the best place, unfortunately they are also good places for sponsors so you end up with a plate that’s bigger than necessary and the fun starts
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 @mashrv1: That's true, but that's what they have in CX, and nobody seems to mind.....
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 @Starch-Anton: yeah and I know they definitely get coated from personal experience! Do they also have one on the sleeve/shoulder in XC? That would help
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 If everyone has the same plate it's not a problem. Whatever pros do rubs off on regular events. I hate when I get a number to pin on and have to stab through my jerseys. Number plates are way better.
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 I agree, but not because of the windbreak, because that's the same for everybody. I'd do away with them, because different bars shape and different cable routing gets you a different setup when the whole thing is based on tie-wraps and holes. The resulting shape is not the same for everybody.
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 Just use the EWS number plates. Legible and zip tie free:
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 I'm curious to see what the numberplate mods looked like. If it was something like punch a a hole through it for cable management, the fine is over kill. If it is cutting off the numberplate sponsors, i kinda get it.
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 Maybe they chose a numberplate with a BMX background
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 Could also be that they bent the plate to be more aero to an extent where the number wasn’t clearly readable anymore.
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 If the hole was punched for headset cable management, the fine should be increased however.
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 i thought it was gonna be for fake TT/aero bars position, aka "puppy paws", that the UCI so famously outlawed along with the super tuck. There were countless riders doing it on the paved finish straight. Oh the horror.... it was so dangerous!!!
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 Back when I raced we knew we weren’t allowed to modify a number plate. Sponsors paid to have their logos on the plate nd cutting those off was not allowed. Makes sense.
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 A-Team let's modify the plate! cue 80's theme soundtrack
daaaaaaaa... DA DA DAAAH... da da daaahhh DA DATTA DAT DAHhhhhh
ahhh the 80's... next we need Knight Rider style number plates with "futuristic" red led effects hahaha
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 I just can’t wrap my head around a number plate position effecting aerodynamics. All the air either hits the plate or hits my crotch and since I’m so “un blessed” in that area. Well, you get the idea. Plate, crotch, does it really matter
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 50 bucks? I wouldnt be surprised if riders started folding their plates in half
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 I was expecting for fines to be levied agains all the riders resting their elbows on their bar while on tarmac, there were some clear violations there. Got to keep those riders safe
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 Pics of Sarrou's plate. What are they referring to? How it's curved around the bar?

And how is this a rule infraction while Pidcock cutting off a bunch of riders isn't?
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 Missing the sponsor band at the bottom?
Looks like Blevins did the same though
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 He clearly folder the lower part where sponsor is back towards the bike, Seems like it naturally bends that way to attach to cable is ok but this is different
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 50 bucks fine isnt that bad. I was racing the Fort William world cup once and the commissars refused to let a rider from Japan (!) start his qualy run because he was missing a bar end cap (on a lock on grip nonetheless) Luckily someone in the crowd near the start hut had a spare. They for sure wouldn't have let him start.
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 Have you ever seen someone get core sampled in a crash because they don't have a bar end cap? I totally get why the commissars did this.
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 Speaking of race plates can somebody let me know why a few of the racers plates were yellow?
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 @blazekelly: I think that means U23
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 @pvbike: I thought that as well. However a quick Google says the team that's leading the overall get them. I'm not sure which is correct lol they both seem fitting in this case.
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 In Elite categories, yellow plates are for the leading team. However there are also different colored plates for different age groups: Blue - junior women, Green - junior men, Yellow - U23 men, Violet - U23 women, White - Elite men, Pink - Elite women. Not sure if those colors are used universaly in every world cup or if they change from venue to venue.
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 @Jango997: Thanks for the detailed response! That clears things up
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 I'm guessing about the advantages of fully hidden cable routing if you cannot modifiy your plate...
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 Lecomte Cheated. Disqualification is the correct penalty. If you can't perform to the highest level against others without cheating you need to go have a time out.
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 a time out... what like send her to the naughty step? Wink hehe
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 UCI Boll*x
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 Shut up and ride
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